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  1. First real thunder of the season no rain though
  2. No thunder or lightning, only had 15 seconds of heavy rain with pretty miniscule wind. I mean it looked cool I guess. 5/10 would not hype again
  3. Hopefully that kills off some bugs.
  4. Everyone is talking about how nice it is but for people with pollen its been nasty, high winds + 80s in spring is a bad combination. I can confirm, though it was nice to see some cherry blossoms nearby be out in flowers. Can't wait for the April Fools Snow Storm that will totally happen.
  5. This is a disaster. I mean there was advance warning but its past midnight not to mention the debris signature.
  6. The debris ball is just frightening with how it just exploded after going through Newman.
  7. Made this video 25 ish minutes ago Just shows the debris ball, normal radar and base reflectivity. Wanted to make sure I have some good video of this storm.
  8. Also seems to draw out the largest storms
  9. Debris ball on Storm heading toward Birmingham and Tuscaloosa
  10. Its really tightened up right as it heads into populated areas, this going to be bad no matter what happens.
  11. I think the main question is whether the storm is able to redevelop another tornado before it hits the suburbs because the old tornado looks done, just hope it doesn't redevelop.
  12. Do we have any videos/picture of it yet?