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  1. We got rocked last night in Danville around 9 p.m. Over 1.5 of rain in an hour (2.5+ in some parts of town) small hail, 40-45 gusts and incredible lightning
  2. It's actually finally starting to dry out in Danville... Just a trace of rain in the past 7 days
  3. Storms are really ramping up in WNC too, Severe warning for S McDowell and N Rutherford counties
  4. I just hope the weather is decent for the few days after Memorial Day. I am visiting and want to go fishing as much as I can. Water levels are still a little low so hopefully it will rain decently like most models are showing the next 10 days
  5. Canadian
  6. Could be major flooding concerns next weekend.. all models show another strong cutoff type low over SE with copious amounts of rain over WNC, VA
  7. 38,000 cubic feet per second discharge
  8. Moderate to major flooding on the Dan River. Worst flooding here since the late 90's
  9. Many areas in the foothills and Western Piedmont are still very dry and didn't receive much precip from the past few systems, hopefully these fronts and systems don't keep trending drier. Latest GFS total precip next 5 days..
  10. -3 on Mt. Mitchell currently.. http://www.nchighpeaks.org/davis/index.html
  11. No worries.. have a nice evening
  12. I'm going to move this here.. but I was simply continuing discussion because it seemed you were implying that WNC mountain extreme weather was nothing compared to Mt. Washington. While that may be true, there's no reason to be a smartass about it and try to insult my intelligence and bring up my age? That type of behavior would deter others from posting here.. I have contributed to this board for 7 years and back on eastern and there is absolutely no reason for you to call me out like that.
  13. How can you compare somewhere at 44.2 N compared to 35.7 N...Mt. Mitchell and the rest of high peaks of NC has some interesting and at times extreme weather
  14. 35 here with rain.. wind chill of 30. Worst. Weather. Possible.