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  1. Thanks Bob P.s.....good to have you back! I don't post much but have enjoyed your posts for years.
  2. IMBY ?....I'm scheduled to leave ATL at 2 on Thurs, land at IAD at 4. Chances I will get in? It's a small regional jet which I know are the first to get cancelled. Normally wouldn't matter but we are heading out to Timberline noonish on Friday so I need to get home. Thinking about grabbing a late flight on Weds...
  3. I just might do that and that is good info on the school. We pulled our daughter from LCPS because they are a disaster and my husband has been homeschooling but at some point we expect her to go back to public school. I was a bit worried about some of the schools so this is welcome news. We are definitely looking for more land - 3 - 5 acres but we also don't want to isolate our daughter who is an only child. I will check out Spring Mills - thanks!
  4. @WVclimo - I live in Loudoun but we have decided to move to WV this spring - panhandle out as far NW as probably Falling Waters. I don't think we would go much past 81. We also have a 6th grader. Tips on communities out your way? We haven't spent a lot of time out there and just starting our research. We would have left NOVA earlier if it wasn't for the commute but the one good thing about Covid is it opened up teleworking. So we are out of here... Appreciate any tips/thoughts
  5. Is that Red Gate? My daughter rides there
  6. Several water rescues going on.
  7. So I suspect I will be laid off on Monday..I have always wanted to chase. I remember as a kid ..Gloria '85 sitting in our garage in Northern RI w the door open as it ripped through our neighborhood (our mom sadly made us come in at one point). I want my daughter to experience that as well (just turned 11 and loves everything outside) was what started my fascination/enthusiasm/ respect with weather (that and '78 blizzard). Since I will have no where to be for a month and can go place to catch this thing? I know this is too early to speculate.. But I got nothing but time on my hands and I am going to make the best of it!! (I was already looking and have a gig starting in Sept...this is not a bad thing for me). .
  8. My husband was in on Saturday afternoon - he went gluten free in January but cheated with a Lefty Lucy!
  9. gunny23

    COVID-19 Talk

    Look at what is going on in Ecuador; humidity does not appear to be a factor w Covid 19.
  10. gunny23

    COVID-19 Talk

    Our final payment is due in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping they let us postpone to next April. Based on the trajectory of Covid 19 there is no way we would feel safe travelling through Quayaquil for some time. Especially since it is a humanitarian crises there on top of the virus. Really sad what is happening.... Who are you cruising with? We are w Huagan on the Camila. Sorry if this is banter...
  11. gunny23

    COVID-19 Talk

    I have been tracking Ecuador for a while as we have a trip planned to the Galapagos in July (not hopeful). I was hoping we would have a break in the summer with warmer temps and higher humidity but Ecuador is a mess right now. Granted the people of Guayaquil where most of the cases are were not disciplined and were celebrating Carnival which led to the spread there. In Quito it is not nearly as bad. However, based on Florida and New Orleans as well, I don't think Covid 19 will behave like H1N1 or the seasonal flu. It seems to be able to handle the humidity better and not break down.
  12. Heavy heavy rain in Sterling w respectable gusts.
  13. I just got to Bahrain yesterday for work and a sandstorm has moved in. It's supposed to get worse so I will wait until it does before heading out for a sand Jebwalk.