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  1. Agreed. Absolutely no sense to kick the FG there.
  2. I keep looking for a hidden camera in my house to see if my reaction to that is being filmed for Punk'd.
  3. Me: <stares at EJ's posts in Bengals fan> <slowly shakes head>
  4. Those posts make Ji's snow meltdowns seem rational.
  5. I mean, the max potential remains 2-3 feet. And still a low end of 0. We are still 5 days out. But at least Euro caved and agreed there is a storm. GFS win from where I sit.
  6. So the Euro kinda caved to the GFS then. At least took some significant steps toward it...
  7. Lol. That was my exact measure. Stepped outside with the pup in shorts and immediately felt the difference.
  8. First day that has felt like winter in weeks.
  9. I lost 31 in the same manner. It is quite something. This is a a new one.
  10. Main takeaway I have is that it is still miles apart from the Euro since it still shows a dynamic storm.
  11. Out of curiousity, is one of the reasons the Euro is so different that it also has the ULL in canada further south?
  12. Given the Euro is one inch I am gonna go ahead and says that possibility is well covered and included in the range...
  13. Very much a “we called it” situation...
  14. So the range at my house five days out is about 1 inch (Euro) to 34 inches (GFS). Gotta give the models credit - that pretty much covers all bases...