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  1. A nice slow .80" of rain this morning. Not a puddle to be found.
  2. You know you are in drought when you get a cold front passage that will drop the temperatures about 25º and it comes in without a single drop of rain or even a single dark cloud.
  3. And there it is!!!! My weather station just dropped to 89.8 degrees!! Hopefully the last of the 90s until next spring. You know, February.
  4. 97.5º was my high for today and for the year. Pretty amazing stuff.
  5. Wrong title. I need to bring in more young folks. Weed. It's not just for smoking.
  6. Stats September 2019. High temp 96.1 Low temp 47.3 Rainfall 0.19" Pitiful.
  7. It will make them easier to mulch. One pass and put away the mower for the year.
  8. I'm a bit south of you right on the Guil/Rand county line. Rained all around me and had a brilliant lightning show but I only got 0.13" That brings my Sept total rainfall to a whopping 0.18".
  9. I agree the manicured(read expensive) lawns look better than my weed lawn. For about 4 months a year if the weather cooperates. The golf course lawn shows heat and water stress first. They stay brown well into the spring and one light frost browns them up for the winter. I'm relaxed and ok with a green fairly good looking yard for most of the year over a four-month showplace. Different strokes for different folks. This is my yard in June. It's not as bright green now but it is basically the same even with the lack of any rain in Sept.
  10. Psst...come over here and I'll tell you the secret of a no stress yard. Closer I don't want anyone else to hear. OK .....weed lawn
  11. I bottomed out this morning at 51.4º. A very nice change.
  12. That's a good thing. Then you won't have to complain about temps being so far above average. You can just enjoy!
  13. That pic was taken on one of my good days.
  14. I replied to your post in the Dorian banter thread yesterday telling you that you needed to back up your claim about NWS lying. You didn't and continue to post your claim. Take a week off.