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  1. 3k nam had some really nice banding. Just a beat down for most of the sub forum.
  2. I’m in upper moco in clarksburg. Moderate sleet. 36/25
  3. Just went out and it is getting very icy sidewalks and railing that were just wet a few hours ago are now getting ice accretion.
  4. Just took a stroll around the hood. Roads are just wet. Sidewalks little slippery. Unless we get more precip this was a non event here.
  5. Seems to me the couple hours of sun this morning helped warm the surfaces some. Also, looks like this heavier band is moving right along. Dim sun here.
  6. light sleet and rain here. Just checked my car and iron railings . The are just wet. no ice building up. 33 here now
  7. Low of 10 might not be likely, but if we get snow cover , i could see it
  8. Very light snow here in Clarksburg . Visible on the grill cover. 25/17
  9. Nice Post Bob. Good to see most ens. showing split flow. Much better opportunity’s for real snow. I stil feel ok about our chance for some early pre or post holiday love.
  10. BWI : 26.8” DCA : 14.2” IAD : 29.6” RIC : 12.3” T.B. : SBY : 9.6”
  11. 25 Really nice Thanksgiving morning. Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!!
  12. Looks like First heavy slug missed most of mont. county. maybe later today for some needed rain
  13. You also have to remember almost every tropical cyclone has exceeded intensity forecast this year. I think Nate has a pretty good chance to continue that trend
  14. DCA : 11/18 BWI : 11/6 IAD : 11/5 RIC : 11/18 T.B : 3
  15. Looks as if Jose backs into the Jersey Coast the ridge tries to build back
  16. Quite a few more EPS members north of Cuba this run
  17. No doubt about it. This is really intensifying fast.
  18. Euro track keeps us in the game somewhat. At least for some rain and breezes
  19. No doubt about that . I was under a hurricane watch for Gloria. If Irma makes a close approach as a cat 4 or 5 I could see that happening again. Like I said fun times ahead .
  20. I sort of feel the same way that's why mentioned Gloria. Should be exciting times coming up though and you're right about the other thread there's a lot of misnformation being passed around .