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  1. Blue Ridge

    Historic Severe Weather for the TN Valley

    Don't forget the EF2 in Johnson County. It is barely visible thanks to the color scheme used on this particular map. Interesting to note: both EF3s that impacted Greene County, TN, essentially skirted along the surrounding valleys. The Horse Creek tornado actually touched down on a ~2200' peak.
  2. Blue Ridge

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Downsloping winds = dry but useless days. Sunday night was absolutely wild. We were at a B&B in rural Sevier County and I awoke to the distinctive sound of our well-built structure being tested by extremely strong gusts. At breakfast the following morning, another guest claimed to have measured a gust of 71 mph with his handheld anemometer. Take that for what it's worth.
  3. Blue Ridge

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    I've been under a training snow shower for roughly an hour that has dumped an inch of snow. Absolutely ripping at the moment with gusts to 25 mph. (FYI: I'm situated higher than Greeneville proper at roughly 1900 ft.)
  4. Blue Ridge

    Spring and Summer Banter 2018

    My goal is to ignore the possibility for snow this weekend until the models (hopefully) lose it and we wind up with cold rain. Why, you ask? Because my fiancee would **** a brick at the thought of snow falling two Saturdays prior to wedding day.
  5. Blue Ridge

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Constant heavy rain since 7:30 in Greeneville. Radar looks splotchy but it just has not let up. Edit: distant thunder now too.
  6. 28 w/ wet bulb of 22.35 in Greeneville. Very light breeze at times.
  7. Blue Ridge

    Hurricane Maria

    Last scan on RadarScope shows 1:34 am. Damn.
  8. Blue Ridge

    Hurricane Maria

    I'm well aware the barrage of negative reaction to @Mountain_Patch's post will be deleted in short order, but IMO, it's deserved and serves to weed out the crazy.
  9. Blue Ridge

    Hurricane Maria

    lol this dude is woke. even throwing in a shoutout to HAM operators. guess there's no damage, guys; HAM operators are still broadcasting.
  10. Blue Ridge

    Fall Banter 2017 (September, October, November)

    As a neutral observer, I find his ability to call plays sorely lacking. Vols found success with the ground game, yet he leaned on a shaky passing game inside the red zone. Guy can recruit but good god he is lacking game management skills.
  11. Blue Ridge

    Fall Banter 2017 (September, October, November)

    Haha, just giving you a hard time man. Royals proved you right this evening!
  12. Blue Ridge

    Fall Banter 2017 (September, October, November)

    Will be interesting to see if Dodgers can regain any momentum heading into the postseason. If so, I still like them to win the NL. If not, I give the edge to Arizona. Can't count out my Cubs just yet, but this year has been a hell of a disappointment. Injuries and a piss poor bullpen are not great indicators of success. My AL pick to start the season was Cleveland, and I think I'll stick with them at this point. Tito is working his magic again.
  13. Blue Ridge

    Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    We'll be battling these hot takes over the coming days because Irma didn't totally decimate Miami and/or make landfall at a certain point on an arbitrary scale. **** is intellectually void and thus ripe for widespread dissemination.
  14. Blue Ridge

    Major Hurricane Irma- STORM MODE

    Barely off the Cuban coastline and with only a few hours of reintensification under her belt, this is how Irma looks. I said it last night: this is one of the most fascinating canes of our time. Gonna be an interesting 24 hrs.