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  1. I hope it cools off at night here soon. Not below 60 yet
  2. Ended up over 2 inches. Rivers actually up a little
  3. Finally getting a heavy storm lots of cloud to ground lightning and heavy rain
  4. Think there's a good chance.
  5. 90-95 for piedmont areas seems a good bet
  6. Still not a major with midnight update
  7. Surely this will be the biggest hit this Niño season?
  8. I'm still amazed there is a sub 960 mb cane in the Gulf and it's not a major
  9. 962 is pretty low pressure for a cat 2 in the Gulf.
  10. Little early to be claiming victories
  11. Well since I said that we had a heavy shower and an additional .45. Close to 1.5 now for the event.
  12. We have not had a lot of rain like others but are over an inch since Sunday.
  13. F storms have been bad too. Fran, Floyd, Frances, Florence, Fiona, etc
  14. .47 here with rain ending. We needed it and hopefully we can eclipse 2 inches by the time this little event is over. It looks to dry out again after this. Nice NW flow.
  15. Broke the daily record in Asheville. 94 was the high.
  16. Not in the foothills. 96 in Marion, 93 in Asheville even.
  17. Foothills locations have really started drying out the past few weeks. 10 day rainfall looks pretty meager too (although the GFS and Euro don't agree). Could be a dry fall unless we get tropical systems. We shall see.
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