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  1. Cool shot. Weather is remarkable. This was a downburst in Pheonix last year.
  2. You know it has been a disaster of a winter when you haven't even had any virga storms to speak of.
  3. Very similar to my forecast. Things are already blooming here. If that forecast holds true we'll be in full spring.
  4. Fixed: Magnetic Pole Shift SE Torch During Winter Forever Index - Beta
  5. I have one mound of fire ants. I keep it for a reason. Every morning I go outside naked and roll around on the mound to prepare myself for moderating in the political forum.
  6. Or late this afternoon. 77º and rising.
  7. I visited the mountains this morning. Had a bit more luck with seeing some snow. I posted in the banter thread.
  8. I'm fairly certain that crow didn't fly in a straight line that day.
  9. Back home now. Heading to the circus tonight.
  10. Sitting at the base of Grandfather Mountain. Mountain closed due to weather. Nice to see blowing snow again even if it isn't much. It's been a long time.
  11. Cold Rain said in an earlier post. "This isn't a winter storm pattern yet, but the evolution is what you want to see." I disagree. We are quickly running out of time for evolution. We need some good old fashioned creation.
  12. We are basically in a spring pattern now. Wide swings in temperature over a several day period. Rinse and repeat with each being a bit warmer as the weeks go by.
  13. Strange game. Brady's QBR was 95.2. Ryans was 144.1
  14. Poached Patriot
  15. That was totally my fault. You should see him in there soon if he hasn't already posted.