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  1. But it was 20 years go tonight here in Archdale, NC, just south of High Point. Read to the very end of this post to get the answer to a question I am sure many of you have been asking. Taken at 9:27 PM, Feb 26, 2004. Just getting started. Lightning and thunder had just begun. 11:37 PM, Feb 26,k 2004. Nearly constant lightning and thunder. Some flashes lit up my yard as light as day and thunder rattled everything. 1:36 AM, Feb 27, 2004. Things finally winding down. Lightning and thunder ended somewhere around 12:30 AM. Total accumulation of 20". Weather service accumulation map for event. Now the fun part (for me). When I got pissed and took a "break" from the board in NOV. of 2022, I decided to take all the piedmont snows with me so I cast on of my old guy spells. Worked even better than I thought it would. Still haven't decided when or if I will get back on but I just wanted you to know, THAT'S WHERE ALL THE FUCKING SNOW WENT!
  2. I'm tired of the bullying Trixie displays on this board. All you admins know exactly what I'm talking about and you do nothing. She trolls the threads to see who she will pick on next. In the Economy thread, here is her unprovoked despicable behavior on display:

    "sitting on your ass"

    "you’re a selfish coward"

    "scurrying like a rat"

    I'm over this shit. DO SOMETHING, if you got the courage.

  3. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that if NW Wake got 12 feet of snow and SE Wake got 8" the anguished posts would reach an all tine high. 8" would suddenly become, "almost nothing".
  4. Now that is a gradient. Imagine snow at a 10 to 1 ratio. NW Wake County in NC received 151.6" of snow. Over 12 feet!! Amounts dropped off quickly as you moved south and east with SE Wake County recording only 8.2".
  5. OK. Someone heard me complain. 1.72" overnight in the loudest storm of the year. Several consecutive lightning strikes with almost simultaneous thunder. Freaked my dogs out.
  6. Only 0.28" today which gives me a grand total for the month of 0.80" for the month. Lots of dark days for August but not much rain.
  7. This storm was around 1 pm. It has actually gotten worse outside. 90.3º, 83.7º dew point, and a "real feel" temp of 115.3º. Can't remember when I've seen that combination here.
  8. Had a nice storm about 2 hours ago that gave me just over one inch of rain. But now I pay the price UGH!! The sun is out 87.6º temp with an 80.7º dew point.
  9. Yeah, my weather station reported 7 gusts of 40 or more. Four of them between 6:10 and 6:40 pm. Had to go out and gather up the yard furniture.
  10. This settles it. You can’t argue with a guy who’s very name is math I don’t understand.
  11. I agree with your point about long drives but the main issue with overtime is fairness. Guaranteed red zone chances would be more fair than the current setup.
  12. Damn, how embarrassing would it be to be killed by an avalanche in Raleigh NC.
  13. I see a problem here. The program seems to be stuck in a loop. Besides it is never completely fair. If team one scores team two knows it now does not have to worry about punting on fourth down so it has 4 plays to get each first down on its drive instead of three.
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