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  1. I’m seeing highs in the longer range in the 70s through the first few days of October. This genuinely has been one of the warmest ends to summer transition to fall that I have ever experienced. That includes my 13 years in middle and western Tennessee.
  2. Like walking through an invisible waterfall mist getting to the car. Yuck.
  3. But, in the end, you were the boy who lived! And it was Giants fans making horcruxes!
  4. Me on waking up: I bet that rain cooled things off. Me stepping outside and immediately being drenched with..."air": Oh. What is it, 10 million percent humidity this AM?
  5. It is yucky* out. *that is the correct meteorological term...
  6. Nina, you looks good, won't you back that ACE up? You's a fine motherlover, won't you back that ACE up? Call me Big Daddy when you back that ACE up Met, who is you playin' wit'? Back that ACE up
  7. impressive. most #2s just got dropped off at the pool...
  8. Like, my own behavior is now changed. If I am in an area under that kind of heavy rain potential, I am going to treat that like a blizzard and do what I can to make sure me and my loved ones are not in cars as it unfolds. I think people hear "rain" and just go about their business. Need to find a way to make the difference apparent. "Turn around don't drown" pre-supposes people in cars. "Do NOT leave your homes and if you do be aware of possibility of rapidly rising water" maybe? Something like that? I would say it's moot as an infrequent occurrence but...these are not infrequent occurrences anymore...
  9. Hell, wasn't there a basement apartment death (or two?) in Rockville in our area?
  10. This. This. 1000 times this. Mappy is spot on. The general public simply does not process (cannot process?) what that kind of rainfall in a short time over a large area means. I don't know how you overcome that. I think adding to warnings when extreme rain events are imminent that if you live in a basement apartment or lowest level of a structure to be weather aware and have a plan to get higher might be worth considering. I think strengthening the "turn around don't drown" messaging to "do not leave your house and get in a vehicle" in such situations, maybe. 23 dead in cars in NJ and that number is still climbing. I bet most of those didn't drive into flood water, they had flood water appear around their car in areas they likely have never seen flood water.
  11. Welcome to a glorious stretch of weather.
  12. holy **** on those pics from NJ. Some of those homes are just demolished.
  13. Pretty sure those are not tornados or damage reports because I was told today was a nothing-burger.
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