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  1. Oh to be a bird flying in the middle of a hurricane!
  2. I'm sorry but this board is my favorite thing. You've got people arguing about small changes to intensity, you've got people arguing about radar, you've got people who are trying to get people to stop arguing, you've got people just making jokes, you've got awesome real analysis, you've got great chances to learn, and you've got people posting about arguments that happened 15 minutes ago because they just don't read what's happened since the last time the page refreshed. Y'all are great. Carry on, and stay safe.
  3. Reading anything about the sun and kooky weather stuff just gives me flashbacks to sun angle posts for winter storms in the SE forum
  4. At least Rutherford traded Jack Johnso—oh wait. Kappy being back is nice though
  5. Not to take away from the analysis, but some time when we’re not all focused on a storm, I’d love someone to make or link to a tutorial on how to read all these data points in updates like this. I’ll hang up and keep listening and learning. Thanks everyone!
  6. Finally starting to stick to some mulch, cars, and roofs.
  7. That too yeah, shame, wasting some great snow rn! Pretty to look at though
  8. Been coming down awhile and none of the snow is sticking, I imagine that’s because it’s 36°?
  9. Has been snowing harder here at UNC for the past 10 minutes or so, nothing sticking yet. Visibility down for sure.
  10. Through moderate size flakes I just saw someone’s car get towed. That’s...just cruel
  11. Some extremely light rain mixing in here now, just enough to maybe wash away brine lol