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  1. 12/9/17 - 2.5”
  2. I have Sunday ticket. The bills/colts game is glorious.
  3. Looks like 2.5”. Roads and sidewalks didn’t give up until around 4:30 though. Gorgeous scenery in my hood.
  4. The rates. The all day snow not amounting to much. The way the system unfolded. Similar event.
  5. This seriously reminds me so much of 12/26/10.
  6. Never have gotten into anything approaching decent rates in my part of balt city.
  7. Now no snow. Come back, snow.
  8. Steady light snow in my part of balt city - really pretty.
  9. PSU - I turn 47 on Monday and have been studying that question for a few years now with an eye toward retirement. I think somewhere in NH between Concord and the white mountains gets a bit of both worlds - consistent snow and cashes in on nor’easters. That’s my retirement aim someday, wherever that place is.
  10. Deck table whitened a bit as has mulch - will be able to at least record a T.
  11. Light snow now- this is pretty. Actually, for a light snow, daytime on a Saturday is good timing, can get out in it a bit for my part as opposed to being in the office.
  12. Finally flurries. Progress. this just reminds me so much of 12/26/10...
  13. Not a flake yet in my part of balt city
  14. Quality. Same.
  15. Only twitter as far as I know - crankywxguy is his handle. You in partickular would like him as a follow because he spends a lot of time discussing timing of the various pieces needed for systems to come together. He mentioned 24 hours ago that he was worried the northern piece had sped up by a few hours which then led to the very flat southern slider type radar yesterday afternoon and night. Join twitter and just follow him and a few other weather folks maybe.