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  1. Heavy heavy rain in Sterling w respectable gusts.
  2. I just got to Bahrain yesterday for work and a sandstorm has moved in. It's supposed to get worse so I will wait until it does before heading out for a sand Jebwalk.
  3. At Camden Yards...drops are so fat it looks like its snowing. Unbelievable.
  4. IMBY ? ...I have a 430 flight out of Dulles Thurs afternoon that I am confident about...but friends have a 6am to Jackson Hole. If this wraps up midnight I would assume flights would only have a slight delay but would you play it safe and sleep at airport hotel weds night in case area roads suck in am? Traveling from Sterling so not far...
  5. IMBY ?...traveling from NOVA to standing mtg at Meade at 0700 Weds. dial in always an option vs attend in person but always better to be there.... Conditions legit enough to dial in vs get in car to be there in person early in am? Worked late and not down for -5 hours sleep tonight but will suck it up. Not worried about where I live...looking for an excuse near Meade....sorry if this should be in banter. I really want to sleep in.. Btw...walked the dog an hour ago in potomac falls/Sterling va. Cold rain despite earlier mixing.
  6. Pouring snow in Sterling....roads have caved. Time to walk the dog!
  7. We've had nine racks of ribs on Smoker since 1030 and tapped a fresh keg of Lost Rhino Chasers Fri night. GO PATS!
  8. Deck pic from down the road in Sterling...eyeballing only but looks close to 2"
  9. Took the dog for a quick walk 20 min ago (sterling/countryside)...winds picked up big time just as we got started...definitely some fair amout of sleet pingers on the way back. Sadly that may have just been the best winter that I will experience. Debating a road trip back to RI home state for some good stuff....cuz it sucks down here...
  10. 5 miles due north of IAD and it has been raining heavily...I believe it.
  11. Heavy rain and good lightening show in sterling
  12. The first few flakes of a HECS are better than superbowl kickoff when tour team is playing