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  1. People looking for snow navigating the long range threads:
  2. I am sorry, but to make the this forum readable, ALL Webb's must go. The good out with the bad. It's the only way.
  3. BWI: 12.7" DCA: 8.4" IAD: 19.5" RIC: 14.3" Tiebreaker: SBY 10.6"
  4. Maybe we can go ahead and ban the word "Webb"...that might chill some people out.
  5. I am gonna go ahead and weigh in as a football "neutral" to this area (since I am cursed with Bengals fandom) and tell Ravens fans there is no good reason to lower expectations - go ahead and dream big. Maybe MAYBE there is another team as good as Baltimore, but I haven't seen it this year. The Ravens absolutely should be thinking Super Bowl and a trophy. Doesn't mean they will get there and get one, but there is zero reason to think they can't. They are just as good an any other elite team you could name. And, unlike almost every other team, they are absolutely built to win in any conditions. If it's a massive cold or wind or monsoon or blizzard, none of that will really negatively affect them like it will others. As long as Jackson is upright and able to run with no pulled muscles etc, I see no reason why you all should not dream big for 2019 and for any upcoming season where he is upright and healthy for the next 5-10 years.
  6. It's gettin' a little "AmWx after dark" in the long range thread...
  7. I know others on here have become the default "weather nerd" for their workplaces - here is one that amuses me - when the co-workers somehow get charged up for weather events that are non-events because of social media or TV or what the heck ever and then confront you about it? I just got the "hey weather guy, what happened to the storm" challenge question.... Internal sigh, counts to three, "you never heard ME tell you it was gonna snow, did you?"
  8. Yup. He kept doubling down on "not that bad" and going to radar and saying that it would top out around 8-12 inches as I recall. Even as it was exploding. He didn't like my responses to those tweets (apparently).
  9. I remain delighted that Pann has me blocked on twitter.
  10. A little jealous seeing the pics from Ohio and the 1-3 inches in the forecast there - pretty much covering a good chunk of the state - Cincinnati up toward Cleveland along I-71 anyway...
  11. I have already mentally renamed lurkerboy to “Carbondale“
  12. Bengals fan here - please don’t fall into the trap. Angling for Burrow or Tua and losses are needed...
  13. Always glad to see Carbondale check in as the season gets underway...
  14. isotherm canceled our winter. The NS vort next week is now by itself and won't get it done. All is loss.