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  1. https://nchighpeaks.org/davis/ 5.4 up there atm
  2. A lot of mets agree with your forecast from what I have seen. Good job.
  3. Pretty unimpressive in Asheville. It rained pretty hard but the wind was minimal.
  4. Line was unimpressive here in Asheville. Hardly any wind
  5. Euro looks really cold next weekend especially for NC. Widespread 20s
  6. The next drought monitor should look much better. Water table is healthy again in the Blue Ridge after 2.61 so far in Pleasant Gardens and over 6 inches for the month.
  7. What's going on fellas? Lovely drought busting rains eh
  8. wncsnow


    I grew up in McDowell County just outside Marion then moved to Virginia Beach for college, then Maryland for a while, then Front Royal, VA for a few summers, then back to Marion. Then to the eastern shore of Maryland near Easton, then to Danville for almost 4 years then Waldorf, MD finally just moved back to Western NC. You just can't beat the weather, cheap housing (generally) and mountains.
  9. Lots of tornado warnings currently and a debris ball showing up on the storm near Wilson..
  10. Just moved back to the area guys. Been gone for years but look forward to being back and tracking winter storms with you all!
  11. Not really, it comes further inland into SE GA
  12. Euro is starting to show Dorian as a stronger system and making it into the Gulf...
  13. Man.. the tropics are really dead, and appear to be that way for the next 10 days at least according to models. Going to take a big finish to be above average.
  14. Euro also has a tropical system impact the Mississippi valley heading slowly northeast at day 10.
  15. Heavy rain Monday according to Euro, especially in the Blue Ridge escarpment areas.