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  1. 2.65” sorta underwhelming. But it’s early in the season. #Atmospheric memory.
  2. And you know the history with the I storm for the east coast. Something to keep in mind.
  3. Yeah. And it looks like it will slow down some. Flooding concerns for sure. Get your rest now. We are just starting. Busy 2 months ahead.
  4. Hanna up to 70mph. Should be a hurricane soon. Looks pretty healthy on latest satellite imagery
  5. Never had a 205. But 206 by Oliver is rather tasty.
  6. Fear is the greatest motivator of people. Until people feel safe and think we have this under control. You can open up all the shops, restaurants, clubs, ect. But no one is going to go in large #s. You want to get the economy back open ? Take care of the health crisis and the economy will gradually recover. Just my opinion .
  7. Yeah , it is really sad. Didn’t have to be this way. Poor planning and downplaying of the threat, put us behind the 8 ball. After all if you knew a cat 5 was offshore heading you ur way , you wouldn’t wait till it was making landfall to prepare. Would you ? Just hard to believe we r in this bad of a situation.
  8. He’s trying to minimize the whole thing. Comparing to the flu. He is either really ignorant, or just doesn’t understand exponential growth. Unfortunately its people with his views that r making this worse than it should be. But that is America. He has right to feel the way he does. Even if science and fact say otherwise.
  9. It’s times like this that this country needs come together and act act as one to flatten the curve of this thing. But I have no expectations of that happening. We need to shut down everything as soon as possible. Like yesterday really. And we need to listen to the scientists and not the politicians . Time will tell whether we’re Italy or South Korea . And everyone of you is going to have a hand in that outcome . .think about that. do what you can do now to flatten the curve. Besides, anything worth really having in life is worth sacrificing for. And if we just think about ourselves and not the overall country, i fear we will be Italy. We can overcome this. With common sense measures. But we need to do it unified acting as one.
  10. Second batch of precip looks to be ahead of schedule dont think it will make much difference. Maybe a little more sleet.
  11. Spoke too soon Just a little pixie dust falling now. And its over. Literally 3 min of flakes. Better than nothingI I guess.
  12. Nothing here . Dry air did it’s dirty work. Places that didn’t have a WWA . Got the best snow with this first band
  13. Listening to the Fly by Night cd now. 2112 up next . Saw then several times in the 80s
  14. 12/11 0,2” 12/16 1.0” 1/7 1.5” season total : 2.7”