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  1. I'm just worried things are still too upbeat in here. Hope more people swing by to make sure we are keeping it real.
  2. Bautista gets vlad with tying run on second for the save. Unreal run they are on.
  3. Os just took lead back on a two run bomb in the bottom of the 8th from Odor.
  4. Thank god, it was clearly too optimistic in here. Good for the reality check.
  5. Another nice W for the Os. Especially against the Blue Jays. What an unexpected thing this has been the last 45 games or so.
  6. With confidence I launched into an all-day smoke of a nice 10-pound pork shoulder figuring no rain. Win. About an hour from the shoulder coming off.
  7. The Os really are on quite a nice little run. Amazing to see them be this competent with the core of the prospects just now pushing to get a call-up. Felt like it all started to turn when Ruetschman was called up. Aside from being really good with the bat, just feels like he commands the field from behind the dish like you want a catcher to do.
  8. Eh. Maybe down your way. Still looking grim further north of you.
  9. Balt City - east to NE side got hammered.
  10. you can see the plan from Elias - people have wondered why they are skipping mostly drafting arms in the Elias drafts and he's always said there are other ways to get arms. He's now acquired 6 minors arms in the last two days for Mancini and Lopez - so one of the ways he had in mind was apparently to start to accumulate arms through trades. Need to stockpile a bunch and hope some subset bubble up eventually.
  11. Caught some rain too in northern balt county around 1 AM I think.
  12. Just catching up -the horrible heat event this week is down to 1 day of hot but not horriffic?
  13. complaining works in this instance. Finally actual rainfall.
  14. Greens over me for an hour. Misting at best. Wtf.
  15. Pepperidge Farm remembers...and so do I. Welcome back!
  16. Looks like last shot for northern balt county might be around the 5-6 timeframe for something wet.
  17. We're just looking for regular rain. Can't get that. Splits.
  18. dear god, we can't get missed again, right? RIGHT?
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