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  1. The nights have been pretty nice but it's 86 here now and humid
  2. Well I had 1.25 today so I may have screwed myself
  3. 1.57 here. September looks to be drier than normal. I think we may finally have a below average month.
  4. The NAM and RGEM show over 4 inches in spots. The globals are a little less but have generally increased totals the past 24 hours
  5. Models are definitely still trending east slightly as the storm has continued to move on the eastern side of track
  6. Ida is the most impressive cat 1 I have ever seen
  7. Maximum Sustained Wind Overall (mph): 135 Maximum Sustained Wind at Landfall (mph): 125 Pressure at Landfall (mb): 949 mb Landfall Location: Morgan City, LA
  8. Already 60 mph and 996. Not good.
  9. Indeed. I saw where they had almost 16 inches of rain in the past 24 hours breaking the state record by almost 6 inches...
  10. I'm afraid what happened in Tennessee today may be even worse than what we dealt with. Just crazy weather
  11. We just can't seem to catch a break. .47 today from a small cell right over us.
  12. My biggest worry is we get another tropical system in the next 6 weeks. The season is just now getting cranked up and it looks to be wet late next week even without a system.
  13. Just got back from the beach and checked my weather station. 8.76 in the past 5 days including 1.07 yesterday.
  14. Yea the Catawba is getting off easy this time compared to Haywood and SW mountain folks. Stay safe.
  15. Guess I picked a good week to go to the beach. Not that bad in McDowell...yet.
  16. I think antecedent conditions aren't wet enough to see historic river flooding in most areas but flash flooding could be really bad
  17. I can't believe there aren't any flood watches up. There should have been some up last night. It makes no sense with a life threatening situation like this but we get winter storm warnings for an inch of slop
  18. Most of the heavy rain was southwest of us. We are still at 1.9. Fred looks like hes getting his act together on satellite
  19. Bad thing is many areas have over 3 inches the past 2 days already. We have about 1.5 here and still raining currently. Water levels are still pretty low though thankfully.
  20. Heavy storm here today with almost exactly one inch of rain. Southern parts of the county had close to 4 inches
  21. Charlotte is about to get some flash flooding if that storm doesn't start moving
  22. 0Z Euro and UK show crazy rain amounts along the SE Blue Ridge escarpment
  23. Nada today. Kinda glad with a deluge likely the next 5 to 7 days
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