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  1. I mean.. something tried to happen. Timing, luck, etc. Also, so different! The CAD at the start there was stout! Period between the 10th and 13th I guess remains interesting.
  2. Kind of dried it up.. if it is not going to snow, fine with me. Things look different this run.
  3. EPS says - maybe something. The boards are all kind of quiet or negative today as we realize that things are not as good looking as they once were. Sorry @Ji and everyone!
  4. AHAHAHAHAHA! You posted too! Whose fault was it really?
  5. Euro kind of saves the day. Fizzling out Energy does a Miller B - BUT, honestly, a non-pumped system spitting out a little snow is not bad. The trailer looks a bit warm and gets going later but is warm. Things not as great looking all around today as they were in previous days. Transitions are very hard for models to get right.. much less the pieces of energy and how they behave.
  6. Southern slide is so possible. Nothing more infuriating to me than it snowing south of me!
  7. I have been honing in on the many different people that have been honing in on something happening in December. I have heard: The 7th - 10th the 10th through the 12th the 15th through the 20th I MEAN COME ON! There is no window of opportunity here.. the windows have been removed and replaced with French doors that have been left wide open at this point. I gather a pattern with a lot of potential so models will be jumping like crazy. Any time I see strong Negative NAOs, and we have Nina, southern sliding disappointment always stays in the back of my mind. Too early to worry about details.
  8. https://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?m=epsens&p=500h_anom-mean&fh=loop&dpdt=&mc=
  9. Follow up wave hope there! As long as the cold still gets here. It was looking different on the models!
  10. You all and your reasonable posts! Thank goodness for some reason in the midst of weenie hype. OR, we could say, we are due? LOL! The December 5th events that we always refer to when that date comes around is just fine by me! A wave on a front or even a couple few inch clippers would make me hungry for more but happy to get some events!
  11. BTW - Yesterday we only managed 0.11 of rain. Temp today was 58.8 at 2:30am and the lowest so far is 47.6 and just happened. Highest wind measured was 28mph at about 8:40am
  12. You are not the weenie! It is a weenie's dream post! - I, a weenie, love the post! AND, I agree - from my limited Weenie knowledge, that the map is beautiful! The only weenie part of it is that it is too far away to put a ton of weight in it yet! I love it, but do I believe it? I am not sure, yet! No offense meant to you at all! Thank you for posting here and providing insights!
  13. 41 now after the 0.04 deluge earlier. Low was 36.1 Happy Friday
  14. 25.6 for the low in Purcellville.
  15. High ended up at 61.6 degrees after a low of 27.7 So, not as dramatic, but about 34 degree difference is impressive
  16. 60.5 degrees!! We have done it. What a rebound
  17. It is a heat wave out there! 55 now! Was down to 27.7 this morning! At this rate, maybe we will hit 60. Sheesh!
  18. 21 degree cold. Ohhhh how I live cold crisp air in the morning!
  19. GFS - WTH! LOL!!!! Honestly, I thought the Euro had kind of this look a few days ago.. maybe a bit more north and west. Well.. that is fun.
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