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  1. We have been missed mostly all week. Got one good shower Tuesday for about .4. It's getting a little dry here.
  2. The high was 43 last time I looked on Mt Mitchell. Really wasn't too far away from wintry precipitation..
  3. Nice reprieve but most of the area will be 90+ from June 3-5.
  4. South Toe was ripping today, would have been a good time to kayak. Wading was difficult
  5. Somewhat warmer here. Probably won't get out of the 60s a few days near the Blue Ridge. Euro hinting that the little swirl near Florida moves up this way and actually drops 3 to 4 inches of rain on the escarpment middle of this week.. Other models mostly have it near the piedmont and less defined.
  6. This week is looking more and more like last week here minus the heavy rain. I doubt we see the sun until Thursday..
  7. Already thundering here and humid today
  8. Robert really harped on drought coming this summer for many areas but it just isn't happening. We already had almost 3 months worth of rain the past week and probably another inch or two this week coming up. I'm also seeing signs of another tropical disturbance near Florida/Gulf of Mexico later in the week which could really create some issues
  9. Doesn't look like we will be drying out anytime soon.
  10. Jealous. Socked in the fog here. It will probably come out tomorrow here though and may reach 80.
  11. Rain has finally stopped here. I'm at 9.2 for the event. Gonna be some humid weather coming up and mosquito heaven..
  12. Yea and the antecedent low water levels helped too
  13. Catawba River up to 12.1 feet but starting to level off. Luckily it hasn't caused too many problems and won't unless it goes over 14. Rain has lessened which has helped but more seems to be organizing on radar in the upstate
  14. I'm at 7.4 inches now with moderate showers off and on. Catawba river is about to surpass its level yesterday, its at 11.18 now in minor flood stage