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  1. .33" so far. I think we will wrap up soon out here in Purcellville though.
  2. Yep. Coming here to say the same... 2+ inches
  3. Serious wind gusts earlier. They calmed a bit for now. More to come. Ian mentioned DCA 36mph Dulles 40 Frederick 43
  4. 1.00" exact in my rain gauge here in Purcellville! So needed and welcome!
  5. .40 so far in Purcellville! Still coming down good
  6. https://spaceweatherarchive.com/2019/08/27/why-are-sunsets-turning-purple/
  7. 38 degrees so far this morning in Purcellville. Radiational cooling ftw.
  8. Could not help but share this! Just some humor for those that have not seen this bit! Hilarious!
  9. I put this is the Discobs thread - but I would guess this is digital snow/mix to some extent!
  10. What is WPC seeing? LOL - Mixed Precip in MD/PA? No... I highly doubt that!
  11. .48 from earlier showers. Nice to see some rain.
  12. BWI: 10/27 DCA: 11/17 IAD: 10/22 RIC: 11/10
  13. One of the two made contact! Jim measured a pressure of 911mb!!