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  1. Where in Germany are you stationed?
  2. An engine block heater might be he solution.
  3. Hell no!! Just kidding.
  4. I used my new calculator and after in depth calculations I came up with a mean temp of 48º. Not bad for June.
  5. No rain here as of yet but I’ve been sitting on 59º since I got up this’d morning.
  6. I ended the month with 12.98” of rain. I thought about going outside last evening and spitting in the rain gauge just to get it to 13” but I have way, way to much integrity to ever do such a thing.
  7. I got 2.75” in a bit over an hour. Surprised there was no flash flood advisories issued.
  8. On and on it goes. Have added 2.25” since midnight giving an event total of 7.66”. Have I mentioned that it is still raining?
  9. I am currently at 4.99” for the event. Since it is still raining I could have waited a minute or two and reported 5”.
  10. Ah yes, the oft talked about but seldom seen SE winter weather. Old men talk of it at their early morning McDonalds coffee meetings but most younger folks think it is nothing but a myth.
  11. I can’t believe you ate rsndom people you found on a river. Don’t you realize they have to be inspected to be sure they are safe to eat.
  12. You spent a good deal of time on that post. Paragraphs would greatly help readability and therefore increase the number of readers.
  13. I didn’t close it but, it quickly morphed into bat-shit-crazy.
  14. 89.1º was the high. So close. Mowed the yard wearing shorts felt great. March isn’t what it used to be.