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  1. Finally starting to stick to some mulch, cars, and roofs.
  2. That too yeah, shame, wasting some great snow rn! Pretty to look at though
  3. Been coming down awhile and none of the snow is sticking, I imagine that’s because it’s 36°?
  4. Has been snowing harder here at UNC for the past 10 minutes or so, nothing sticking yet. Visibility down for sure.
  5. Through moderate size flakes I just saw someone’s car get towed. That’s...just cruel
  6. Some extremely light rain mixing in here now, just enough to maybe wash away brine lol
  7. Still waiting for precip on campus here in Chapel Hill
  8. At this rate, RDU definitely means more Raleigh than Durham/Chapel Hill. Just need that precip to be a smidge west for mby. It’ll be close, especially living closer to Carrboro.
  9. At least 5 inches from Chatham and Alamance county east, hard to complain about that.
  10. Before we get into too much now casting and we get into the observation part of this storm, I want to thank everyone for making this a truly fun and educational track. After a really tough winter, this storm and its thread have reminded me why I came into this community in the first place. It’s always great to go through the ups and downs with you all, even more so after starting my first thread! To the mets and experts, thank you for being clear, patient, and generous with your knowledge. It’s intentional, thoughtful, and informative. To the mods, thanks for keeping this board a positive place for all to enjoy and learn. To the Macks of the world (you all know who you are), thanks for keeping things light and fun! And to everyone, may your snow totals resemble clown maps and may the warm noses stay to your south. As always, there will be lessons to learn when it’s all over, but wishing everyone the best! You all make this community special, and I’m grateful for it. (Mods, I apologize, I know this should be in banter!)