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  1. We finally got under a decent shower today with .35 total. Still need more but every bit helps.
  2. I keep getting missed mostly to the NW and W. Only .04 today. Spine of the Blue Ridge did well though.
  3. Missed again. Areas 5 miles to my SE, S and SW got .5 to 1.5. A trace here and only .17 the last few weeks.
  4. Only .14 today and .17 the last 12 days. We are still doing better than some areas though.
  5. We got smoked today while I was at work. Nothing in west Asheville but over an inch at the house near Marion and 1.65 the past 3 days!
  6. Got fringed today by a severe storm near Lake James. About .15 today and .45 yesterday. We'll take it.
  7. None of the models were accurate with these storms today. Much needed rain and cooler air.
  8. That big rain in late May is looking crucial with this hot and dry spell looking to be a while.
  9. Just for insult to injury we had a brief deluge the past hour with .50 more in the gauge. Total of 8.3 since last Saturday.
  10. I wonder if we see any hail tomorrow with the cold core
  11. It never really stopped here and its still raining moderately
  12. Like I said... no more drought unless it goes a month or more without any rain. The water table is fully replenished.
  13. And 1 to 2 more possibly Thursday-Thursday night
  14. Pretty big tornado hit Chesnee, SC earlier.
  15. I'm at 3.70 since yesterday afternoon.
  16. This really saved us from serious drought issues this summer IMO.
  17. We just got hammered with 45 mph winds and small hail. 1.4 in the gauge.
  18. It's gonna pour tomorrow with the disturbance in the gulf coming up
  19. Got maybe .07 here today. Hopefully the next few days will be better.
  20. Most models have 2 to 4 inches of rain the next 7 days. Lets hope that happens!
  21. Very impressive storm, I saw mammatus here and it had a big hail core right over the crest of the Blue Ridge
  22. Looks like a change to a wet stormy pattern could be coming this weekend and next week
  23. Hopefully we get some decent rain this weekend. River and stream water levels are slightly low to very low for this time of year depending on location. Next week looks hot and dry possibly too.
  24. First real storm of the season, small hail and frequent lightning. .35 of much needed rain in the gauge.
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