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  1. Next 24-48 hours or so of the NAM will be interesting to see wrt the temp profile of this system. I always trust it most with handling that, but not sure if we're quite at the range to take its precip depiction literally.
  2. about the same odds as Brian Boyle getting a hat trick tonight in LA...
  3. Reminds me a lot of an old @Cold Rain post in the SE forum after a big bust there in Jan 2017. Obviously this is a very different storm, and not everything here applies. But I always try to keep in in mind.
  4. Hey it looks like the actual fun-to-watch stuff should fall when we're awake at least for the 95 folks. I've been trying to focus on timing. If the snow turns to rain but you're asleep for it, did it really happen?
  5. Roxboro, NC with a foot while Raleigh gets 3 inches, take this to the bank (I swear I'll learn more about this area instead of posting about NC all the time soon)
  6. Best storm I can remember in chapel hill, though some of my wake county NC friends were victim of that awful gradient over Raleigh. I’ll be willing all that yellow blob northeast this time lol
  7. https://twitter.com/webberweather/status/1470566092523270145?s=12
  8. I’m going to be in NC for Christmas, so I’m certain it will actually snow up here next week lol
  9. Happy to report that 13th St NW is brined in downtown DC, here’s hoping for a 30 second flizzard!
  10. Nothing to add that hasn't been added to the discourse, but I absolutely love this idea! AMWX TV coming next?
  11. Yeah after being disappointed by many a North Carolina storm, I’ve learned that when the NAM sniffs out a warm nose to never doubt it. I’d hoped maybe DC’s climo would maybe make up for some of it, but oof. I’ve learned my lesson again for a new place! Guess I have to move to Canada. But yeah, the dryness is very frustrating.
  12. Been lightly snowing with small flakes for the past hour or so here in the District. The fact that there's still snow covering the ground and flakes in the sky is an absolute win in my book having just moved from Raleigh. Most snow I've seen since we had about a foot 3 years ago down there.
  13. El oh el. This latest threat verbatim with models now blankets where I am now and then snow holes DC...where I'm moving this weekend. I think i've been the bad luck charm this whole time SE friends, please accept my sincerest apologies.
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