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  1. I usually avoid posting in the mountain thread since it has been years since I lived up there. However, today I got a piece of inside information about an ominous sign sent directly from the old man of the mountain himself. My daughter has been a keeper at the Grandfather Mountain Wildlife Center for several years. She paid me a visit today and told me that for the first time since she has been there the bears have not gone into anything resembling hibernation even though they have cut their food allowance greatly to encourage it.
  2. It is hard to take any model seriously when each and every week they print out single storm totals that no person alive has ever seen.
  3. That's what I thought too. I bought one and it only lasted four years. It was a cutting monster while it lasted. I got my current Deere in 04.
  4. I stopped raking years ago. A mulching attachment on my Deere. Just mow as normal and presto, a clean yard. In fact I mulch 100% of the time now. I don't get those irritating rows of grass cuttings when I wait a bit to long to mow.
  5. I'm 72 years old(don't say a damn thing) and 10 years ago I had never mowed my yard in November, December, January or February. Now January is the only non-mowing month I have left. I will not mow in January no matter what. In other news I have daffodils six inches tall with visible buds. A few more warm days and they will bloom.
  6. Many here wouldn't even notice it. They would be too busy downloading and posting 340 hour maps.
  7. How about 73º today. IN BOSTON!! Broke the previous record for today by 12º. Boston has had a total of four 70º days in January since 1872. Two of them this weekend.
  8. It's kind of funny to read the comments in the long range discussion wondering where all the 10 day plus cold air and moisture went. The answer is simple and the same every time. They returned to the faulty algorithms that spawned them.
  9. 73.5º Hell of a way to run a winter.
  10. Today is bottom temperature day in Greensboro. Tomorrow the average high moves up a tenth of a degree and begins the march to July.
  11. Sure do. It will have thundered 7-10 days ago.
  12. Until you realize that tomorrow is the average last date of measurable snowfall.