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  1. Point in fact, you know we will get blocking. In May 2018. Like the past few years.
  2. We just can't buy a break with a good storm in the Baltimore area this spring.
  3. Concur. Some rain, a few rumbles of thunder, but overall, really really meh downtown. Again.
  4. Same for me, coming from Ohio growing up and Memphis for 11 years before moving to this area in 2009. It is unreal, the difference.
  5. Timing still looking like afternoon tomorrow for best chance of storms?
  6. I have a good friend who is part of a 4-person Race Across America Team (bike race). They started in Oceanside , CA yesterday. That puts them square in the desert today. He and his racing partner have their next eight hour shift today in the heat of the day. 117 where they are slated to be biking. I Don't envy him that.
  7. Central MD storm chances getting less likely as we get close? What a surprise!
  8. Confusing to see CWG on twitter say that DC has a record high and then come on here and see Joe's post.
  9. Watcher - the most frustrating thing, I think, for those of us from Balt City up to the MD/PA line, say, has been that there has been really good severe weather in lots of PA, and the severe weather you mentioned that has been present from DC south, but in between? It has been really hard to get good severe in here this year. Or even garden variety storms this year for that matter. One storm with some thunder since mid-February for my area, that's it. Growing up in the Midwest (Ohio) and then living in Memphis for 11 years before moving here in 2009, I was certainly used to legit thunderstorms (or even just plain ol' storms) on the regular. It has been absolutely barren this year, as bad a stretch as I have seen since moving here, in terms of storms, for my part of the area anyway.
  10. Literally, there's barely been storms here in Balt city area.
  11. Really? It has been absolute trash up this way. Just nothing remotely interesting and barely any thunder really, since February.
  12. Hey Arlington folks - down your way at the Arlington Draft House to see a show - first time at this venue - it's pretty cool.
  13. So...today is pretty awesome as far as June weather goes. 79 at 1:00 in downtown Balt.
  14. A pop up shower surprised me on a run this morning.
  15. Yeah, that's pretty awful for early June. Good grief. Turned into a nice day here with the sun out now. Heading to the O's game tonight, looks like a great late spring evening.