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  1. Looks as if Jose backs into the Jersey Coast the ridge tries to build back
  2. Quite a few more EPS members north of Cuba this run
  3. No doubt about it. This is really intensifying fast.
  4. 900mb/190mph charleston s.c.
  5. Euro track keeps us in the game somewhat. At least for some rain and breezes
  6. Impacts here on majority of those.
  7. I can think of 2. holy sh.t.
  8. No doubt about that . I was under a hurricane watch for Gloria. If Irma makes a close approach as a cat 4 or 5 I could see that happening again. Like I said fun times ahead .
  9. I sort of feel the same way that's why mentioned Gloria. Should be exciting times coming up though and you're right about the other thread there's a lot of misnformation being passed around .
  10. Yes I was referring our areas , Maryland ,Virginia. Yes it did make landfall .
  11. Obviously all options are on the table . But this could be a case where it takes a track similar to Gloria in 1985. Scares the hell out of a lot of people. major beach erosion and big waves but no landfall.
  12. 92/77 watches out to our west and north. you would think with this type of airmass we might get something to pop later this evening and tonight H.I. - 106
  13. 95/81 HI of 116
  14. 93/80 heat index 113 I've seen other stations around the region reporting 116 and higher
  15. 91/79 Pump is primed for some heavy rain. dew points Mid 70s to low 80s regionwide