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  1. Yes! made it to 88 here and feels like 91. Hoyt sun still doing well this time of year!
  2. Banding! LOL! Reminds me so much of winter storm banding right now! It is moderate to almost heavy near Leesburg. Some fringing happening out there!
  3. My weather station reported a total of 4.75" of rain yesterday and just .06" since midnight! I had 2.46" of rain between 10:50 PM and midnight! Crazy! 4.91" storm total so far.
  4. Just cracked 3.5" - .50" of rain in 10 minutes!
  5. Just had 1.04" of rain in 25 minutes! It is coming down in buckets!
  6. Just getting pummelled! Just cracked 3" .. half an inch of rain in less than 15min -
  7. I have now hit 5.4" of rain since Wednesday! INSANITY!
  8. Storm I am watching
  9. Looks like a wall cloud
  10. Only received .06 in the showers this morning! DP is currently 77 degrees! Air you can wear!
  11. Hit 1.00" of rain on the dot! You just cannot make that up! So fun! 8.26 for the month. We are in no drought! Wow!
  12. We had quite a bit of lightning and thunder the last 5 minutes and that little downpour did put out .98" of rain.. I am guessing we hit 1 inch+. Not too shabby! EDT: But really NO WIND!
  13. Serious amounts of rain in these storms. Almost 3/4 of an inch in 15 minutes! Super close lightning bolts too! Better than expected!
  14. SPLIT is not looking great for me! Just a downpour.. and lack of lightning is a bummer!
  15. Down 10 degrees. Talking about a split! I live where the red arrow is pointing! LOL!