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  1. Tornado watch just went up for parts of the southern mountains in N.C. upper SC and northeast Ga... thought to myself that’s not right... went out on the deck.... Wow, amazed to see the shear in the atmosphere... clouds are moving in two directions... one level moving north northeast and the other level moving west northwest... think it’s going to be a bumpy night here on the edge of the escarpment in N.C. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. We’ve got some styrofoam granules here in Saluda at 36.5... and I thought winter was over... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Only if you want to be disappointed... though I’d take 9, 13, and especially 14... I’d love everyone on this board to get a big dog for this year !!! .
  4. Currently 33.2/31.2 here in Saluda, about 1 3/4 " on the deck, just slush on the roads, it stuck to the trees nicely. Edit: currently 33.9/31.3
  5. Snow/Rain Mix at work (Isothermal Community College, Spindale NC) 35/33 Snow up Home (Saluda NC) 32/30
  6. I think my BL should be about 33.4, Not sure if rates can drop temps just that little bit more...
  7. 38.1/27.8 here at the top of the southern escarpment.
  8. 40.2/28.4 here with cloudy skies and a slight N breeze of 2-3mph
  9. Before this gets crazy during tomorrow's main event (model smackdown) I just wanted to thank everyone here for putting forth some great knowledge and really showing the model runs.... But I must admit, I do miss Burgertime's PBP...
  10. It will be very interesting to see how Saluda ends up in all this. 30 years here and I've seen us follow the mountains with a good thump and sometimes even jackpot 3" over Hendersonville/Asheville totals, and I've seen Flatrock with 4" - 5" of white and we end up with a cold rain at 33˚. It's almost like a secondary warm nose forms west of the primary warm flow over near Shelby with some storms. At least there is no ZR signature. This is gonna be fun!!!!
  11. I know in past years I've seen the occasional post mentioning increased data gathering around this point in a storm's timeline. Has anyone heard if the NWS is planning to get additional information into the initialization of the models?? Or, would this system not impact a large enough area for that?? Edit - It got really quiet in here... spooky!!!
  12. Home now in Saluda NC, about an inch and it’s changed to mostly rain, but I’ll take it!!! .