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  1. Yeah, my weather station reported 7 gusts of 40 or more. Four of them between 6:10 and 6:40 pm. Had to go out and gather up the yard furniture.
  2. This settles it. You can’t argue with a guy who’s very name is math I don’t understand.
  3. I agree with your point about long drives but the main issue with overtime is fairness. Guaranteed red zone chances would be more fair than the current setup.
  4. It certainly better than the NFL.
  5. Damn, how embarrassing would it be to be killed by an avalanche in Raleigh NC.
  6. I see a problem here. The program seems to be stuck in a loop. Besides it is never completely fair. If team one scores team two knows it now does not have to worry about punting on fourth down so it has 4 plays to get each first down on its drive instead of three.
  7. OK so team one gets the ball for the second time and scores again. Is that it?
  8. OK. Let’s say they match it. Tied again. Now what?
  9. I wasn’t trying to start a climate discussion. My comment was basically a tongue in cheek tidbit about years of Raleigh posters moaning about gradiants and being screwed several tines a winter.
  10. Now that things have concluded I will respond to this. Perhaps the bolded is true but I can tell you from years and years in this forum that many long time residents of Raleigh think it is a colder and snowier climate than it is
  11. Well that is definitely good news. Time marches on and if it is a once in a generation storm we are just about overdue.
  12. Carrying that logic to distance it is further from Greensboro to Miami than it is from Greensboro to Portsmouth Maine. Let’s add them.
  13. Crapfest here. Ground is white but less than an inch. Sleeted most of the day but never at a heavy rate. Sad thing is we actually had real winter storm temperatures for a change. Started out at 21º this morning and after lunch it slowly climbed to what it is currently, 28º. Congrats to all who scored enough to make it worth the time tracking.
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