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  1. I did drop out of meteorology my freshman year but I can just about promise you that’s not going to verify in the Morganton Hickory area
  2. Light rain snow and sleet mix here in Fallston 10 miles north of Shelby
  3. Here in Falston North Carolina 31.1° With moderate rain everything getting covered in a glaze of ice
  4. I have had on and off drizzle here in Falston North Carolina since 5 AM temperature now down to 31.8. I was at 34.7 when the drizzle started at 5 AM
  5. On and off drizzle here in Fallston since 5 AM temperature has dropped 2 1/2° in one hour I have 32.2 on my home thermometer
  6. That is about exactly what I have in Fallston
  7. The storm has overperform so far here in Cleveland County 5 1/2 inches in the grass and still coming down pretty good
  8. The storm has overperformed a little bit here in Cleveland County I have 5 1/2 inches and heavy snow now
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