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  1. She was just upgraded to a Cat 3.
  2. Now, now you mustn't be that way. Before long it will be December and temps will struggle to get above the 60s.
  3. So there are no mets at NHC that can make a forecast? I'm beginning to think we might as well fire all the mets and spend their freed up salary on better computer programmers for the models. Obviously, I don't believe that but it's a damn bad look to basically say, "Sorry, the computers don't cover that area so we have no clue, but GOOD LUCK!!".
  4. Just got back from a few days in the very warm NC mountains. Beautiful as usual but the primary color was green. Yesterday we took a ride up to Wisemans View overlooking the Linville Gorge. As you can see, not much in the way of fall colors. Linville Gorge. Table rock on the left. Hawks Bill mountain. Looks like summer. Momma and me. Fall colors or not it was still a fun trip.
  5. That's why I asked.
  6. I'm assuming he meant school buses and is talking about a school system rule.
  7. Who's rule is that? I never heard that one before.
  8. Yep. That's the spot and I pretty much expect to be in the bullseye. this was to be a part leaf watching and visiting my youngest daughter who has been working a Grandfather all summer caring for the animals. Too bad I'm not younger, I could take full advantage of this. Oh well, four days is a long time but I'll take some extra vitamins, drag my wife into the hot tub and see what happens. lol
  9. Don't worry. My wife and I have rented a cabin on the Linville River this coming week. It will rain.
  10. One thing I got out of those. Someone at the Midwestern Regional Climate Center really doesn't like New Jersey.
  11. Best chance is from 5 to 6 am on 1/13/18.
  12. I doubt race has anything to do with flood danger. A simple statement that many poor people live in a threatened area is enough. If you want to post here take this advice to heart.
  13. Keep politics out of here.
  14. Explain the bolded.