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  1. Compulsory deck pic from Annandale (corner of Little River and Braddock Rd)
  2. From the album JMike

  3. Randy is getting cold feet.
  4. Ok, I've done this every year and it always works. If DC - and inside the Beltway - get 6" or more, I'll renew my A/W membership. And if metro DC gets 12" I'll renew at $100. Let the snow begin . . . .
  5. Why did VA/Fairfax County decide to use taxpayer money to spread brine on the streets (specifically Little River Tpk).
  6. Waay too many mornings I wake up to bare ground after falling asleep dreaming that dendrites fill my yard.
  7. DC split - what else. I sense a winter of mass weenie suicides . . . . . .
  8. You should be good at that. You radar hallucinate snow all winter. Just sayin
  9. Nice sunny spring morning in Annandale. What's this thread about anyway?
  10. Is there any evidence of it bombing like that storm did?
  11. Nothing much to report in Annandale.
  12. This is what you missed:
  13. Was, during the lull, 35 but now back down to 33 with drizzle.
  14. Took a nice Jebwalk to my Starbucks. BTW, DC now in warning area. This storm is like the little engine that could.