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  1. I guess he doesn’t know about the rule. No rescues until at least 24 hours after a wind speed reading of 200 or above. The air has to heal.
  2. I died but I didn’t retire.
  3. Finally!! Some actual authentic banter about Ida.
  4. I’ll let this post remain but it is the last one. This is a storm banter thread. This post has nothing to do with the storm and everything to do with politics. I would hate to have to suspend anyone during this event. For the record, any suspensions I do have to issue will end when Ida is declared a remnant low.
  5. It is brought up every tine there is a hurricane, anywhere. For nine years. At this point it has become the weather forum version of waterboarding.
  6. We are talking hurricanes here not a post-tropical cyclone.
  7. Thanks. If you prefer the blue collar version Mike Tyson said much the same thing in a more direct manner. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
  8. The improvements are indeed impressive but there are still unknowns. One of my favorite quotes comes from a 19th century German Field Marshall named Helmuth von Moltke. “No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main strength.” I tend to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. With all the changes that seem to be happening with our climate I think that might be the best way going forward. It seems to me as if 100 year events are happening every decade.
  9. That storm is going to take off as soon as it clears the Island.
  10. Rare for them to forecast that extreme so quickly from what is now a cat 1. I hope people pay attention.
  11. Is weather folklore an under graduate or graduate class?
  12. Oh I am, I just will never understand. I can get people who simply do not know better. But to basically disclaimer it and then post? Grrr... No, it is 100% misleading and unwarranted if you understand that model's purpose and use. Yet you still posted it. This is on you. Period. Lighten up Francis.
  13. We skipped over the usual one full week of a slowly developing storm wandering around the islands. Landfall is expected within three days in a sensitive area so they are cranking up the media quickly. Also there seems to be quite good agreement that this storm is definitely going to landfall in along the mid gulf coast.
  14. Let’s start using the storm banter thread for these cute quips.
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