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  1. It's been about average really. A little warm but not as bad as some years. It's not been nearly as wet as the past few here.
  2. ENC looks to get a lot more rain than WNC the next 10 days. Seems to be the theme this summer.
  3. 95 here, hottest day of 2021
  4. .34 today with some of the most intense lightning of the past few years. 4.32 for the month
  5. Someone in southern Rutherford is getting clobbered. Radar estimates over 8 inches of rain the last 2 or 3 hours. Ouch.
  6. I'm at .77 since midnight and almost to 4 inches for the month.
  7. Had a surprise .25 last night from a storm that was nearly stationary over the Blue Ridge. Some areas near Lake Tahoma had 3 to 4 inches.
  8. We are still slightly below average for the month. Could use some more storms for sure. Hopefully soon.
  9. This is by far the most boring, worst time of the year for me. It's too hot and the water is too low to fish most places, the air quality sucks, and there's nothing to track in the tropics. Add that in to no college football yet and it's a snoozefest for me.
  10. It's already smoky today here. Glad we got this rain because it looks pretty dry next 10 days.
  11. 1.42 for the day. Puts me a little over 3 inches for the month. Mini drought busted for now.
  12. Making up for lost time today! Over an inch and still coming down.
  13. I got the edge of a rogue cell that gave me .20 then I got light rain for an hour or 2 for another .08 for .28 total. Can't seem to get parked under a good cell this year but I will take it.
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