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  1. I’m betting he enjoyed getting soaked a whole lot more than you did.
  2. I’m sure but look at my location under that storm. I mean, come-on.
  3. I didn’t get rocked. I didn’t get swayed. I barely got wet. 0.12”, no thunder, no wind. I have to quit predicting weather. I am currently in that clear spot just behind the main storm. Unreal.
  4. I am about to get rocked. Let’s see what I get.
  5. Ah. All I had was what was in the thread. BTW……You must be hell on wheels. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-myths-sex/201908/people-who-use-more-emojis-have-more-sex-and-get-more-dates
  6. I was trying to give hi an easy way out. I didn’t delete the comment in the thread so it could look like he had the last word. That shit doesn’t mean much to me. I did tell him he would be gone for a week if he continued.
  7. I warned him last night but didn’t suspend him. I was waiting to see if he would let it go or make another comment.
  8. Hottest day here as well. 95.4º.
  9. You probably should let this go now.
  10. I suggest you temper your comments. I’m pretty sure your satire post wasn’t weather related. Think before you p[ost.
  11. My nephew’s 3 year old has been running a 101 fever and head congestion for two days. His wife is better except for the loss of taste. Interestingly my nephew’s test came back negative. That surprised me.
  12. Yeah, it sucks but you have to adjust to a changing situation. Or at least you should.
  13. Not picking on you but I see this a lot and I’m not sure why. The word should be “areal” flood warning not aerial. Said the same but two different meanings. I’m guessing that the misspelling comes from broadcast weather media since the word aerial is much more common than areal. Aerial means happening in the air and areal means occurring over an area.
  14. Ugh. There is my most disliked NWS map. If you took those words and did this…. Enhanced Moderate Slight High Marginal ….and told people in the general public to rank the words from least to most likely I guarantee that less than 50% would get them correct or rather in the same order as the NWS. Personally I am not convinced myself the moderate is greater than enhanced. Marginal and slight would also generate confusion. IMO, since the primary mission of the NWS is to get out important and accurate weather information to the general public these rankings fail miserably.
  15. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and their are several studies out now that point to the need for a booster. Normally I would be willing to wait but I am immunocompromised in several ways so I am willing to take another shot before it is certain it actually helps. As I said above I had no reaction at all to the first two which could indicate my body did not mount an adequate immune response. I don’t see a down side to getting a booster. There are certainly enough vaccines that I won’t be depriving someone else. My nephew his wife and three and a half year old son have all tested positive. Both adults had their shots. She is symptomatic with a fever, cough and loss of sense of taste.The other two are asymptomatic. Scary thing is that after not allowing close contact with my wife’s mother for almost two years they finally did a quick visit on Thursday so the little guy could give her a present on her 90th birthday. She is also fully vaccinated and healthy as a horse so hopefully she will not become seriously ill. Still makes you worry though.
  16. I’ll have the note. If not, who is this JB of whom you speak? My name is Peter Proactive.
  17. I’ve decided to get a third shot. I’ve been looking at data and studies from different countries and to me it indicates a booster sooner rather than later.
  18. Not much is known about Lambda yet. It may be less infectious than Delta and will not get a chance to spread much. I basically had stopped wearing a mask except for my hospital trip every week but I may have to start again when indoors with a lot of people. I have several conditions that could limit my immune response. I had no noticeable reaction at all to either of my Pfizer shots.
  19. I was in Atlanta with my wife the last few days. Not many masks down there and luckily we had no need for emergency services. The Delta variant will be over 90% of US cases by the end of the month. Lambda just popped up in Texas so it remains to be seen if it will take hold. Interesting times.
  20. Sorry to hear this. Where do they live that has an eight hour wait for emergency care?
  21. I got 1.62” of rain this afternoon but that wasn’t the main ingredient. I knew the atmosphere was loaded when the first lightning ground strikes and thunder occurred under sunny blue skies with the dark clouds well to the north. For the next three hours lightning and thunder terrorized my dogs striking all around my house. Every time I thought it was finally moving away to the SE strikes would again begin to my NW and slowly move over me again. Power went on and off three times. Surprisingly no wind at all to speak of. All in all one of the more enjoyable storms in quite a few years.
  22. I will definitely be there if I’m still breathing. The last one was one of the top moments of my life and I’ve had my share of top moments.
  23. Nothing much here. .70” of rain almost all before noon. Highest wind gust was 20.6 mph and that just occurred 15 minutes ago in bright sunshine.
  24. Nothing much here. .70” of rain almost all before noon. Highest wind gust was 20.6 mph and that just occurred 15 minutes ago in bright sunshine.
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