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  1. I do hope SE VA cashes in, they haven't had a good storm in a while
  2. Bump- not saying this is gonna happen this storm but there are a lot of similarities
  3. Yep. I'm going back and reading the December 2017 overrunning thread. This seems very similar to that and some of the same model bias is showing up this storm
  4. Hmm.. Nam brings out the SW energy but it waits until Fri. Night/Saturday
  5. Yea next week is looking very interesting for a blockbuster storm
  6. Yea I would take 3 or 4 fluffy inches and call it a week.
  7. We definitely might miss this one. I am at my average snow for the year though so that lessens the blow..
  8. UK is another I 95 special but trended east from last run
  9. GEFS looks interesting, pushing more precip back in our area
  10. Basically it's a convoluted mess but still brings eastern NC a decent snow
  11. GFS tries to bring precip back up Saturday with another wave
  12. So far the GFS has a bit more precip last few runs but mostly suppressed
  13. People hate on the Euro saying it's not what its used to be but the Euro is Tom Brady, still the best.
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