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  1. Yea this upcoming pattern looks incredibly boring and nina-ish
  2. 25 here last night. Beautiful Thanksgiving day! I feel like we have been blessed with good weather on holidays lately.
  3. Haha I thought I was the anti Shetley. Sunday is looking a little interesting on the Euro with some southern stream energy coming in about the same time as the next front/clipper.
  4. It's starting to get a little dry here and definitelt dry east of us. If this pattern continues it could be bad later on
  5. 20 here, we have been below 25 about 7 nights already which is pretty good for November
  6. The NOAA temperature outlook for winter is about as bad as it gets unfortunately.
  7. 29 here for our coldest night of the season as well. Clouds pulled out just in time. Northwest flow areas look to cash in early next week if Euro is right
  8. You really can't. This reel is at least 7 years old and works like a dream.
  9. I went to Curtis creek in Old Fort. Turned out to be decent after lunchtime. Some monster trout in there but wouldn't bite. I caught some small ones.
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