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  1. Finally got some pollen washing away rain last night. .48" in the rain bucket this morning. After a low of 65, currently it is 70/64.
  2. Low pf 61, high of 82. No rain so far.
  3. We really need some rain to wash this dog gone pollen away. My allergies are really messing me up even with the drugs I take. Had a high of 83 after a low of 60. Currently 74/62 and cloudy with heavy pollen.
  4. When I cut the grass this time of the year I have to wear an N95 mask and googles or I am miserable for the rest of the day.
  5. After a high of 89 yesterday, we dropped to 53 this morning. Really helped to cool the house down. Currently it is 78/55.
  6. Low of 39, high of 75. Currently 73/36.
  7. Low of 30 here. Solid freeze with heavy frost. New growth already showing signs of damage around my yard.
  8. Felt like January walking the pups this morning.
  9. Low of 36 this morning. Wind kept our temps from bottoming out. Wind chill was down in the 20's this morning. Had a high of 49. Currently 41/24 at 8:45. Predicted low of 30. We will see.
  10. Freeze warnings up for much of the southeastern US except coastal SC, Ga, and most of FLA and the mountains.
  11. New month, new obs. Picked up .31" after midnight to end the previous 24 hours with 1.86". Currently breezy and 48/46 down from a high of 66 just after midnight.
  12. Hit the jackpot last night. Picked up 1.55" before midnight thus upping my monthly precip total to 4.00" on the nose.
  13. Low of 58, high of 80. Currently 71/67. No rain so far. Monthly stats: High temp - 82 Low temp - 28 High dew point - 73 Low dew point - 15 Precip - 2.45"
  14. Low this morning of 44, high of 76 and heavy yellow pollen.