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  1. See, I always thought that when a report is tagged “911 call center,” it’s a report simply forwarded by dispatch. That it’s a report physically measured at the call center makes so much more sense. Unicoi’s 911 center is the same way, I believe, and that explains why reports from there often seem incredibly low.
  2. I'm always hesitant when the source is "911 call center." Far too vague, IMO, and likely a collection of estimates. Oddly enough, they included my report in a separate LSR even though I forgot to include my spotter ID. Yet, my previous reports w/ spotter tag this season were summarily ignored. ‾\_(ツ)_/‾
  3. My wife, a native of Greeneville, often mentioned the Snow Bubble™ to the point that it became a household joke (hence the trademark symbol :D). Then we decided to move there for a couple of years. Those winters made me believe. Friends in Tusculum and points north and east would do well. Seems like there's at least a 25% difference between downtown and Tusculum during many events. Greene County has several microclimates and is an absolutely fascinating study.
  4. 1.5" at home in Jboro. The last couple of bands absolutely ripped as they raced the dry air. Roughly an inch at the office in Greeneville. Not nearly as much on trees/bushes. The Greeneville Snow Bubble™ is no joke.
  5. GFS ripping fatties confirmed. But we already knew that.
  6. Just spoke to my parents in Erwin. Few flakes but that’s it. Not much else. Much of the county has been dry-slotted all evening. Looks like the same has occurred in Carter and Johnson Counties as well. Makes that map even funnier.
  7. They quoted 13:53 ET obs. TYS fell to 39, CHA to 37, and TRI to 43.
  8. 43/43 as of 1415 in Greeneville. Heavy bands moving through are still 100% rain.
  9. I'm encouraged with how often those BFH (big friggin' highs) are showing up thus far. To your point, valley magic can and does happen with an active southern jet and a BFH. Still a lot of needle-threading necessary, but those factors at least keep us in the game.
  10. The disturbance-riding-a-front act worked relatively well last month. I'll certainly take my chances with one during met winter.
  11. Lots of school delays already posted for tomorrow AM, including some valley counties.
  12. I've seen Twitter thrown around a few times in conversation on our subforum, and I'm active again after a long hiatus. @wxmatt if anyone is interested in sporadic bad weather takes!
  13. We definitely saw NW-flow enhancement during the late afternoon/early evening hours yesterday. For most, flurries began falling in earnest just prior to sunset - a phenomenon that has been discussed within this forum before. @Carvers Gap, I feel like you were in on that original discussion and had some good insight. (But, I've slept and drank since then, so perhaps I'm not remembering correctly altogether!)