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  1. I have really not been following TD 9/Ian thanks to weeks and weeks of work hell. The twitter sharps are talking about adjustments west - does westward adjustments give us a better chance at rain from the remnants?
  2. Rain of some sort downtown Balt. Always hard to tell 20 floors up how hard at the ground, but, rain, for the last little bit.
  3. that is LITERALLY what he wishes for. he wants carnage and destruction.
  4. bengals lost their long snapper to a biceps injury after halftime, that's what happened to the kicking game. they couldn't get it snapped right after that. the rest of it was not great for other reasons. still, should have won even after committing 5 turnovers. weird game.
  5. Ideal steady rain. Bonus that on a weekend many can be at home with windows open and enjoy.
  6. Bonus rain the last 20 minutes or so up this way. Grass and flowers and what not all seem pretty happy.
  7. Went for a run at lunch downtown - was pretty humid - caught me off-guard - I guess I was thinking cooler a bit behind the rain. Was not.
  8. It has been glorious. I did a mental in-your-face dance too.
  9. Steady rain here now. Let's do this for about 12 hours
  10. ah. so your usual bullshit then.
  11. SO, you are calling for a shutout? Final call? No rain? Or is this a case where we get an inch and you claim it is disappointing and a waste of time. Because my yard could sure use a good long soaking inch of rain.
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