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  1. Alternatively: DT = guy in car Elk = GFS
  2. This thread - guy in car Weekend system hopes - the elk
  3. that was mostly tongue-in-cheek, Katie. But, also, it's kinda hilarious that the moment I move up to the Hereford Zone we hit a succession of variance to the immediate south.
  4. This is what you and I get for moving north. A winter of fringed...
  5. Fwiw, don’t post those thoughts in here then. Take it to banter.
  6. Sleet is here in Monkton. Right at 3 inches. Still gorgeous out.
  7. Amazing experience, glad I went. Maybe we get to 3 inches? It’s gorgeous out.
  8. Over an inch in monkton - snowing at a good clip. Hope to pile an inch or two on top of this.
  9. Coming down well now in Monkton. Just took the pup for a walk on the NCR trail. First legit daylight accumulating snowfall since I moved. Gorgeous.
  10. I will take it, thanks! Just got back from the game - drove and stopped in west Va on way back last night because I am too old to drive through the night anymore. I was 20 last time they won…slightly older now lol. Glad I was there for it. Absolute bedlam and lots of tears. Sports are weird and wonderful sometimes.
  11. It's true. For instance, I was just saying that.
  12. It never changes. There are not wild model swings to discuss. Every time, every run, same outcome.
  13. Even jan 2016 had a hiccup run here and there that caused mini-panics. This one? This one hasn't dealt one bit of hope for something bigger for those of us on the edge since Monday. Every run, low gets pulled inland. Every time, without fail. It's frustrating.
  14. i am having a hard time recalling a more steadily modeled storm. Like, it hasn't wavered in terms of outcomes, for days.
  15. Would that someday the globals lock onto a solution that jackpots our area as steadfastly as they have locked onto this one screwing over our area. It's uncanny, how steady they have been, in being all "NOPE". FOR DAYS.
  16. Me: (opens forum - glances at most recently posted for storm thread hoping for Bob Chill or WxUsaf) Me: (glances and sees most recent post is from Rockem) Me: ah well, nevertheless
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