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  1. Its more WNW and storm number 2 is in the Gulf of Mexico right after..
  2. 12Z GFS... Solid NC hit with a cat 3 storm
  3. 6Z GFS has 2 tropical systems making landfall in the SE in the next 2 weeks lol
  4. Euro is doing the loop de loop again with Jose bringing it back to the Mid Atlantic coast..
  5. Euro is funny, loops the storm a few times off the coast and has it heading NW towards New Jersey at the end of the run lol
  6. Models show a warm next few weeks, could even get some 90s in the foothills and Western Piedmont..
  7. Euro still stays pretty far off the coast
  8. Yep...
  9. Yes it has 70 mph gusts around Clemson/western upstate and 50+ most other places in the upstate and WNC
  10. New EURO still showing those high wind gusts for the upstate and Western mountains of NC/SC N GA... 60 plus for most of WNC/Upstate and 80+ for some...
  11. Moisture will be streaming in off the Atlantic still. Places along the Blue Ridge escarpment will bet 4 to 6 inches plus and much of Nc West of CLT will get 2 plus. Areas around I 95 will get less but still 1 to 2 inches there with this current track
  12. Most of the rain looks to be out by mid day Saturday, Sunday/Monday should be nice
  13. The storm really slows down and gets "squashed" as it enters the TN valley... Heavy rains for them into Western NC/SC and North GA
  14. Looks like most models are in agreement that the moisture from whats left of Harvey will come our way later this week.