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  1. It would be nice if they can bring in some cold first. Moisture doesn't seem like it will be an issue with the active Pacific
  2. The Pacific is going to screw up the -NAO as it often does.
  3. Op Models still look rainy and warm here through mid month
  4. Op Models look like crap still. SE ridge holding strong.
  5. Are we still expecting a pattern change in mid December?
  6. Long range seems to be up in the air at this point. Some models showing a typical La Nina pattern, others show more blocking and cold air around. We'll see what's right.
  7. Pretty good signal for a decent NWFS event next Friday/Saturday
  8. 18 this morning. Coldest of the season so far.
  9. Wind is picking up as a nasty cell heads this way. Flash flood warning now in effect
  10. We got some serious cells earlier that caused some flash flooding. 3 inches of rain so far
  11. High mountains could get some wintry precip but there seems to be just enough of a SE ridge (and its mid November) to keep it too warm for most. Wetter pattern looks pretty certain unless the NW flow is too strong.
  12. Areas right along the Blue Ridge escarpment got pounded. Some places in Watauga actually got 4 inches of rain.
  13. We have already got 2.5 in the past 10 days so if we get 3 or 4 more from this system, the drought will be over here pretty much.
  14. 1.07 for this event so far and that is also close to my monthly total- 1.13
  15. Did not expect this much rain. Closing in on an inch already
  16. November looks to be well above average. We may not get another freeze until the end of the month.
  17. Only .35 3 miles west of Marion. Heaviest stuff just missed to the southeast
  18. We got .08 the other night. Light frost again this morning at 34.
  19. The morning lows are quite drastic here in the Catawba valley. Saturday I had a high of 70 and a morning low of 28. Sunday morning it was 30 and 75 as a high. Last night it was 33 (5 nights of frost in a row) and could be close to 80 today. All of these lows were pretty much well below what was forecasted.
  20. Only 31 at the house this morning, I expect it to be colder tonight.
  21. Yea I have always felt that a freak cold snap and or snow in October and November usually meant little to no snow the rest of the winter.
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