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  1. Nope sorry. Lol. Being an old fart I developed cataracts a few years ago. I had surgery to replace my lenses. It was the best thing I ever did. Actual surgery takes 8 minutes per eye. They do them a week apart. I never even felt any discomfort. After over 50 years of wearing glasses I suddenly had 20/20 in both eyes. I couldn’t believe how good the world looked. I have good insurance but the actual cost of the surgeries was quite a bit less than the cost of fifty years of eye exams and glasses. Had I known, I would have had it done years earlier.
  2. Yep. Your doctor messed up your Lasik surgery.
  3. So Grayman goes 20 miles north to se a flake and you go 4 miles. You both could have saved a lot of time and just stood on your front yards with a good pair of binoculars. Lol
  4. Days getting longer and Greensboro temps have hit their seasonal low average and are starting to climb. 14 Jan 47.9 29.2 15 Jan 48.0 29.3 Tick tock.
  5. Tick Tock The days are getting longer. The sun is getting stronger. Tick Tock
  6. That’s a biggie. Active birds at the feeders have an almost 100 percent correlation. Fat birds in the spring.
  7. Yep, and before you say something, yes we do have indoor toilets.
  8. And five minutes after I post that they issue a warning. Now I have to take my snow shovel into the bathroom. I hate that.
  9. You have to love where I live right on the county line. If I sit in my den I’m under a winter storm warning but when I go to the bathroom not even a watch.
  10. Raleigh is conservative because that results in the highest number of correct forecasts in our area. Can’t blame them. It is the occasional big snow that finds them scrambling to catch up. In the several heavy snow events in my almost fifty years of living here the conversation goes like this. Forecast: A trace to an inch of snow. Me: We have 3“ so far. Wife: Raleigh just upped the storm totals to 1-2”. 2 hours a later Me: I just measured 4” Wife” Raleigh has upped the storm total to 1-3” 4 hours later Me: I just measured 8”. Wife: Raleigh has upped the storm totals tp 2-4” with isolated areas up to 6”. Rinse and repeat depending on just how big the storm is. Got 20” in 2004.
  11. You guys really tickle me sometimes. You can argue over a difference of 1 mph wind or 1 millibar of pressure in a hurricane but somehow still haven’t figured out the different geographic regions of the state in which you live. As you read the above posts notice that two different things are being talked about and that causes the confusion. Some of you were talking about regions of the state and some sections of the Piedmont. NW NC is not the same as the NW Piedmont. We have to get geography back in the schools!!
  12. I don’t doubt it since I just picked a year out of thin air.
  13. Yeah, we could have something that rivals the great virga blizzard of 02.