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  1. Seeing already a 50% chance f rain Sunday! Hope it changes! Saturday Night A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 61. Chance of precipitation is 40%. Sunday A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 78. Chance of precipitation is 50%
  2. 92! YUCK!
  3. Up to 1.36 so far.
  4. 1.10 so far! Overachieved on the first batch! Thunder and everything!
  5. Forecasts are responding
  6. So we are not getting 24 inches of snow! What? Seriously, if it was a different time of year there would be some serious crying with the Euro!
  7. Check these smoke plumes from the fires in FL/GA -WOW!
  8. Hit exactly 34.0 degrees this AM! Up to 50 already in Purcellville, VA
  9. .79 before Midnight last night and 1.29 today! Total so far 2.08 - Shower close by may bump totals a little.
  10. I would not mind the rain and cooler weather if it would happen on the weekdays! Ruining fishing weekends makes me mad! I mean I will go no matter the weather, but the nicer days and no rain are obviously preferred!
  11. My temps have been up and down.. I was up to 78 earlier and now fell to 74.. I was up to 78 for a bit earlier. Temps shows it bouncing around the mid and upper 70s.
  12. I am thinking mold and mildew are a bad thing for me too! seems to really get crazy this time of year