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  1. When you get a slightly different algorithm, the amounts and location of the amounts shifts quite substantially. Well. For. People east of the Blue Ridge
  2. Well that was different. And it kind of sorta.. Well not really, looked like the cmc.. Well at least where it snowed. Little more interesting
  3. Still 31/30..trees are starting to weigh down a bit.. Very pretty out there
  4. This looks better - But it is LALA Land, still poor axis, likely transient.. just saying.. cold shot again
  5. This needs to sharpen and the low needs to start sooner. Even with a decent low, that would be a southern slider if I am reading it right
  6. Way less precip out here in Western Loudoun, but temps never look to get above freezing even out this way. Anemic precipitation totals and maybe that is why it doesn't warm as much. Little snow and then light sleet and light rain.. but nothing too exciting.
  7. Check the change between 4:13 am and 4:48 am. 11 degree rise. Downslope wind?
  8. My coworker asked what would be a good system to do both outdoor and indoor weather sensors. What do people recommend? I am not super impressed with Acurite. I know he wants something with quality! Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. GFS looks so odd on the set up! Let's hope for a better look as time passes. Seems we have a lot of potential.. typical caveats on timing, cold, etc...
  10. Was thinking the same. Wintry weekend for sure into early next week!