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  1. I hot a low of 35.. more frost this morning, but not super cold! BEAUTIFUL day on hand.
  2. Just hit 40 IMBY with a DP of 38. How low can it go?
  3. I am sure this means nothing..
  4. Only saw a low of 37 here. Frosty spots.
  5. 38 in MBY this morning as well!
  6. DCA 11/22 BWI 11/21 IAD 11/21 RIC 12/6 Tiebreaker: 3
  7. 87 degrees is just too hot for this time of year!
  8. Sorry if already posted .. but wow
  9. Wonder if they are making that forecast due to it passing super hot sea water?
  10. I am possibly late to the game, but Irma has to be the longest 185mph storm .. right? That thing is incredible.
  11. I lived in Richmond at the time and the flooding was huge! Was yet another hook in my love for weather that year!
  12. You are correct!
  13. Add the link to the tweet in a post.. if you see something that says the post contains formatting, click to remove the formatting. Then the tweet will appear in the post!
  14. OK - So this is funny! Not a climate argument.. just funny!