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  1. Absolutely! We know, especially in transition seasons, that the GFS and EURO tend to mild up as we approach the time they think it was going to be very cool! Some cooler temps support is showing up on the Euro.. not close to as cool as the GFS, but at least below normal a bit longer before some warmer temps again. I am thinking the Mountains finally pull off some good frost and maybe a bit of the piedmont if we get lucky! Then we may need to wait again for another shot, but we are way in speculation time period!
  2. GFS does a really cool shot next Monday from what I can see! Week out.
  3. Saw many Temps down in NC were in the 30s and low 40s!
  4. Ended up with 0.24 for rain. Cool water spout shot from the bay https://fb.watch/8G_0B_zAsh/
  5. IAD: 10/22 BWI: 11/2 DCA: 11/18 RIC: 11/21 1.09
  6. Always wonder if this is Banter since it is so early of a forecast: https://www.accuweather.com/en/winter-weather/accuweathers-2021-2022-us-winter-forecast/1022887
  7. LOL! GFS is getting funky too! Just so strange looking! Loop this! https://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?p=500wh&rh=2021092418&fh=loop&dpdt=&mc=&pwplus=1 This is stranger than it looks!
  8. Ya.. WTH is it doing! LOL! Euro kind of gives me pause for Sam, though I think he is fishy. Anyways... no doubt the models are being wacky! LOL
  9. Definitely looks warmer than normal and dry as we head into the extended period! The cooler looks have vanished from both Euro and GFS after a few small cooler shots the next 5-6 days.
  10. Interesting look to that stuff north of Mt Airy. Gusty set up of showers moving quickly north!
  11. Stuff looks to be quickly approaching from the south. It is moving pretty quick, so may not be much!
  12. Up to 0.54 inches of rain so far in Purcellville. Steady moderate to occasionally light rain at times continues. If only this were snow... LOL! I had to say it!
  13. I was just making the point. At one time I saw 40s for nights and 60s for the daytime highs for a few days. The front was coming through quicker and it was a bit cooler, heights lower, and it lasted a bit longer. Moving on from this though!
  14. And honestly, the models showed a much cooler look than what they show now after this front. I did not say it would not get cooler, but the extent and duration are not what was originally showing! I am not complaining, I think I was reminding that super cooler/colder looks on long-term models, tend to be overdone and we should not be surprised, especially at this time of year! This may be wrong, but the models did back off some!
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