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  1. Whoa! Two rounds of rain in last hour - second one still underway.
  2. Some sun has broken through in Monkton ( I am working from home today) - it helps.
  3. Opted for an N95 when walking the dogs.
  4. crazy eerie. Just took the dogs on the ncr and everything is shrouded.
  5. The SMOKE is here. Ground level in northern maryland unless that is fog. I don’t think it is.
  6. Five minutes of rain! I will take it.
  7. I got nothing from that but there’s rumbles of thunder now and….maybe?
  8. Yeah, I’ve only seen one hummingbird at the feeder. Absolute change from last year. Puzzling.
  9. Feels great, but, man, missed all rain again last night. it is really really dry up here in northern baltimore county for sure.
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