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  1. May Discobs Thread

    The weather the last few days has been glorious.
  2. May Banter

    Helluva goal for the 2-0 lead.
  3. excessive rainfall event—May 16-18, 2018

    From your keyboard to god’s ears. Stay south.
  4. excessive rainfall event—May 16-18, 2018

    South of DC is welcome to all this. Rooting for them.
  5. 2018 Mid-Atlantic General Severe Discussion

    Lived in that county from 1982-1992. Went to HS in that county. The name was the source of a lot of jokes over the years.
  6. May Banter

    thanks Katie. I've mostly been chill about the impending rain, largely due to your stories of your wedding day during the December '09 snowstorm...
  7. May Banter

    Either holds off or gets here and out by Saturday AM. Frankly, the days and days of rain are borderline worst case in terms of prep. At least it isn't insane heat like that one run a few weeks ago. The second floor of my house has AC but not the main floor. I couldn't think about having that many guests inside an oven of a house. That shouldn't be an issue in any event. Hopefully the tent helps with keeping the patio accessible. It's a 10X20 so good sized, with detachable walls. Just need to worry a big about slick surface area if it rains as much as it appears to want to...
  8. May Banter

    My daughter is getting married on Saturday - not the largest of weddings but we are hosting the reception after at our house. Let's just say the rain this week was certain once she settled on the date and location... We've procured a large enough tent to make use of the patio even if the deluges happen - my house isn't big enough to accommodate 40-50 people comfortably otherwise. And, you can probably book a derecho and tree damage for mid-week too. Too much tempting of fate, I think...
  9. May Banter

    See the other thread, actually had a pretty great time and saw history, which is cool in its own right. It's not like there is any tension surrounding the games at this point...
  10. May Discobs Thread

    Frankly, it was kinda hilarious. Problem in first was all the homeruns were to CF and RF so no chance for one where I was sitting (one onto Eutaw even). Bundy's first seven batters before getting removed went Single, HR, HR, HR, BB, BB, HR. First time in baseball history a SP has seen seven batters, retired none of them, and given up four homeruns. So I saw history... And, it was indeed a perfect weather night, so had a good time actually. ETA: And another stunner of a beautiful morning today. Really happy we are getting these days now before summer heat gets here.
  11. May Discobs Thread

    For sure. And tix on stub hub were about 67% off face so I will be hunting home run balls in LF for under $10.00...
  12. May Discobs Thread

    Another stunner of a spring day. Took a walk at the harbor at lunch, heading to the O's game tonight (friends and family only in attendance I suspect...). 74 degrees.
  13. May Discobs Thread

    Pretty awesome morning. Got to walk in to work, brilliant sunshine and 58 when I set off. The azaleas are absolutely spectacular this year in my part of the City.
  14. May Banter

    Best of luck Millville, glad for you, sad for us. Between you and Watcher, tough week for the forum.
  15. May Mid/Long Range & Disco

    Agreed. Some people on here (maybe even a silent majority) I think just like warmth and seasonal temps in the spring. So much of the long range threads and discussion are spent chasing extremes, that mentioning that seasonal would be okay gets cast as complaining. In any event, no thanks to huge early heat, the same as no thanks to lingering cold.