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  1. Festive flurries in Rockville 30/20 hoping for rouge band to set up .
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! Wishing everyone a few warning events this winter.
  3. I was just about to say the same thing. Rain to sleet to snow to concrete
  4. 1” here moderate to occasional heavy snow. 29/26 Temp holding steady
  5. Nice steady snow here now. heavier returns incoming. hope its snow. 30/26
  6. Ive lived here and tracked weather for over 50 years. And I totally agree with this 100%. Without a doubt our winters are becoming warmer and less snowy. Noting scientific, just years and years of observation.
  7. BWI - 23” DCA - 12.7” IAD - 25.6” RIC - 6” T.B - SBY - 10”
  8. 25 low here. Heavy frost on all surfaces.
  9. 33 here as the sun rises. Scattered frost
  10. Pressure down to 964mb on latest pass
  11. I also think the sky the limit with this. Again let’s hope the models weakening this at landfall are correct. Either way, looks like big surge threat.