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  1. Culpeper is also looking really bad. Wow. 7inches plus showing up on Radar and the storms keep raining.
  2. That was quite a bit of rain for about 20 minutes.. then lighter for about 10 more.. quick half inch picked up IMBY.
  3. Yes.. that is good. During super humid times though, this may drive up the humidity in the basement if it is evaporating the condensation off the coils. Probably not as big of a deal up here as it is in Florida from what I have read/seen on videos. You need the dehumidification the coils bring down there. Also, not a great thing to do in the Desert areas where attic vents would blow hot air into the home .. in desert areas the units are, many times, in the attics.. but I have been experimenting with leaving them on as well since the basement is a natural cooler as well.
  4. You my be right! Some newer units have multi speed fans and run all the time. The slower speeds when not actually doing the cooling! There is a big debate out there on whether to run them all the time or only when the AC or Heat is running. I think it is all about where you live in the country and how humid it is. Good luck!! Hope it goes better the rest of the year!
  5. Ya! Running the fan continuously will put humidity back in the home as it evaporates it off the coils while still inside. This is especially true with all the humidity! @mappy AC troubles stink! Sorry you are stuck with that challenge and expense.
  6. Our issue may be the clouds. As of now showing a 60 - 65% coverage on the forecast. Hoping this is not correct, and it may not be.. but it is so humid out there that you may cause cloud cover by opening the door and letting a small bit of AC air out!
  7. Anyone got some ideas on cloud cover/fog around sunrise tomorrow? Just thinking of the eclipse.
  8. Convection firing up in central Loudoun. Just to my east. Look like heavy rain - slow movers.
  9. Shows tornado forming on ground. Little guy.. But cool
  10. Looked a little bow-like on radar just west of Loudoun All Western Loudoun now in a Severe Warning now. EDIT: The bow-like look collapsed after this frame..
  11. What is about to happen just north of Loudoun? Interesting look as these two storms collide.