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  1. Low 58, high 80. Dew points in the low 60's made for a comfortable day.
  2. New month. Post your stats here. Sun finally came out today after 4 days of clouds. Low of 61, high of 78.
  3. My monthly stats. Hi temp - 96 Low temp - 53 Hi Dew Point - 79 Low Dew Point - 53 Rainfall - 5.20
  4. 4 cloudy days in a row. High today of only 71. Dew points in the mid 60's kept me from opening the windows.
  5. High yesterday of 73 and the same today. Cloudy and mild continues.
  6. Had a high of only 72 yesterday. First time in quite a while that I didn't sweat while mowing. Currently just after 12 it is only 71. Another beautiful cloudy and cool day.
  7. Warm day today with a high of 82 after a low of 62.
  8. If it wasn't for Ophelia, it would have been a perfect day. Had an early morning high of 73 with temps dropping to the low 60's after its passage. Ended up with a 2- day total of 4.41".
  9. Had no power or cell this morning so I don't know if it passed over me or just to the west. My lowest pressure was 29.3 at 7 am. Temp was 74 at 8 am and is now 63. We picked up 4.41" with a top wind gust of 28 mph last night. Only small dead branches down
  10. I am up to 2.15" for the day. Very breezy but not even strong enough to knock down weak branches. Hopefully it stays that way. Peak wind so far has been 28.6 mph
  11. Light rain started up around 7:30 this morning and have picked up .29" so far. Winds have gusted up to 25 mph so far. Very cool outside as the temp is only 67. The wind makes it feel even cooler. As NorthHills bought up, feels more like a Noreaster than a tropical storm.
  12. Low of 57, high of 81. Dew points in the mid 50's made for a pleasant day.
  13. Picked up .37" last night. Pleasant high of 77 today.
  14. Had a high of 79 yesterday. Low of 57 this morning.
  15. Low of 53. Beautiful cool morning. We need more of these.
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