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  1. 41 now after the 0.04 deluge earlier. Low was 36.1 Happy Friday
  2. High ended up at 61.6 degrees after a low of 27.7 So, not as dramatic, but about 34 degree difference is impressive
  3. 60.5 degrees!! We have done it. What a rebound
  4. It is a heat wave out there! 55 now! Was down to 27.7 this morning! At this rate, maybe we will hit 60. Sheesh!
  5. 21 degree cold. Ohhhh how I live cold crisp air in the morning!
  6. GFS - WTH! LOL!!!! Honestly, I thought the Euro had kind of this look a few days ago.. maybe a bit more north and west. Well.. that is fun.
  7. Sitting at 37 - cloudy! what an awesome winter day!
  8. SMACK! LOL! For real, us weenies need to keep reality in check. The rules apply: Way too early to get excited Climo We need luck which will be hard to see if we have any Climo It is November Models suck and are guidelines Climo OK - The message is there! BUT, I do like the upper level patten .. BUT - Climo! LOL!
  9. I gotta rock. I saw the radar returns between 5 and 6am, but they were north. Saw a few flurries late last evening, but nothing like what folks in parts of Maryland saw! Looks cool!
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