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  1. Rain really missed for the most part - everything that popped up ahead of main line managed to skip my parts of baltimore. by time main batch gets here looks like the reds and yellows will be done and just a steady rain for a bit.
  2. BWI: 11/4 RIC : 11/10 IAD: 10/23 DCA: 11/30 Tie: 88F
  3. Well those are spectacular pics. Wow.
  4. It is infuriating. I need to host some folks on the patio at 1 and it won’t stop drizzling . It has been like that for about 36 hours over me.
  5. The red blob over balt city ripped for about 25 minutes. That was enough. when’s the cooler less humid air get here?
  6. Yeah. I got a rock (Charlie brown voice).
  7. Hook looks just to my north. Towson may be in line for it?
  8. Yeah - that one east of Frederick got dangerous quickly.
  9. It’s full sun in Baltimore and has been for about an hour. Should soup things up.
  10. Sounds like a CFS CFS blend gets us three months of winter. Off to pitch my analysis to Bastardi...
  11. EJ's yard: Headstone 1: Here lies Invest 94. Died of "meh". Headstone 2: Day 1 Enhanced. Died of "next".