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  1. It's a bluebird day at Timberline. Didn't feel as cold last night as some of the reports said it was.
  2. Finally made it to Canaan. Left at 7am and made it around 11 but we stopped a couple of times and got hung by the below. We could barely see Timberline from the road when we drove by - snow blowing everywhere. Eyeing about 12" on the deck - will measure and post some pics later. As we were getting off 48 onto 32 we had to wait for a jeep to get pulled out. Looks like they came off 48 too fast and slide right across 32 into the woods. Looked like a bunch of young guys who probably came up to enjoy some fresh powder - bummer. Other friends of ours also drove up last night and made it to their rental house but couldn't get in the driveway. One SUIV ended up in a ditch but they got it out this morning.
  3. Our friends were just west of Moorefield - easily said 6 or 7 inches and the rates were insane. Up until Wardensville not much of anything but when it hit, it hit hard,
  4. we've driven through some wicked weather before but this was probably too much - especially with a 12 year old. There will be others....
  5. we killed trying to get out to Canaan tonight - our friends who were over an hour ahead of us said trucks and cars were all over 48 including one semi sideways into a hill. They were lucky to get behind a plow but still can't see anything - said it's the worse they have ever seen it. I was looking forward to the hot tub while it was puking snow for our first storm in the new house - but we'll have to wait until the next one What really sucks is our internet is down up there so we can't even watch the snow piling up on the cameras....snow will be still be there tomorrow....
  6. we have 4 wheel drive and both from New England - we will take it slow. we've been going out there for years so know what's ahead
  7. Just packed the car - screw it - I don't care how dicey the drive is, we are heading out to Canaan. I am not missing this
  8. We want to head out to Canaan tonight but I don't think we could get on the road before 6:30 - might make for a rough drive.
  9. It's a whole new mountain. We just bought a place in Old Timberline. Hoping for enough of a threat here that Loudoun makes a Friday Closure announcement Thurs afternoon so we can get up there early - we haven't been up there yet when it has been dumping (our place anyway)
  10. ....and this is why we just put a contract on a place in Canaan. Tired of no snow in NOVA and want to get the tracking season off early!
  11. I'm covered. Wake up every night itching. They're awful
  12. Amazingly quiet tonight after an otherwise deafening day... Beautiful night out
  13. Some of my more shaded trees are getting bombarded tonight w nymphs just crawling up. My more shaded big trees in the back still relatively little action. It's getting loud though so can't imagine once they are all out in my woods.
  14. My one infiltrated tree isn't so lonely anymore. As soon as we open our garage door you can hear the creeping and crawling. They definitely love the garage door. I'm guessing soil is warmer around house foundation? We literally had to sweep exoskeletons out of the way and they have bombarded our garage. Our shaded trees/woods still don't have a lot but they are starting to pop. Really looking forward to the next few nights!
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