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  1. October and November are usually 2 of the driest months. Hopefully that will be the case this year. It is a bit early but it just feels that way since we haven't had a bona-fide fall in years. I remember frost here being quite common in early October.
  2. Its going to come through but it's still going to rain an inch or 2 most likely. I dont see many 30s on any of the models but im sure some of the higher elevations will get there. Doubt it's a widespread frost though the way it looks modeled
  3. The mountains took the brunt on today's run.
  4. The big trough on the Euro is too far west and we get smoked with rain next week from multiple lows riding the front.
  5. On my way to 10 inches of rain again for the second month in a row. 61 and off and on showers
  6. 38 near Marion. Think there was a little frost on metal surfaces
  7. Yep, top 5 wettest here since the 80s.... I need 1.8" to surpass 10 for the month.
  8. I think I will break 10 inches again if the rain later this week materializes. 20+ inches of rain in 2 months is crazy
  9. I'm at 43 here by the Catawba at midnight
  10. Yea it was pretty close for some. They had me at 2.2 or something like that but we had around 4.
  11. Despite what the radar looks like we are getting moderate to heavy rain in the foothills. Im closing in on 4"
  12. Hurricane Sandy brought snow to the mountains in 2012
  13. Seems like Sally lost some of the tropical moisture connection or was it robbed by some of the thunderstorms that formed?