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  1. The dec pre Christmas storm last year made last last year better for me than these 3 tiny events in Leesburg and feb 2021 will be better than feb 2022. Gonna take a mecs this month for it to surpass last Last year's December event was great. Made Christmas much more exciting. In general, this year has stunk for us in Loudoun
  2. I was wondering the same thing.. umm 2014 memory? Although that year I think we also saw trends from north to south! LOL! We were always in the sweet spot that year. We can hope
  3. We need more than a tick! We need a leap!
  4. Oh man! All the others made me laugh! That one made me mad!
  5. I did not think the 06z Euro was quite as good as the overnight run.. or yesterday's 12z.. is this the beginning of the cave in? We will see! This post has 0 help on the overall discussion, just my two cents!
  6. GFS is so much different than the Euro - I hope the 500 cut off is just a screwy thing! But, if that remains the upper level looks, that is not coming close at all! I think it MAY be wrong.. but, that may be because I want it to be wrong! Let's see if GEFS have any other looks.
  7. Does the European control ever matter? I think it is notorious for 2 to 3 foot snows.
  8. Not liking that sleet intrusion on the Correlation Coefficient. It is making steady progress!
  9. Had made it to 19.1 degrees, but back down to 17 after the snow started. Moderate snow now, but just a coating so far! All pavement is white, which should be no surprise!
  10. What is the consensus on the freezing rain situation? It would seem to be raining hard enough that it would not be as bad as a lighter and longer-duration rain. But 45+ MPH winds make it a difficult and worrisome forecast.
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