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  1. Yes. And schools like ECU out in Greenville said they are not planning on altering class schedules Thursday/Friday. We will see. Other hurricanes in the past have caused a lot of headaches out there.
  2. Very heavy mix coming down now in Lewisville. 31.7/30 WB: 31.4
  3. Lots of sleet coming down for the first time just west of Winston-Salem
  4. Super misleading map, but 18z vs 0z frozen precip on Nam
  5. ~ 11 inches. 27.6 degrees - western Forsyth county.
  6. 32.9/31 Clemmons. Temp has dropped 4 degrees in 90 minutes. Light/moderate snow now! ☃️☃️☃️
  7. Now 36/29 with light flurries just west of Winston-Salem
  8. 37/26 in Lewisville, still dry. Wind picking up though.
  9. Pouring sleet, snow, and maybe rain right now. Temp at 32.4
  10. Pretty heavy snow now with maybe a little sleet mixed in. temp at 32.8 now
  11. Heaviest sleet of the day right now. Cars already covered and driveway is slushy EDIT - Temp is also back down to 33.9
  12. HRRR looking much better for the triad. 21z vs. 22z
  13. Down to 33.7 - that's down another 3 degrees in the last hour. RN/SN mix still. EDIT - It's sleeting really hard and mixing with SN now. Already sleet accumulating on cars, roofs, grass just in the last 5 minutes.
  14. Temp has gone from 44 at 11 a.m. to 36.2 currently just west of Winston-Salem. Pretty heavy mix of sleet, snow, and rain for about 30 minutes now. Looking a little more snowy as I type this
  15. Extremely tight gradient through Forsyth county on the 00z euro...
  16. RGEM with quite a bit more action from ~ Winston-Salem west. First image is 18z, second is 00z.
  17. STILL lightly snowing in Lewisville. Should be ending soon... ~ 8"
  18. I think we might have one more good band coming through soon. Maybe we can get to 8"!
  19. 7.5" just west of Winston-Salem. Still snowing, but with mostly smaller flakes now.
  20. Moderate-heavy snow breaking out now in western Forsyth. Looks like the energy is blossoming some out west
  21. Measured right at 7 inches in the middle of my backyard. Pretty shocked considering most of the forecasts for western Forsyth county. And more to come!