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  1. 10 to 1 because it is "for the weenies" triple ninjaed, wow.
  2. It has been pretty consistent with a higher end (for this event) amounts but at the same time it is the HRRR.
  3. Brought to you by the great lakes low, coming to a great lake near you exactly when it will mess up the most storms!
  4. Euro looks slightly worse but at this point who cares about the Euro
  5. Another storm another chance for the Euro to spit out 20 inches of virtual snow.
  6. Icon upper levels look a little better, maybe a bit more phasing than 6z
  7. drool worthy, just stalls and dumps snow over us with no sign of stopping
  8. Gfs has taken a large step back after 0z. Oh well we still got Thursday
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