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  1. Didn't they win the second game of the DH?
  2. They are killing it there. And I was through there in February- they are probably even more efficient now.
  3. But somehow wasn't over Camden Yards - game rained out. One of the most bad luck clouds over a park I have seen in some time.
  4. We have tickets for next Saturday morning - should be flush w/ the bloom. Fingers crossed.
  5. Holy hell, you aren't kidding. Thought Sunday was going to be a washout, and instead it is spring perfection. Sunny and 78. What a weekend.
  6. I am guessing the warm front went through? Gorgeous now after being so cloudy this AM.
  7. fwiw, I got my second dose of Pfizer in late February and had no side effects at all. Not even the sore arm I had with my first shot. You don't have to assume you will have side effects.
  8. That’s a few days. That isn’t days and days on end like some of the modeling was showing.
  9. That's so very awesome, mappy. Congrats.
  10. Given the dire predictions about a week or more of 50s and an east wind - have been pleasantly surprised to note the temps in the 10-day have remained forecast in the 60s instead. Would be quite pleased with that outcome.
  11. Nice! Heckuva an effort from Valdez in the 8th - 10th to help them pull that out.
  12. Hey there. **** off. Seriously. I love how you equate “real baltimore” with those things. Pure class you are. Go to hell. I’ve lived all over this city and have previously lived in memphis, Cincinnati, and Columbus. I know cities and city living. And I know white flight assholes like you. So, yeah, flee. But spare me your faux right wing anti-city bullshit. It’s so goddamn old. Grow the **** up.
  13. I work in downtown baltimore. I walk to work five miles each way a few times a week from home here in Baltimore City (or will until the humidity arrives). I walk around the Harbor through Fed Hill and back to my office a few times a week during lunch. I don't get attacked, I don't see people shooting heroin, I don't see people smoking pot, and I also don't see people pounding cans of Miller Lite. I do see other people with their kids playing, or biking to work, or generally going about their business. Of late, I HAVE seen gorgeous spring flowers on trees and coming up from the ground - despite the rooting interest of crazy people for killing freezes. But, sure, its really cool for people that don't even live in the damn state to turn on WBAL radio and spew nonsense. So, yeah, "are you high" is a fine summation of my reaction to the constant trying to stoke outrage about what the **** ever from folks. Maybe grab a beer yourself, or find a joint, and chill the **** out. For what it's worth.
  14. Seriously. Just walking around, trying like hell to find things to be angry about.