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  1. you can set your watch by the misses around here of late.
  2. I mean - I went to Maryland Live yesterday for a poker tourney. The poker room there is on two floors - and the tourney was on the second floor. No windows. One stairwell and an elevator. I am vaccinated. Did I wear a mask the entirety of my stay in the tourney? Yes, yes I did. Would I wear my mask while outside at a sporting event? I would not. I can judge relative risk and act accordingly. What is so hard about this for some? Given the easy spread of Delta variant, despite everyone in my house being vaccinated, as well as my co-workers, still doesn't hurt me to mask up in that scenario to help reduce the already vastly diminished risk of ending up a passive carrier of the variant. Given that my wife tutors young children in the summer who are not vaccine eligible, this is, almost literally the least I could do to help. Just bizarre to get mad at people who continue to want to try and help curb the spread - even when vaccinated. Doubly infuriating because if folks had just gotten the damn shot already, we are not dealing with this on this level.
  3. Had a small storm pop up over the house in north baltimore city. so at least will salvage a little moisture.
  4. there were posts on it in the disc/obs thread from a few over that way
  5. outside the stadium - but there was real confusion in the stadium as the shots were clear and hard to tell where they were coming from
  6. So sorry, map. Will hold a thought for you and your family.
  7. Went for a walk w/ the pup at Quiet Waters to the dog beach - got there at 8: 30 am - already 86. Got home back here in Baltimore a bit ago and was at 92. Really, not great. Immediately soaked from the wet air.
  8. Much appreciated! That's promising. Ideally, I will be looking for a rental when the time comes, but perhaps the right opportunity would pique an interest to buy again.
  9. I am not early retirement fancy like H20, but with the second child starting his second year at college, the better half and I are musing about down-sizing. Probably with an eye toward selling next spring. Not sure I want to buy again around here at our age (cough50cough) when we will want to eventually retire and live elsewhere. But that means maybe the freedom to rent for awhile, which brings me to this - anecdotally (and acknowledging that it is next year I am musing about) - anyone up in the Carroll County/Balt County/Harford County areas got an idea what the home rental markets/availabilities are like in general up that way? My wife teaches currently in a Balt County independent school so moving north in search of a little cooler temps and better snow chance is a thing I can dream on a bit while we figure out the longer range gameplan for retirement years.
  10. It's an unfortunate rinse and repeat cycle. Given the humidity, almost literally on the rinse part.
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