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  1. I was trying to see exactly what pee sized hail was and my wife got really mad with the mess I made in the bathroom. She said something about moving to a home.
  2. 44º/82º. Real spring has commenced.
  3. Congratulations! Major life change inbound. Enjoy.
  4. 28º here this am. Calling for 24º tonight. A chilly 36/24 at the moment.
  5. Even down here in the southern triad NWS is forecasting a low of 26 Friday morning.
  6. You’re right. That was impressive.
  7. And it got here. Quite the active storm. Not very long lasting but intense. Heavy rain, pea sized hail, lightning strikes caused 3 momentary power outages, weather station registered a 43.4 mph wind gust partally confirmed by the branches lying in my yard. Also the temperature dropped from 72º to 59º in about 6 minutes. All in all one of the more entertaining storms in several years.
  8. Evidently only if you bend over and crack one.
  9. Now, now. You better watch your step or I might be the one with the last laugh.
  10. Tomorrow a giant unicorn will fly over the Triad with a giant rainbow coming out of its ass. I really enjoy these things that will never happen threads.
  11. I think the average person would classify any tornado they were caught in as violent. Sometimes the NWS and SPC shoots themselves in the foot when it comes to informing the general public. The wording of the severe thunderstorm probabilities are a case in point. MARGINAL (light green) SLIGHT (dark green) ENHANCED (Yellow) MODERATE (Red) HIGH (Magenta) Moderate is a higher level than enhanced? Everyone I know knows the difference between marginal and slight. One means just a little and the other means not much. Colors don’t help. I’ve never seen a fire engine with flashing magenta lights. Over complicated and just cries out for something simple. I know!!!! Some folks in India invented a system for doing just this almost 2000 years ago that is perfect for this kind of differentation and would not confuse anyone. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Everyone I know really does know that 4 is more than 3.
  12. Rotation passed just north of me. I never really experienced any wind. A half inch of rain in less than 10 minutes was pretty much it. EDIT: This should not be viewed as a complaint.
  13. If it had a blue tint check the airline schedules.
  14. Good. You will feel a lot better a week or two after your second shot. A bit of freedom is very enjoyable after a year of hunkering down.