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  1. Sorry for the random interlude, but all of a sudden in my Twitter timeline crankywx was getting attacked by DT and it went on awhile. I think that would be a literal hill DT would die on.
  2. Random observation - DT would charge a series of nested machine guns at the top of a hill if the Euro told him to.
  3. Reminiscing about snow that screwed the beltways. And preluded a disastrous winter. Par for course.
  4. I remember it - a few went chasing in southern PA and posted some awesome pics. Ended up being the harbinger of a terrible winter. Nothing to speak of really in the beltways. Mood flakes.
  5. Absolutely stunning fall morning. Perfect airmass.
  6. It truly looks terrible, hence my delight with it. Stupidly preposterous with over-serious dialogue, full win.
  7. This weather feels not great for bringing out the best fall color, unless you are looking for brown leaves...
  8. I see you are ignoring my Geostorm related programming, Showme...
  9. October 20 apparently - "some things were not meant to be controlled" - I literally laugh out loud each time I see a trailer...
  10. Geostorm!! "epic disaster flick" (Rolling Stone) "all your weather disaster needs met in one movie" (Variety) "meh" (Eskimo Joe)
  11. nice enough day - not quite as hot
  12. GEOSTORMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Do you feel it? Geostorm - it draws closer. Geostorm, for all your weather disaster movie needs...
  14. Bengals fan. I got a rock. (Peanuts reference).
  15. Yes. All of a sudden. I am guessing the warmth and dryness has them out in force? So gross.