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  1. I have a moving truck for Dec. 8 so ixnay on the snow-ay for that period, thanks.
  2. All the roads that lead rescue crews there were winding...
  3. On the Steelers, there is definite common ground for Ravens fans and Bengals fans...
  4. As the sub-forum’s only bengals fan - this is absolute bliss.
  5. And an absolute snowstorm in Leicester.
  6. Yup. It was a LOT of snow on the pitch. Genuine snowstorm.
  7. I don’t generally think of England as snowy but I tend to see more snow games watching EPL than I see snow in these parts. pouring snow in Manchester for City/west ham and the burnley home match with Tottenham was snowed out.
  8. lol - by the time I tossed on a coat and got the dog leashed - it had either stopped or turned to more like mist. I hate living in this part of the area. I am so glad I am 12 days from moving to Hereford Zone.
  9. Aye! First flakes north balt city. Grabbing the dog and going out to see it.
  10. I haven't seen any reviews - and don't have any expectations really - I would have thought the series unadaptable so bad reviews don't surprise me. But, hell, worth trying for an hour maybe. Dunno.
  11. Any Wheel of Time readers on here? I got bogged down around book 7 or 8 and never finished the series (other than reading Wikipedia to see how it ended up). But the Amazon series dropped today - first three episodes anyway. Guess I will give it a watch to see how they tackled the adaptation at the outset.
  12. my wife was worrying about our son's flight home from college being disrupted on Tuesday due to the "massive storm" a few days back and I said..."um, what"? And it took a minute to drill down to where that information was bubbling up from.
  13. I did one. Can see if that takes.
  14. Bowling balls! Phantom bowling balls! PNAs of all types and sizes! Fringing! 70s! Discuss it all here!
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