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  1. A series of pop up showers kept finding my home around 6:30 - 9:00 which put a damper on a small outdoor gathering we had planned. Bad luck on that one for us given the pops...
  2. That would be awesome. Welcome back, if so.
  3. At 11:53 am it was an extreme light sprinkle on the east side of my building and sunny on the west side of my building on N. Charles. So that was the cutoff. My building.
  4. "Hey, maybe next time tell the D to tackle Henry" (drives away flooring the golf cart)
  5. Fingers crossed - my son’s school is having the graduation ceremony tonight . Outside, socially distanced, with parents and siblings in attendance. As close to as normal as is possible. Masks of course, for everyone. really excited and grateful to be able to save this piece of his senior year when so much else went by the wayside.
  6. Getting slaughtered here in Roland park/Hampden area.
  7. It was awesome. Bolt of lightning hit maybe a block over and torrential rain.
  8. Agreed. It has been a real bonus to buy this much time into June before summer heat fully arrives.
  9. Something popped up over downtown Baltimore and it absolutely poured here for about 20 minutes. Checked with home and five miles up 83...nothing.
  10. These humid air masses that have accompanied the hot days so far this year have been quite something.
  11. An actual live ceremony? We have been holding out for that at my son's school...Hogan may have given us the cover we need yesterday. Congrats to you and your oldest - glad you all could have something normal.
  12. We had some hail for a quick moment as it started here at my house.
  13. Yesterday's weather was amazing.
  14. What a perfect spring morning.