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  1. Yeah probably, just find it funny when the GFS has some storm at the end of its range that would be really neat to see play out.
  2. Why does the GFS only get good at 384 hours...
  3. It shows the potential for a spun up nor easter unfortunately it seems to be a bit too far east.
  4. 18z GFS gets so close to the Dec 12th threat but the NS energy doesn't develop in time and the Outer banks get hammered. Hopefully it continues to show up in some form in the future
  5. That's a lot of blue over us with a western ridge too and of course the crazy -NAO
  6. Considering I don't remember a snowy December I would be fine with being a bit busy weather wise this month.
  7. Did you pay them off because that does look very close to what you said could happen.
  8. I mean the 12z CFS from yesterday gives me 30 inches of snow throughout December so I'll take it, in fact, it even has your December 13th snowstorm.
  9. 0z Euro shows a southern slider solution for the 10th at the end of its run, it’s fun seeing cold and snow for the long range forecast instead of a torch.
  10. Did you really just have to diss your whole generation and those younger than you? What did that add to the post, just say that you should have moved on.
  11. Could you imagine the complaining about getting fringed if the 6z was right
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