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  1. Unlike GoT winter never came.
  2. IMHO, this is the first day this winter that it feels and smells like snow. Can I get an AMEN?
  3. FYI: My bet still stands. If it snows deep enough to shut down Metro, I send Randy $100 for AW. Can't remember when I paid the last time.
  4. Can someone post a picture of white rain? Asking for a friend.
  5. I thought the board had a strict policy against posting porn?
  6. Um, that would be the case on a beautiful day in June.
  7. Snowing moderately in west Alexandria/Annandale.
  8. Went to PNC Bank the other day. Had two $50s that I wanted to exchange for one $100 bill. After a rather long wait at the empty teller's counter, the teller appeared and asked if she could help. I stated that I wanted to exchange the two $50s for one $100 bill. She looked at me and said that she would check to see if one is available (I'm not making this up). I then noticed there were no cash drawers - ??? Instead there was this bulky box-like machine. She fed my two $50 bills into the machine; moments later a crisp $100 appeared. Since I don't go to banks often, I thought this was rather neat. Question - where can I get one of these money machines?
  9. The grim reaper is soooo yesterday. I just got back from a tour of Christmas markets along the Danube, and Krampus is very popular.
  10. Looks interesting, if the hype pans out: IBM Global High Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System
  11. Thx, been trolling AP but it's frankly boring. I'm ready for some serious snow, so I'll lurk and read what the Smartguys think.
  12. I consider bacon a condiment. Just saying . . . .
  13. I'll be on the Danube the first two weeks of December, cruising from Munich to Vienna. I bought my first pair of L.L. Bean Duck shoes in anticipation of snow.