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  1. Looks like some rotation just west of Mayodan.
  2. It’s still coming but now shows signs of some weakening. Less lightning in the last half hour. I think by the time it reaches me on the Guilford/Randolph border it will be just be a short period of moderate rain and maybe a rumble of thunder.
  3. Looks like it is holding together. In fact it seems to be getting stronger. Surprising for this time of the evening.
  4. 1.75” for the month here. Enough to green things up at least for a while.
  5. It is definitely a seller’s market. It will reverse but probably not for a year or so.
  6. The foothills got your rain and are still getting it. Should be some fairly impressive totals by the end of the day.
  7. I’ve been watching that one on radar and figured you were getting a good shot of rain. It is presently sliding by me just to the east. I am up to a big 0.02” now.
  8. Storms all around me for a lot of the day but I got blanked. 0.0000000000000”
  9. 0.27” The weeds rejoice.
  10. My two day total is 0.05”. Break out the sandbags.
  11. Even my weed yard is showing signs of distress but it is much greener than many of the “fancy” lawns around here.
  12. Highest temp: 91.9º Lowest Temp: 39.7º Highest dew point: 74.1º Lowest dew point: 33.2º Only 1.97” of rain for the month here.
  13. I’m old enough to remember when the glacier breeze kicked in and lowered afternoon temps. Sometimes I even had to put on my Sabre Tooth Tiger jacket in the middle of summer. Good times.
  14. NWS Boulder ::Attention:: We are currently investigating this weather phenomenon. What we do know is that it is rather bright so avoid looking directly at it. We have our best minds on it! #cowx #