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  1. I didn’t close it but, kind and gentler quickly morphed into bat-shit-crazy.
  2. 89.1º was the high. So close. Mowed the yard wearing shorts felt great. March isn’t what it used to be.
  3. Florida has barely started testing. Australia is just getting started. Time will tell.
  4. Hope is not research. Keep an eye on Florida if they ever get their testing ramped up.
  5. FYI If you want to discuss all the things going on with the virus but understandably do not want to go over to the political board there is a kinder gentler thread running now in our off topic section.
  6. Unusual occurrence here just now. Very windy with a few small snowflakes. Not grapple because several landed on my black grill cover while I was watching and they had the structure of crystal snowflakes. The unusual part is my temperature is sitting at 49.1º. Might be the warmest temp I have ever seen real snow. Obvious to me that the strong gusty wind was primarily a downdraft and drove the flakes from the colder upper air to the ground before they could melt. Weather always has the ability to surprise.
  7. I give this winter a solid D-. I reserve the grade of F exclusively for my least favorite type of winter. Very cold, very windy but no snow. The older I get the more I hate that combination.
  8. 1217’ is the elevation listed for Cumming.
  9. I ended up with 4.48” here but the most impressive thing was the wind early this morning. It woke me up and that is hard to do. My weather station recorded a peak gust of 59.3 mph. I’m pretty sure that is the highest I’ve measured and more impressive because my anemometer is only 6 feet above ground level.
  10. I went to bed In what I thought was a warm February and woke up in the middle of April. Amazing day.
  11. Archdale, NC my backyard 16 years ago tonight.
  12. What the hell is your problem? I’ve about had enough of your crap because Is no reason for it. Starting now you don’t need to worry about your opinions. You need to be concerned with my opinion of you.
  13. It wasn’t meant for you. I deleted the posts in question.