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  1. Better hope for heat and humidity, some research shows it slows and kills this virus
  2. Give me heat and humidity I dont care as long as it slows this virus down
  3. Yep. At least it looks showery instead of a deluge
  4. Socon tourney eh? I got free tickets for Monday's Men's Final. Perks of being with the city.
  5. The orientation of this event looks more like the true NWF events. The northern mountains may do better than the smokies and other areas that were racking up with the other events.
  6. I have caught big brown, smallmouth, walleye and more on a brown trout rapala minnow. It's so much more exciting fishing with plugs than live bait or even spinners
  7. Might have to hit some delayed harvest streams. I need a serious gear upgrade and have to get on it soon.
  8. Turned into a pretty nice day in downtown Asheville. Mid 50s and sun peeking out
  9. A lot of the global models keep most if not all of the moisture to the south. I won't complain
  10. The Euro has been super suppressed lately and wrong in many instances
  11. 17 here last night.. 2nd coldest night of the year behind only early November when it was 15.. odd winter
  12. I still wouldn't sleep on late next week. Euro still has some nice amounts for the higher elevations
  13. Pretty surprised I even had a light dusting in downslope city. Usually only happens with the strongest of nwfs
  14. Asheville could get a quick half inch from that band I think