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  1. No idea on where ravens go from here - they are resilient as hell the more challenges they face. As for cincy, the whole one week at a time thing - need to beat Cleveland this week to start with (something they haven’t done with Burrow yet curiously enough)…
  2. Ji. Lost his shit during the great Christmas snow melt and then the first three weeks of January.
  3. gotta say, as the forum's resident bengals fan, beating the Chiefs 3 times in a calendar year feels prettay, prettay, prettay good (Larry David voice)...
  4. (Narrator’s voice): in most of this forum, there was a LOT of frustration during and after BDB in 2010 as well…
  5. We will always have minutes 75-81 - the long range Oct/nov thread of this game
  6. Gotta finish when you can - now down.
  7. It’s time. Let’s fucking get it.
  8. Socially acceptable beer drinking before 9 am and a packed bar . This rules. Let’s fucking go indeed.
  9. Posted up at Slainte for the game. Let’s do this.
  10. He’s excellent - thrilled he signed up and posted - (but also a great follow on Twitter as long as it lasts)
  11. Woo!!!!! If Twitter implodes, at least it’s dying let me and mappy help talk you into posting some here. Welcome! @membengal on the hellsite and, eta, he 100% needs the met tag asap.
  12. People now gonna madly drop weenie posts on all of wxusaf posts…
  13. We'll always have the exuberance of the long range thread Oct/Nov last week of Nov 2022 discussion pages. I will reserve a table at Maggiano's in Columbia for Nov. 2027 so we can gather and re-live it for the five year anniversary.
  14. I'm trying to talk Peter Mullinax into joining and occasionally posting...
  15. yeah. a full groan at the bar I was at when he came in.
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