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  1. Bad winters seem to come in threes here so unfortunately I doubt we get a snowy one until next year at the earliest. Case and point- Winters of 06-08- Total of less than 5 inches of snow 2011-2013- Total of less than 1 inch of snow Currently we are on a drought of a little more than 2 years, so maybe next winter will be a good one. Honestly the winters of 2014-18 were a good stretch here with at or above average snowfall each winter.
  2. Looks like Asheville is about to get a heavy snow squall Edit- Looking at webcam they got a good one. Ground white and even some of the roads
  3. I haven't seen a true CAD wedge snow to ice storm in years like modeled on the day 9/10 Euro. Would be nice.
  4. The Euro looks like a disaster the next 10 days
  5. Flurries most of the day here, nice winter day
  6. Stay down in Morganton or Marion, it will be less booked and cheaper. Its an easy drive from there to spend a nice day in the mountains.
  7. Interesting drive to Asheville today. Was 37 with a low cloud deck in Marion, up to 41 halfway up Old Fort mountain then down to 38 on top of the mountain. A few sprinkles on the back edge of the cloud deck before punching out. It was 46 in Asheville.
  8. We have had some of the biggest frosts I can remember this winter. Shoot if we add them all up it would probably be more snow than I got from the ULL last week
  9. BullCityWx has been around this board for a while and isn't a weenie.
  10. Tell me then why I should be enthused by the upcoming pattern? A lot of Mets have been saying this is the time period for east coast cold and storms and its not matriculating for now. I'm still learning about pattern recognition and want to sincerely ask what's exciting about the next 2 weeks
  11. It is bad if you are expecting a cold snowy pattern like many were harping for this time period. There are days in the 50s and little moisture