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  1. Past time to retire those. glad to finally see some sun in baltimore and maybe some temps into the upper 60s...
  2. Yes. He’s doing the politics thing to protect his guy in the WH. It’s embarrassing.
  3. It will be a long LONG time before I feel comfortable in amusement parks again. Germ factories on the rides and restraints and water parks in the normal course of events, that’s gonna feel skeevy now for quite awhile.
  4. I gotta tell you - I miss the office and don’t want to work from home as a normal part of workday after experiencing this.
  5. June 10??!! I hope that has to be shortened at some point because the initial month has worked.
  6. I don’t believe it snowed after I bumped this thread on January 21. What an absolute disaster of a winter. We have new entrants on the list.
  7. Finally some sun. Thank god.
  8. 24 hours later. Still wedged.
  9. Just a brutal day of low clouds and blech.
  10. Yeah. I won on not making it to 60 here. Wedge held firm.
  11. This. It is not politics to acknowledge this fact.
  12. Just went for a long walk around the neighborhood and couldn’t will the sun out yet. Still socked in with clouds and 53. A few days back forecast high was 69. We will be lucky to make it to 59 up here.
  13. This is the wedge of cool air from hell.
  14. I, um, all things being equal, given how much food is in various freezers and the quarantine situation many are dealing with, really don’t want severe storms to be a thing this spring. Need power. Etc.
  15. Whether it’s 41 or 52, either way is not awesome, which was my response to wiggum, on nicer days, even quarantined, I can enjoy a sunny day.