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  1. midatlanticweather

    January/February Winter Storm Threat Tracker

    You can say that agai.... Never mind! LOL!
  2. midatlanticweather

    January Banter 2019

    Oh how I miss this!
  3. midatlanticweather

    January 2019 Discussion and Obs

    Currently, 8.2 degrees! Coldest of the season. Expecting some rising soon.
  4. midatlanticweather

    January/February Winter Storm Threat Tracker

    Deb moment here - we are in the middle of the statistically BEST time of the year to get snow and the models are in chaos.. but not trending positive. If we cannot get a good storm this period, then sun angle, less exciting events are all we will have left (ya.. I am being pessimistic here, and sun angle is the ability for snow to stay on the ground! I still have huge glaciers littering my landscape) - the forever just out of reach -NAO and great setups that never materialize are depressing! I get it that we usually get snow with flukes and luck, but this year is becoming very depressing! Due to the chaos, though, maybe things are just not showing their hand yet.. but honestly, when will they? Yes, I have had close to 15 inches of snow this season, but I was expecting the 150 to 200% snows that seemed possible! LOL! We are not done yet, but delays are going to rob us a lot of the best winter! Also, I have to be out of the area the last week of February - that would be very bad news if we get something significant when I cannot be here! OK - Deb downer moment over!
  5. midatlanticweather

    January Banter 2019

    This was discussed. GEFS are just the old GFS. The FV3 release is delayed and then the GEFS associated with the FV3 are far off from when it releases. That was what was shared previously.
  6. midatlanticweather

    January Banter 2019

    Any mets willing to speak with some scouts this Saturday about weather via Skype (or in person) in the Purcellville, VA area? Let me know! Thanks!
  7. midatlanticweather

    January/February Medium/Long Range Disco

    Can you be a little less specific? LOL! Cold seems a lock!
  8. midatlanticweather

    January/February Medium/Long Range Disco

    Looks like what I am seeing remind me of the "surprise" short range systems that can over-perform and become bigger with out too many changes... I am mentioning ONLY because I am thinking of a famous January 25 .. not saying we have that look, but some things remind me of it.
  9. midatlanticweather

    January/February Medium/Long Range Disco

    I wish it was a striped red ball, because I felt like I was finding Waldo!!
  10. midatlanticweather

    January/February Medium/Long Range Disco

    I am happy not to be the bullseye this far out! Looked good to me!
  11. midatlanticweather

    Light Snow Event - 1/17-1/18 Obs and Discussion

    1.7 here in Purcellville
  12. midatlanticweather

    MLK Weekend Event - Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

    Philly will be cashing in on Miller Bs so I would not feel bad for them... they usually get them a lot!
  13. midatlanticweather

    January/February Medium/Long Range Disco

    I remember people in Maryland sharing that they had 50 to 60 inches on the ground. It was insanity that we had upwards of 40. Once in a lifetime I thought - until 38 inches on 2016 Blizzard.
  14. midatlanticweather

    January/February Medium/Long Range Disco

    In Loudoun we did not get the best - just 9 to 11 inches and high winds. Since I was digging out from 33 inches of snow from a few days earlier, it was alright, but we fringed on the jackpots to the northeast of us.