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  1. Full sun and no clouds and temp is rebounding nicely. 54 in Baltimore.
  2. The above is my final tally.
  3. I would dearly love to come this time, hoping the date avoids my late-July vacation. Willing to come down to DC.
  4. So glad to hear you landed on your feet, 007. Selfishly glad you are still in the area, and generally glad for you having gotten through this. Bob is right, how you roll with the changes means everything. I am 46, and job changes are a reality, really, for many of us - willing and unwilling. Bob is right about pushing through.
  5. Great post, amped, thanks for the work on it.
  6. As soon as I posted my snow ob, the sun came out.
  7. This is my obs as well.
  8. That would make a comically awful Opening Day...
  9. The one takeaway that I would have if I were the NWS is maybe not go to "Blizzard Warnings" before the storm has started. I would think a Winter Storm Warning package with wording that it may be raised to Blizzard Warnings language would give them some wiggle room. I know I raised my eyebrows at the widespread blizzard warnings posted before the storm began. I would imagine that by itself raised people's expectations.
  10. The updated total for BWI was 2.5 so I have amended the post above. The sleet fest ended up costing a chance at top 5 worst snowfall seasons at each airport. I guess that's a good thing.
  11. thanks.
  12. Yeah, not sure why LWX is getting lumped in with whatever the issues were to the northeast of the beltways with a bust. I thought LWX was pretty responsive to the situation and did a good job with it. Not sure why people still don't get how razor thin it can be on the east coast trying to pin down conditions and snow totals when the line between snow and mix and rain is so hard to figure in any given nor'easter...
  13. On the season? Ok, thanks, have updated.
  14. YTD now: 3.5 BWI (2.5 on 3/14) 3.4 DCA (1.7 on 3/14) 7.3 Dulles (5.6 on 3/14) That 3.5 for the season bumps BWI off the list for top 5 worst snowfalls seasons on record. The 3.4 seasonal total for DCA moves them off the top 5 worst ever list. The 7.3 for Dulles also moves them from what had been in running for their worst seasonal total ever to off the top 5 worst list. So BWI still with a top 5 worst snowfall season, but barely. Late season "save", I guess, although doesn't feel like it to me.
  15. Does anyone have the quick cliff's notes for the what the airports tallied for the storm? ETA - found it, I think: 1.7 DCA 2.2 BWI 5.6 Dulles