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  1. Had to edit it down but this thing is amazing would not be surprised with a high end cat 4 from the satellite view.
  2. Have my first swim meet of the winter season with the YMCA today, its a duel meet in Fredrick MD and the YMCA has a new swimming pool. Wondering if anyone from Fedrick has seen the new YMCA swimming pool? Anyways can't wait for the meet today I get to swim 50 Free which is great, 100 Breaststroke which is ok and 100 Fly which is... bad.
  3. Finally a real eye signature showing up, this thing is ready to explode.
  4. Looks like an eye might be trying to form on visible but could just be a temporary feature.
  5. Finally feels like fall, saw my breath and it’s clear with low humidity. Can’t wait for the trees to react to this.
  6. Saw my breath as I walked out to the car to go to swim.
  7. Found the first good red fall leaf of the season on the ground today
  8. Well DC is getting dry slotted so its not as far fetched as you think
  9. With it going all the way out to 384 it will be interesting to see what it does.
  10. Here is the code for it the part at the very bottom is the border I made to (hopefully?) make it look like a painting, this was all we learned in four weeks. It is a slow class. Also learned nothing of any real world value. Rect(0,0,400, 400, fill=gradient('lightYellow', 'darkOrange', 'darkRed','darkSlateBlue', start='top')) Oval(165,300,140,130,fill='yellow', opacity=20) Circle(165,300,40, fill=rgb(253,255,107), border=rgb(255,215,80)) Circle(165,300,60, fill=None , border=rgb(255,215,80), dashes=(4, 15), borderWidth=15) Polygon(0,0 ,400,0, 250,110 ,90,170,165,210,0,210,fill=gradient('lightGrey', 'silver','grey','black', start='top') , opacity=70) Polygon(200,300, 310,80, 600,400, 165, 400, fill=gradient('white', 'black', start='top')) Polygon(200,300, 380,50, 600,400, 165, 400, fill=gradient('white', 'black', start='top')) Polygon(250,250,350,200, 600,270,265,340, fill=gradient('grey', 'black', start='top')) Polygon(150,400,240,180, 370,270,265,340, fill=gradient('darkGrey', 'black', start='top')) Polygon(165,290, 250,250, 350,260,265,340, fill=gradient('forestGreen','darkGreen', start='bottom')) Polygon(0,290, 80,270,165,290, 265,340, 400,400, 0,400, fill=gradient('forestGreen','darkGreen', start='top')) Polygon(165,400,265,330, 350,260,400,240, 400,400, fill=gradient('forestGreen','Green', start='top')) Polygon(0,210,165,210, 50,400 ,0,400, fill=gradient('darkBlue', 'lightBlue', start='top'), opacity=30) Polygon(0,210,165,210, 80,270 ,0,290, fill=gradient('darkBlue', 'lightBlue', start='top'), opacity=30) Line(250,110, 255,130, fill='yellow', opacity=60) Line(250,110, 255,130, fill='yellow', opacity=20, lineWidth=5) Line(250,110, 255,130, fill='yellow', opacity=10, lineWidth=10) Line(250,105, 255,130, fill='yellow', opacity=5, lineWidth=20) # second lightning Line(255,130, 240,180, fill='yellow', opacity=60) Line(255,130, 240,180, fill='yellow', opacity=20, lineWidth=5) Line(255,130, 240,180, fill='yellow', opacity=10, lineWidth=10) Line(255,130, 240,180, fill='yellow', opacity=5, lineWidth=20) # Third Bolt Line(255,130, 280,150, fill='yellow', opacity=60) Line(255,130, 280,150, fill='yellow', opacity=20, lineWidth=5) Line(255,130, 280,150, fill='yellow', opacity=10, lineWidth=10) Line(255,130, 280,150, fill='yellow', opacity=5, lineWidth=20) # Border Rect(0,0, 400,400, fill=None, border='black', borderWidth=10)
  11. In programming right now, and finished my unit project which was painting with python, which was really slow and easy but made a picture.
  12. Post your observations, picture and general fall foliage topics. You could also post things about fall in general but try to keep it to foliage. Thought it would be a good idea considering next week looks cooler and there is some slight colors on the trees already. Thanks to @Maestrobjwa for reminding me, I thought about this topic earlier in the week but just remembered after you mentioned it and better to make it sooner than later.
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