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  1. .79" today in two rounds. .21 around 1 am and the rest two hours ago.
  2. Worse. Titanic got halfway across.
  3. Days are getting shorter.
  4. Doesn't matter. It will be too dark during the eclipse to see the clouds.
  5. We had our heat waves in Feb.
  6. 2.12" for the day. 1.32" last night after midnight. The other .8" during the last hour.
  7. I was in Needles when it was 114º. July of 1976. Dry heat. Just like an oven.
  8. 134º Death Valley Jully 10, 1913.
  9. But you didn't did you. It slid just east of me too.
  10. Only fertilizer it has seen in 18 years has come from my dogs. Good soil though. If I throw an apple core into the yard, next spring there will be an apple tree.
  11. Yes, the weed lawn is still doing fine. Year 18. Took these just now while I was mowing. Side yard with weather station. Back yard looking toward side yard in the first picture. Shade doesn't affect weeds.
  12. I'm just south of Thomasville Davidson County. Nice little hail core in the storm heading northeast.
  13. Yep. Since last night.
  14. This is the SE forum. We specialize in long threads about non-existant snowfall. Real weather kind of creeps us out.