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  1. It's hard to stop 3 year olds from looking at the eclipse I would imagine - keeping them inside doesn't seem crazy to me.
  2. Yes - Baltimore did well with this. Heavy rain, several good cloud to ground strikes.
  3. Torrential rain now, and a few close lightning strikes in my part of Balt city.
  4. And some rolling thunder.
  5. Nice rain rates in Balt city under this cell.
  6. The humidity is crazy this morning. 88% humidity! Good lord.
  7. The tiniest of tiny storms has popped up over my neighborhood apparently and is absolutely pouring according to my family - hard enough the satellite is out until it passes. Checked radar and it is indeed a very very localized heavy shower. Weird.
  8. Marty Bass is indeed terrible at his job. Truly. Also, it is flat pouring in downtown Baltimore.
  9. Raining pretty good in Balt City.
  10. I like that you all track tropical - moving here was first time that was even something that was on my radar as being worth keeping an eye on. That said, given the extremely low likelihood of a direct hit that gets sustained TS winds into the area, I am always interested in the post-tropical aspects and impacts of any system close enough to provide same.
  11. I should go ahead and bump the futility tracking thread for snow totals. We had a real shot at that last year...
  12. Since seasons seem to largely becoming mere suggestions at this point, I am just assuming surface of sun warmth for October...
  13. So...this particular stretch of August temps has been pretty glorious. I moved here in July of '09 from Memphis and I think I recall that August being similarly awesome in terms of temps. So I am gonna go ahead and expect 3 KUs this winter... 65 this morning in Balt City.
  14. Tornado in Salisbury near the university, apparently.
  15. This ended up being really boring up this way. Just light steady rain, really. Anything heavier stayed south.