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  1. They are predicting wind gusts in excess of 40 mph Saturday and Saturday night.
  2. Low of 33 this morning. Breeze kept the frost at bay. Currently 48/42.
  3. Our first freeze this morning. Low of 30. Currently 40/29.
  4. Rain is over and has pushed off the coast. 0.55" in the bucket. Currently windy and 37/35.
  5. Finally raining here. Temp at 51/49.
  6. Temp is dropping here. Had a high of 69 earlier this afternoon and now it is down to 57 and dropping. Rain is still lagging way behind it.
  7. 34 was our low with scattered frost. Currently 54/44.
  8. Wind kept up all night so we only got down to 36. Currently 43/40. Still waiting on our 1st frost.
  9. It is still there but it ejects east of Florida. Nothing for us. We will see what tomorrow brings.
  10. Picked up .64" overnight. Sunny, breezy, and cool 51/39. Hoping for our 1st frost tonight if the wind calms down.
  11. And gives my area 3". Yep very legit for middle of November!
  12. Picked up .99" yesterday from a couple of heavy storms that rolled thru. Currently is much cooler than yesterday at 65/57.
  13. Had a low of 60 this morning. Humidity is back up as is the temp. Currently 72/68. Picked up .04" from a morning shower.
  14. Finally dropped below 40. Hit 39 for our low. Currently warming up nicely at 66/54.