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  1. The EURO shows a Gulf low with Mtn snow day 9/10
  2. Actually its colder than last nights run and well below average at day 10 and possibly beyond the way the pattern is setting up..
  3. The EURO really brings the cold hammer down next weekend...
  4. Yea, Paul Bunyan's distant cousin
  5. Here's me playing with my pet osprey
  6. There is going to likely be a pretty sharp cutoff around GSO/CLT with a lot less rain to the east and heavier rains in the Blue Ridge
  7. Should be frost in a lot of WNC if that happens
  8. It also shows 70 mph wind gusts from just N of Columbia up to CLT
  9. Looks like a nice rainy Sunday and Monday for sure..
  10. EURO shows a cat 2 hurricane at least at landfall in FL panhandle tracks it right up into Western SC/NC... Should be some nice gusts
  11. 12Z Euro shows a tropical system (perhaps hurricane) making landfall in FL panhandle and giving much of the SE much needed rain...4-6 inches for much of WNC (even has 6 to 8 inches for some!)
  12. Last nights EURO came around to a heavy rain event especially for Western NC/SC. 2 inches plus for most and some areas on the Blue Ridge with 4 to 6.
  13. Not really.. has most of the precip to the East
  14. Welp...its still a ways off but starting next weekend looks like rain is coming back.. enhanced by tropical moisture/system from the Gulf
  15. Well if the GFS is right you can say bye bye to the drought next weekend and early next week..