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  1. Gusty thunderstorm . Sub severe. picked up 0.65” in about 15min down to 73 and sun peeking out.
  2. 1.01” of much needed rain.
  3. 0.73” storms building to my SW.
  4. Looking at radar,, training of storms seems likely for my location
  5. 0.55” with the first batch . Still raining. nice wind gust also. Lost power for about 10 min. 74/74
  6. Thunder , lighting , but no rain here, yet.
  7. Only 0.12” from that second line.it really blew up SE of me finished with 0.50” for today 1” total last 24hrs
  8. Nice quick hitter here picked up 0.38 in about 15min. Line looks to be forming now to my NW. radar looks good for now. 74/70 down from 88
  9. 0.50” here. Heavy rain well east.
  10. I thought the same about 30 min ago. Nice thunder. I got nary a drop. Fell apart.
  11. Nice downpour last evening, picked 0.25”. 60/59 HAPPY 4th. Enjoy the day and stay safe.
  12. Nice storm. Sub severe. Picked up 0.53” in about 15min. sun back out now.
  13. Yeah,, but just want some rain. Tomorrow has some decent potential.
  14. Looks like storms r going to fire behind this boundary
  15. Outflow coming thru now. Hoping for some rain. radar looks promising
  16. Pick up a quick and unexpected 0.17”
  17. Nice downpour right now 74/70
  18. Not much here so far. 0.28” hoping for more today. Missed all the heavy rain. Euro is a shell of its former self.
  19. 89/72 storms firing all around. except here.
  20. Not a drop here again last night. Flash flood watch ? We’ll see. hoping for a shower at least. 71/67
  21. Not a drop here last evening. Thunder & lighting but no rain 74/70
  22. Feel for ya brother. Just finished prep and painting master bath in a 4 story townhouse. Got an email last night from customer that her upstairs unit quit working . Compressor failed. It was 91 on the wall thermostat when I finished. Nuts. Hope you get in fixed soon.
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