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  1. Yeah the rotation passed very close to me and there was roaring noise outside when it was near me. I think it was a tornado
  2. New tornado warning for Chester County
  3. Several reports of the storm debris along Fairview Road near Southpark is showing up on social media. There might have been a small tornado on the ground near Southpark indicative of the rotation signature
  4. Apparently there was a funnel cloud produced by this tight couplet.
  5. There's still a hook echo over Indian Land with the third cell in the training supercells
  6. These training supercells are wearing me out. I'm about to go lookout for the third supercell and if it's on the ground.
  7. The third storm is now with Tornado Warnings for Mecklenburg, York counties
  8. It was creepy and ominous right when it passed over. The skies was bright blue with lightning and the rain started going sideways immediately after the eeriest portion.
  9. The couplet missed me by a 1/2 mile. Was eerily quiet then extremely windy and heavy rain afterwards.
  10. It's very windy and pouring down here now
  11. It's lightning up a storm right now with light winds with no rain. It's likely the rainfree base overhead
  12. I'm in Charlotte (Steele Creek area) and I'll report back if this 2nd one is producing a tornado
  13. I believe that it is a possible tornado on along North Tryon in the University City portion of Charlotte
  14. Tornado Warnings for Mecklenburg, Cabarrus counties for leading supercell
  15. There are reports of damage in Greenville County in the Pleasantburg Road area from the westernmost supercell