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  1. It seems impossible around here to get something in the middle - either its 80s and people are bitching or 50s and people are bitching.
  2. Rain in Balt City.
  3. The rain has started in Balt City.
  4. I don't follow the NHL but went and looked this up to make sure I was reading it correctly - that is , indeed, exceedingly dumb.
  5. Really raw and wet/damp day in Balt city : 54 and temp has barely budged.
  6. 53 and light rain in Baltimore city.
  7. Exorcism. Marvin being fired. The end of the world. After 45 years of being a Bengals fan, and only seeing 5 playoff wins in that span (albeit four of those coming in the two super bowl years - losses in the final game though), I am pretty on board with some franchises are cursed (shout out to the Vikings fans on this board, and any Bills fans around - curse recognizes curse). All of which is to say, while I am not a Caps fan (mostly because I don't follow hockey) I completely get the discomfort/dread of watching this unfold. You come to expect bad things in the playoffs as a fan because that is all you have known. At some point, it infects the team/organization. I can't explain it, but it does. Here's hoping the Caps break out of it this year.
  8. I won't argue they were the best at any point in that run - but there reaches a point where playoff failure is as playoff failure does.
  9. I am a Bengals fan. Playoffs from 2011 - 2015, and also in 2009. Six of seven years in the playoffs. No wins in that span, not even one.
  10. Man it is hard to get the rain started in Baltimore City of late - seems like it dries up every time some showers get close - hoping the rain for later this morning gets here for a bit.
  11. Drove over to harpers ferry area - rented a bike in Brunswick and did a 24 mile ride along the C & O canal late morning into early afternoon with lunch in Harpers Ferry. Was cloudy and cool the drive over from Baltimore this AM but the clouds broke near Brunswick and was another gorgeous day. Return to Baltimore mid-afternoon revealed sun was finally out here, nice evening.
  12. Sweet map, nice work Katie.
  13. You know how some people on this board get for vodka cold snaps? That's how I am right now for this kind of extended spring weather. Just giddy.
  14. Hello to another gorgeous spring morning - 54 headed to around 68 in Baltimore City. Another lunch run around the harbor on the docket for midday.
  15. It is I, the spring anti-complainer. Another stunning spring morning - went for a run, flowers popping all over the neighborhood. Zero complaints from my view. 61 when I ran, 64 now. Windows open in house and windows down on drive in.