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  1. commissioning the statue to commemorate your sacrifice
  2. wow. Literally just to my north by, like, 1/2 a mile. Nice breeze on the outflow as it shot by.
  3. Really? Full sun here five miles away. No thunder heard. Nice wind though. It's lovely out.
  4. Sunny with a rather lovely warm wind here in northern Balt County.
  5. In their defense, not one student or staff member was harmed from the storms...
  6. Anything after this really does appear to be well east.
  7. As mentioned above in this thread, the difficulty getting legit storms in this area compared to previous places I have lived (central and southwestern Ohio, middle and western TN) is jaw-dropping. I assume it has something to do with our location relative to the blue ridge. It feels like 99 times out of 100 we lock in clouds early and hold on these slight/enh type days.
  8. It's raining downtown Baltimore. Simply rain. Our ability to screw up a severe set-up is almost without parallel.
  9. I gotta say, growing up in southern Ohio and then living in western TN for a dozen years before moving to this part of maryland, I remain amazed at how hard to get decent severe here. You can set your watch by early day cloud cover screwing things up it feels like 9 times out of 10. Serious question about my random perception- is it our location east of the blue ridge that encourages and locks in cloud cover on the regular on these kinds of days?
  10. How to say meh without saying meh: a master class from Kmlwx
  11. gorgeous now for sure. Apparently enough sun to kick off some stuff soon?
  12. Been hard to wring any rain from all this humidity here the last 36 hours oddly enough. A brief shower last evening around midnight is about it up my way.
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