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  1. Looks to be a few storms trying to fire up. atmosphere is not as capped maybe some can make it here. sunny 89/68
  2. That line about to enter West Virginia looks pretty vicious , bowing out nicely wonder how much will survive the mountains ? 87/70
  3. I was in Clarksburg yesterday I saw 80 foot tulip poplars snapped in half 6 feet off the ground . Definitely some kind of microburst Most intense weather I've seen since to do derecho . I was right off Snowden farmParkway.
  4. I'm in Clarksburg right off brink rd. Definitely a microburst large trees downby my house off of Emerald Green Drive. I guesstimated least 60 - 70mph
  5. Most the area under a slight risk now hopefully can get something to fire along this front
  6. Looks like some activity firing in central and southern Virginia moving northeast. maybe we can get lucky and get something later this evening. 91/68
  7. 85/68 Miss those last few days of clear skies and low dews Really hope we get some rain tomorrow
  8. 82/75 here sun coming out now. hoping for some heavy rain later trace so far for June.
  9. 93.7 for the high 84 currently
  10. Everything stayed north. hard radar to watch, knowing it was pouring 1-2 miles north of my house.
  11. 93.7 here hope to get a thunderstorm or 2 this evening nothing at my house last night except for a few flashes and rumbles
  12. 93.6 here way to hot, way to early
  13. Only .47" here . missed all the steady heavier rain hoping for a good soaking rain tonight
  14. I'm pretty sure there were evacuations during Agnes in 1972 Several of my friends were woken up in the middle of the night and told to leave. This is along Rock creek behind the old Broom Jr high.
  15. 81/67 sun peeking out here and there
  16. 1.14" of much needed rain grass already looks much greener. hopefully April gives us all the rain our lawns and gardens need.
  17. Clouds moving in 41/18 after high of 43