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  1. You would be borderline but since you're on a website that takes 20 off your life you're in the void.
  2. I was going to say 21 but 30 works
  3. Here is the link to the rotation on the Reston storm that I think I see Went right over me.
  4. Near constant lightning and very well organized look to the cell south of me sort of super cellular looking with the base but no rotation.
  5. Have had some moderate rain for about 3 ish hours here I would think but starting to lighten up.
  6. Had a storm form right over me just south of Reston and got half an inch of rain according to my probably messed up weather station in the 10 minutes the storm lasted. Rained super hard and it was pretty cool watching a cloud form over you then just dump rain. No thunder or lightning whatsoever.
  7. Replace east with west and you have where the convective band sets up with every winter storm.
  8. Could you pass some of that over here, I have not had any rain all week.
  9. The best part about this storm is that the second it left the general thunder storm and went to the marginal zone the storms formed a line and intensified.
  10. Man this is a textbook example of a DC split, which I can say I am part of.