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  1. February Banter Thread

    In case some are wondering, we exchanged PMs and all is good. Water under a bridge and all that. Or over it. However the expression is.
  2. February Banter Thread

    Changed into non-work clothes for a walk around the harbor at lunch. It was...almost too hot. That sun is direct. Quite a shock this early. That said, the air right along the water was much cooler - a small example of why Annapolis was so much colder yesterday than everywhere else.
  3. February Mid/Long Range Discussion 2

    I know we don’t have a short range thread, and hope it’s ok to post this here, but that’s a pretty wet looking four days coming up.
  4. February Banter Thread

    That’s actually not what I said . I said I hoped for seasonal cold to continue in February so as not to trigger early flowering, especially since a return to cold last year killed the flowers. I opened that based on the latest runs which were showing the wanting we now have. A post Which you had a problem with. And I am trying to do what WxUSAF asked but you keep on going. You won’t address picking out one post from me while ignoring reams of others, on a topic that is kinda personal to me.
  5. February Banter Thread

    Oh, are we doing this publically? Because you have made it so if I respond, you get to call me names, and if I don't respond, you get to call me names. Ok. I had ONE post in that thread - a post that was responded to by a mod and another met, and that is the one you took issue with. I responded and pointed out why I had an issue with you calling it out, and then Cape piled on, as happens with you two. I could go through and point out a ton of posts in that thread that were clearly banter, but they don't bother me (or apparently bother you, but mine did). But somehow, mine was the one you pulled. And then I explained in here why it caused me to react like it did, and you blow by all of that to call me more names. I had done what Bob and you and others asked (even when a LOT of people have not) and even though my posting in the discussion threads was never voluminous, cut it back even more. Nine posts in the last two discussion threads, from me. Nine. But, still, that wasn't good enough for you. Apparently keeping me from posting in there at all is your aim? Got me. Apparently one was too much in the last thread. So why don't you STFU and stop acting like a baby yourself when someone mentions why what you did was ****ty. Maybe apologize. Or what the **** ever. Here's a thought, which I have made a few times and I have seen others make. Why don't you let the mods mod, instead of crying about posts that you don't think should be there? By the way, you didn't disagree with me. You told me to stop posting where you don't approve. Even though I had pretty much completely done that. But that wasn't enough for you. So, okay.
  6. February Banter Thread

    In case it matters to those who took offense with me mentioning hoping this warmth doesn’t kill the flowering trees in my yard this year, the above is why I felt that way. Not that it should have been any of your businesses.
  7. February Banter Thread

    Last page. This thread. To explain why the flowering of trees is important to me in March. Not that I should have had to, nothing I posted should have been subject to ridicule. But some of you sure do like to gang up and, well, you do you.
  8. February Banter Thread

    Yes, you are a bully.
  9. February Banter Thread

    Yes, because mentioning something is important to me because of a memory of a deceased parent should be **** on. Thanks cape and psu.
  10. February Banter Thread

  11. February Banter Thread

    Dear lord, you don't share my skepticism. I am NOT talking about whether we can accumulate and have significant snows after a warm stretch. We can.
  12. February Banter Thread

    I know it can snow after being warm. I saw 14 inches in the 1980s in Central Ohio in early April after a week of 70s one time. I don't need that lecture. Believe it or not, there are other things that might be important to me - in this case I would have preferred seasonal cold to keep the flowering trees and flowers from being early. In any event, I will enjoy the warmth the next two days and hope it doesn't prompt that. Carry on.
  13. February Banter Thread

    Clever. I guess snark to get the people who will rally to you and make fun of me is a way to go with this. Watch the likes pile up. Yay you, PSU.
  14. February Banter Thread

    I was specifically referring to CAPE with the flowering tree broadsides. Because he did. As for you, you shouldn't have done that in the first place. You were in the wrong. Just highlighting it was attacking. I would have brought this up with you on PM, but you don't get those. Regardless, 9 posts from me in 2000 posts in the last two long range threads, and that's what you hopped on. It was a slap in the face, for reasons that were personal to me, which I just explained in the previous posts on this thread. Out of all the posts that were CLEARLY banter in that thread, you picked that one - the only post I had made - and you called it out even though a mod/met and another met responded thoughtfully to it. You want to police what people post, and as long as it is pro snow, you won't say anything about it, whether it is banter or not. I know you like snow no matter what, and I generally am with you on that. But you are frankly weirdly militant about what can be posted in the long range thread. And that's not really your place. In any event, I hope it snows 4 feet in early March and that the blooms are not out yet when it does. That said, the warmth this week is worrying to me on that front.
  15. February Banter Thread

    We have mods. Good ones. Maybe you and a few others could stop being shadow mods and let those folks do their jobs? And if they are okay with posts, maybe those posts can just be left alone? You and a few others have spent way too much time trying to police what is posted and what is acceptable. You and PSU post plenty of banter in those threads, in addition to your fine analysis. In the last two long range threads, I have made 8 posts. 8. That's less than 1%. And yet, one of those 8 posts in which I mention maybe it would be okay if the flowering trees didn't die off this year I get called out. That's kinda not ok (especially since I have a personal reason to look forward to the coming of the flowering trees). And I certainly haven't overwhelmed the discussion threads with that, no matter how much you throw names at me (less than 1% posting in those threads in a month after BobC asked people to slow down their posting in there). You don't know what reason or reasons people have for posting. If the mods are okay with it, maybe just let it be?