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  1. GFS Ridge looks terrible next week! Hoping things do not get this bad, but I have felt we have been lucky so far and that the luck will run out for later June and July.
  2. Several just east of me were saying they thought they had a tornado. I was hoping to look at the radar at the time, but was unable. I do not know if the NWS was going to take a look or not. BTW, I was pretty sure that is what I was seeing, but I was not going to just say it was without others agreeing. Anyways, I went right under it, but was in a car and not a good spot to photograph it. This was exactly what I saw as well.
  3. I know this is days late! This was what the storms that came through and caused the wind damage and hail last week looked like as they were going through Purcellville. I did not take this photo and take no credit for them (Here is the original https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3196421617280200&set=pcb.2254113818069568) but I saw the same thing! Looked very impressive! What do you all think these are? Reminds me of a rotating storm with a wall cloud.
  4. My weather station decided to screw up and measured a -40F last night! That is kind of messing with my stats for June so far! LOL! I was outside late last evening and it was awesome and nicely cool!
  5. Does anyone have radars in the Purcellville to Leesburg area yesterday when the severe was coming through? A lot of damage from wind and I swear I saw a wall cloud while driving into Leesburg (my son has some video I need to review). A lot of trees down and not all in one direction in the area. I wonder if NWS will take a look. A friend of ours swears a tornado went through their property, but I have not been able to visit. This was the same one that then hailed on Leesburg. Thanks!
  6. It was good in Purcellville at the start with some serious heavy rain too. Did not last too long but picked up 0.3 inches in about 10 minutes
  7. This looks like something! SW VA - Just noting the supercell look on these storms.
  8. Man, that cell south of Bedford looks like it is trying to spin up.. we will see. Not good.
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