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  1. Hopefully we get some decent rain this weekend. River and stream water levels are slightly low to very low for this time of year depending on location. Next week looks hot and dry possibly too.
  2. First real storm of the season, small hail and frequent lightning. .35 of much needed rain in the gauge.
  3. Models have been hinting at a leeside dry area and we could use some rain. Today looks less rainy than before too
  4. Zero rain at the house. Pattern does look to turn wetter and stormier soon though.
  5. Yes it was 22" and about 4 pounds. Big male. I was with my dad just messing around trying out some new gear and didn't even have my net. Was using a panther martin size 2 spinner. Can't believe a fish that big hit a lure so small.
  6. I was on South Toe Saturday and somehow got this behemoth..
  7. It's cold and windy, feels like February 19 not April 19..
  8. I see frost and freeze potential for WNC into early May
  9. Good rain now, looking forward to a rainy night, its a little dry here and the next few weeks look dry and warm.
  10. Nice showers this morning that was a bit more than forecasted
  11. Had some heavy snow and graupel showers all day near the outlets in Asheville. One even covered the grass in the FBRV with brief near whiteout conditions.
  12. I will be out at Truck City touch a truck event today at the Asheville Outlets. Did not expect this type of weather.
  13. Next weekend is continuing to show hints of more high elevation snowfall, this time possibly from a gulf low.
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