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  1. Just had a dip to 34! Wooo! cold out there! LOVE IT!
  2. Truth!! One came right at me today.
  3. 35 out here in Purcellville for the low! Wow.
  4. 42 for a low!! Maybe it can get colder, but wow!
  5. Ditto! Not much of anything! SUPER HUMID though! Feel I could start clouds by opening my front door! Hope you get your AC back soon!
  6. Just a shower out this way. 0.07 overnight in Purcellville
  7. I will. But I finally found what i was looking for in Wunderground.
  8. Any easy way to get the amount of rain by location from yesterday? I was trying Wunderground and it switches to the airport for historical! I swear it used to show it for the station!
  9. That looks serious as the velocities are increasing fast..
  10. That was that cell that went by Sykesville. Looked interesting.. still does..