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  1. I mean, that's a March 14 map. March 14. March. 14. At that point, you are basically hoping for a late season borderline historic storm for the beltways to have a chance. This thread becomes a MD/PA border only hope zone somewhere around March 14.
  2. Psu - at some point in this winter of fail - doesnt the disconnect from what looks like a good set-up upstairs and crap at the surface as we close in become the norm?
  3. Like Linus waiting in the pumpkin patch. The great cold front and southern low will show up this time. I just know it will. <sub-post referencing current long range thread discussion>
  4. Weather is stupid.
  5. DCA made 75, so that's not exactly frigid...
  6. I do like a good weather joke.
  7. Just getting back to office - did the GFS give us a map with snow painted over the region for next week?
  8. Disturbing number of stink bugs already at/in my house. And flies. Lots of flies.
  9. That was some compelling stuff in the long range thread overnight.
  10. I have snowdrops and crocus' in full flower.
  11. a south and east winter...lol.
  12. My tulip trees are within a week of flower I am afraid.
  13. It is glorious out. Winter never got here. I am just enjoying what we have - which is a drop dead gorgeous weekend.
  14. It's spring. Nothing to panic over.