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  1. Currently 76/61. Hoping for some rain today.
  2. Low of 45. Currently a pleasant 64/51.
  3. Another beautiful spring day here. Currently 66/44.
  4. Sunny beautiful day today but a bit windy. Currently 66/35.
  5. Mine was March 8 which surprisingly was the same as last year.
  6. Low of 39, 6 degrees lower than expected. Currently sunny and 60/41.
  7. New month, new obs. Much cooler than yesterday with a stiff breeze out there. Currently 48/42.
  8. Picked up .75" of good rain last night, all the pollen is gone. Much cooler today. My month stats: Highest temp: 90 Lowest temp: 27 Highest dew point: 72 Lowest dew point: 22 Rainfall: 3.94"
  9. Much cooler today. Currently 62/48 with a stiff cool breeze.
  10. The cooldown has begun. Currently 75/49. EDIT: Spoke too soon. Sun came out and the temp soared up to 81. Dew point has luckily stayed the same.
  11. 89/70 currently. Feels like June. Cannot wait for Tuesday.
  12. The warmup has started. Currently 77/66. EDIT: We hit 88 for our high. At 6 pm we were still at 88. Yuck.
  13. Very nice day today. Had a high of 66 after a low of 46. Wish it could be like this all next month.
  14. Picked up some much needed rain this morning. 1.15" total which brings me up to 3.22" for the month. Currently 58/56. Not looking forward to the heat and humidity of this coming weekend.
  15. .01" in a very brief shower this morning. Currently 62/54. First day above 60 since Saturday.