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  1. I have been hearing the peepers here in late February the past few years but never January. If we didn't get the cold spell back a few weeks ago that gave you snow, I bet this would be a top 3 warm January. Now that the models are generally forecasting a very warm February, maybe we can reverse the mojo for all the long range cold that never happened.
  2. Spring peeper frogs are singing here. Earliest I can remember
  3. It's sad we have to get excited about slightly below normal temperatures in early February.
  4. It's over 60 here today, the birds are singing and it feels wonderful out. Spring is near.
  5. So that hail mary fell incomplete. Soon its gonna be March 1993 or bust
  6. What about the stratospheric warming? Too weak to effect our weather later in February or too early to tell? I feel like we need a hail mary at this point.
  7. Flurries don't count. A trace or dusting does.
  8. Odds of a shutout ATL-80% CLT- 75% RAL- 65% GSP- 60% HKY- 55%
  9. If I was in Lynchburg north I would be excited
  10. We really need to just kill this winter with fire. It's not gonna happen. The flow is so progressive, cold air never has a chance to be established. The only definite thing is tons of rain is coming. Especially GA and SC.
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