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  1. We did not get cold enough for frost, only 38. Was just windy enough to prevent it.
  2. 40 here already. Really think there's going to be frost unless we get some wind or we wetbulb.
  3. More frost/freeze looks possible next weekend. Hopefully the last of the season...
  4. Wind is crazy in Asheville. Had to be a gust over 50
  5. So you're saying a big portion of the SE could go three straight winters without any snow?
  6. Dude you must be a good swimmer. SouthToe is ripping right now
  7. 1.52 since Tuesday and heavy scattered downpours continue
  8. Nice heavy showers, the grass is loving it!
  9. Got some flurries in West Asheville
  10. April is shaping up to be cooler than March was. But with the huge warm anomalies it's hard for the cold to even it out. It also causes flowering trees and shrubs to put out 2 to 3 weeks before average.
  11. Looks to be another cold blast in about 11 days. More frost and cold in April, yay..
  12. I hate this weather in April. More freezes are a guarantee as the wind dies down and all the fruit trees are blooming.
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