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  1. Surprised there is no frost warning. Things are budding out all over northern VA.
  2. No, been in the same place for 36 years. The nearest "place" for me is Annandale.
  3. Thx for the link Mappy. 38.830509, -77.196152
  4. Car topper in Annandale. Tiny flakes of snow coming down at a moderate clip.
  5. Damn, they are even gerrymandering geological maps now.
  6. Nice surprise this morning. And we didn't have to track it for 2 weeks.
  7. Snow showers in Annandale.
  8. What would you know about such things?
  9. This about sums up this winter for me. I'll probably put it in my sig.
  10. Nothing to report. In fact I’ve had nothing to report for the past 7 days. I guess this winter it’s time for DC and south to be the snow hole capital of MA. Nice pics from those who are enjoying the winter. Temp: 35.5.
  11. Haven't seen this view from my kitchen window is 2 years. Winter Wonderland for sure, but certainly not what was forecasted.
  12. Randy, I'll give you $100 if DC gets a foot of snow proper, and Metro shuts down its above ground stations.
  13. Where is that awesome video clip of Tracker, DT, and Ji on the snow bus???