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  1. No doubt about it. This is really intensifying fast.
  2. Euro track keeps us in the game somewhat. At least for some rain and breezes
  3. No doubt about that . I was under a hurricane watch for Gloria. If Irma makes a close approach as a cat 4 or 5 I could see that happening again. Like I said fun times ahead .
  4. I sort of feel the same way that's why mentioned Gloria. Should be exciting times coming up though and you're right about the other thread there's a lot of misnformation being passed around .
  5. Yes I was referring our areas , Maryland ,Virginia. Yes it did make landfall .
  6. Obviously all options are on the table . But this could be a case where it takes a track similar to Gloria in 1985. Scares the hell out of a lot of people. major beach erosion and big waves but no landfall.
  7. 92/77 watches out to our west and north. you would think with this type of airmass we might get something to pop later this evening and tonight H.I. - 106
  8. 93/80 heat index 113 I've seen other stations around the region reporting 116 and higher
  9. 91/79 Pump is primed for some heavy rain. dew points Mid 70s to low 80s regionwide
  10. 90/76 102 heat index Back to August dog days
  11. Spoke too soon storms appear be collapsing now
  12. Storms blowing up west of 270 looks like upper Montgomery could see some action 90/70
  13. Total rainfall @ the big 3 for Fri & Sat. BWI - 3.62" DCA - 2.91" IAD - 2.67" Tiebreaker - RIC - 1.15" Peak wind gusts for the big 3 for Sat & Sun BWI - 33 DCA - 28 IAD - 24 TPL - 38 knts. Tiebreaker - RIC - 18
  14. Looks to miss mostly south. But who knows ? We just need some lift. Atmosphere is loaded. Tomorrow looks more promising.
  15. 93/74 Really oppressive out today.
  16. 96/74 Golf league should be fun this evening