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  1. Maybe it’s just a random pattern generator disguised as a climate model.
  2. Alright guys we just need this pattern to hold for *opens calculator* for 13,888 more hours, the big ones are sniffed out early right?
  3. If it makes you feel better I don’t remember it at all.
  4. So last year? How was that in any way a dead season?
  5. Went that way with @NorthArlington101 and my meet but unfortunately for my team it was loss but at least he got a win for his team. It was a fun meet but the pool had a bunch of leaves in it and the starting area wouldn’t drain so there was nowhere to put your towels or anything.
  6. @NorthArlington101 you excited for the meet today?
  7. Already some thunderstorm warnings up out in southern PA, also got to watch those storms around Winchester right now to see if they can produce some outflow boundaries.
  8. I got an A meet for swim Saturday morning and another long course meet for swim Sunday so I don’t really know how to feel about this super nice weekend coming up. That said it will also be awesome for biking and mowing lawns.
  9. It has been sunny in fairfax since sunrise today, is very toasty outside.
  10. Would be a fun 2 in the morning if this run is true.
  11. @NorthArlington101 It’s a great time for time trials am I right.
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