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  1. Yup. Dropped an ob in the severe thread. Was in hail by mile marker 25 trying to get up to exit 27 on 83.
  2. Round 1 (or final round) - that storm hit Monkton area pretty square. I got caught in it on 83 trying to get home - hit a hail core around mile marker 25 trying to get to exit 27. Lots of large limbs down after I exited and had to turn around and find back way home as some sort of downed limb or tree had monkton road blocked just beyond volunteer fire station in hereford.
  4. Yes. There is a subset tho that have not been a verified warning level snow since Jan. 2016. Lines up with that precip min on the map from yesterday. That crew missed the event you got last winter and a few years back. And all the others.
  5. That relative precip shadow running up 95 from Baltimore north tracks really well with the areas that have struggled to get snow the last six years...
  6. god i hope so. remind me in the winter when we can't get precip while it snows all around that this happens in the summer too...
  7. hope so. need rain for the yard and it feels elusive sometimes.
  8. yeesh. I could not do that.
  9. Last week’s euro had temps of 102-106 across the area Tuesday - Thursday this week.
  10. I’m working with a digital artist on the promo posters as we speak.
  11. Season 1 is him walking around beyond the wall complaining about all the big snows missing to his northeast and then a special episode where he loses it when a blizzard slides to his south.
  12. Pretty sure Ji didn’t start this thread with good disco as the goal…
  13. Just, what a spectacular capture of a phenomena that, I freely admit, I did not know was a thing.
  14. Yo, this thread is fascinating
  15. Temp hasn’t gotten over 64 here since I arrived Saturday. Decent trade off.
  16. I’m looking at radar from vacation in northern Michigan and this doesn’t seem right…
  17. Feels like we are gonna fully miss this time.
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