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  1. Pressure down to 964mb on latest pass
  2. I also think the sky the limit with this. Again let’s hope the models weakening this at landfall are correct. Either way, looks like big surge threat.
  3. Yeah, no doubt this will probably be a major cane in the Gulf. Hopefully it will weaken as it nears the coast.
  4. Despite the downgrade, Sally looks to better on Sat. Last few hours. Big blow up around the coc.
  5. J E S. Very good . Neighbor had work done. Excellent job.
  6. 2.00” 1.75” of which fell in about an hour. Heaviest totals stayed just east of here.
  7. 57/54 Fall morning for sure.
  8. 1.32” last evening 2.20” 2 day total
  9. Underperformed here as well. Looked like a legit bow echo. 30mph at best. Heavy rain at least. Picked up 0.88” in about 35min. On to tomorrow.
  10. That would be a devastating track for the local area. No many tracks west and close to the river. Most either too far west or usually the old too Far East recurve. THAT TRACK puts a good majority of us in the N.E. Circulation. Don’t think too many of us have experienced any similar. Isabel ? Hazel would be the closest. I’m 57. Before my time. But most likely wont happen anyway. We can dream though.