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  1. January 16-17 timeframe looks interesting.
  2. I’ve received 37” from 2014-2019
  3. Happy New Year! 2019 weather stats from my front lawn. Calendar year 2019 statistics: Mean Temp: 62.4f (+3.3f) ----------------------------------------- Max Temp: 100.2f Mean Max: 73.2f ----------------------------------------- Min Temp: 15.8f Mean Min: 51.7f ------------------------------------------ Rainfall: 49.88” (+1.84”) Snowfall: 0.1” (10.1” 2017/18 season)
  4. Wholly sleet! It’s supposed to be 65f today in aviationdaveland!
  5. 06z Gfs says congrats Boone only, hello dec 23rd!
  6. Winter officially begins in just 25 days. Ahead of Dec. 21, Elizabeth Gardner and Mike Maze share their winter weather predictions, including the biggest question of all: Will we see snow?
  7. Only temporary relief though according to the gfs.