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  1. Methinks that is a little under done.. Lol
  2. I think we can only focus on a short lead system (as Bob has hinted at) for anything. Patterns do not make snow. And Models are struggling mighty! I like the cooler air look and what we have had. Keep the cold, continue to build the NA snow pack, and eventually we luck out! But the model watching and pattern switch hopes are already making me tired this year! The Monday thing is now in the shorter range - we will get that in focus.. anything beyond is a major gamble, and, I would bet on a loss! For real, looking forward to the 12z for Monday focus. I guess we all know this, but snow and patterns on the long range keep us coming back for our "fix"! LOL!
  3. Hasn't that been the trend? Pv expected to be deep and then retreats as the event gets close?
  4. GFS/FV3 seems like a useless model, especially beyond day 2.. When is the last verification on this thing.. seems horrible..
  5. YA - Happy hour for the weekend of the 21st! All fantasy! I am dreaming of a White Christmas! That is classic.. way too good.. and every other powder dream has vanished. If we were just a day away! OH WELL!
  6. Feel this story keeps repeating! Always the storm after the storm. But I would take it! Tuesday front thump would still be good though.
  7. That was not the happy hour run we were looking for. I think even more phase ..
  8. We are looking forward to many Jebwalks! Great hearing from you!
  9. NWS a little more robust on thoughts in their latest updates further east. Think a bit less west.
  10. Not much at all! That is why it is LUCK! And we have to get super lucky! Not impossible by the 9th of December to have been lucky! For small events (1 - 3 inches)
  11. Yes.. Already seems to be showing that way. With no real block we just are hoping for timing. That rarely works out. Things aren't disastrous yet with Temps averaging below normal, but the long range is not behaving as models show it days in advance. Short leads will tell the tale.. Keep cold around and get into colder climo and I think we will luck out, but so far, luck has not been on our side.
  12. I like the look of the following week.. not sure how this is gonna turn out so far out there. Seems good and maybe prolonged... like seeing all the isobars to the Northeast and a high to the north.. will it work??
  13. Stupid GL low and no blocking high..Let's see if it gets up to the 50/50 and sets us up for the next week
  14. That was a little different run and look to the Low... still nothing locking cold and the GL interference. This keeps changing run to run - but not in our favor yet! Was hoping for a happy hour