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  1. Watched it develop and there was definite spin with the updraft, just doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to do anything
  2. The radar orientation reminds me a little bit of winter storms, if only.
  3. You live in Ashburn right? The difference in our rain totals over such a small distance has been cringe worthy. Sitting at 4 inches of rain this month and a little over an inch of rain from this storm with one last band lined up.
  4. I live just east of IAD and managed to pick up a little over 2 inches of rain, crazy how tight of a gradient there was. At least the streams aren't bone dry like they have been now.
  5. Found on Twitter from this morning but once again seems relevant cause it just won’t die
  6. Global warming deserves to put people in hysterics. Have you seen the ssts that are under beryl right now? I’d have to wager they are probably playing a significant role in the current rapid intensification going on.
  7. As someone in hs (yeah I still mog all of you in terms of gen zness) can confirm this is mainly hs terms
  8. This was the post I was too cowardly to make
  9. I’ve heard from my NVSL friends how much they like their relay meet (I’m a csl warrior), would be a shame if it was canceled but not much to do about that.
  10. Reminds me of my spring championship meet in Saint Petersburg Florida, it thundered out for finals one night and we were all stuck in a van with no ac. It was close to a sauna by the time we were allowed to leave…
  11. At least DC has the metro, the silver line being built out to Reston (and right next to our hs) has been awesome for me and my friends cause we’re able to take quick day trips into the city. Really wish we had more city to city light rail to expand our day trip range but at least we can go into dc!
  12. Think someone accidentally put an unwanted un there
  13. I always thought I was the only one here, glad to know I’m not completely alone
  14. As the only gen z here i think they might need some help understanding any brainrot terms.
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