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  1. Light rain snow and sleet mix here in Fallston 10 miles north of Shelby
  2. Here in Falston North Carolina 31.1° With moderate rain everything getting covered in a glaze of ice
  3. I have had on and off drizzle here in Falston North Carolina since 5 AM temperature now down to 31.8. I was at 34.7 when the drizzle started at 5 AM
  4. On and off drizzle here in Fallston since 5 AM temperature has dropped 2 1/2° in one hour I have 32.2 on my home thermometer
  5. That is about exactly what I have in Fallston
  6. The storm has overperform so far here in Cleveland County 5 1/2 inches in the grass and still coming down pretty good
  7. The storm has overperformed a little bit here in Cleveland County I have 5 1/2 inches and heavy snow now