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  1. Amazingly quiet tonight after an otherwise deafening day... Beautiful night out
  2. Some of my more shaded trees are getting bombarded tonight w nymphs just crawling up. My more shaded big trees in the back still relatively little action. It's getting loud though so can't imagine once they are all out in my woods.
  3. My one infiltrated tree isn't so lonely anymore. As soon as we open our garage door you can hear the creeping and crawling. They definitely love the garage door. I'm guessing soil is warmer around house foundation? We literally had to sweep exoskeletons out of the way and they have bombarded our garage. Our shaded trees/woods still don't have a lot but they are starting to pop. Really looking forward to the next few nights!
  4. Our garage door too! They are covering it and a bunch of exoskeletons/carcasses everywhere at the base of the door. More than the trees
  5. My husband just went out to take pics of the trees and report since I am out of town. Said he can't even walk on the grass now. They are everywhere...wish I could upload the video. This is only for the front yard that gets sun, back yard with all of the trees still shaded and not as bad. Hoping they hold off a few more days.
  6. They all need to hold off for a few more days - I am out of town again and am pissed I am going to miss the mass emergence!
  7. I have lots of older trees in my yard, mostly shaded. The one that gets the most sun is really starting to pop. I'm just starting to see a few on my other trees.
  8. Was just out on my evening cicada hunt under my most "active" tree. Sounded like super light rain drops under that tree. I totally forgot about cicada pee! Now I am wondering if I should share with the neighborhood Mom chat. They are NOT as enthusiastic as I am about these guys. To tell them they are being peed on might well send them over the edge. But would be so damn funny!
  9. We only have one tree in the neighborhood where they are starting to pile up (ours). Found out walking the dog tonight that some of my neighbors who don't think I am crazy have been coming by with their flashlight to check it out. Lol On another note, several years ago several of us went in on an industrial mosquito sprayer and spray between households. The intention was that we would just grab it from a garage and spray as needed but honestly one dude has been spraying the whole "co-ops'" yards. Tonight he was coming to do ours for the first time but I told to him to hold off. As much as I hate mosquitos, I have to give these Cicadas a chance for a little bit of fun before they die!
  10. I go out every night with my flashlight and search the yard. My 12 year old daughter (who I make come with me) is so over cicadas already and my neighbors think I am nuts. Ask me if I care
  11. I sadly noticed some also on the one tree where most of them have been so far and one new one on our poplar. Sad that they made it this far but couldn't finish. Pretty sure we still have enough.
  12. My one tree that had about 6 exoskeletons this morning now has over 50 cicadas in various stages of molting. My yard is going to be rocking next week. I live in an old wooded neighborhood...I can't wait
  13. Was out with a flashlight a little while ago. I did see some new ones crawling in the tree that I saw some earlier today. This tree and ground around it gets the most sunlight so not surprised I don't have any in the woods/side yard yet. What I saw gazillions of in my flashlight beam was pollen grains.'s really bad out there.
  14. Just checked my yard - had about 6 exoskeletons on one tree - rest of the trees were bare. Sterling, VA
  15. My trusted meat thermometer was measuring an average of 65 in my yard in Eastern Loudoun....should be soon!