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  1. Too bad you weren't there for the 80's. We had over a foot with 3 different storms in that decade.
  2. Yes, please let this happen. I got gas for the generator just in case the icefest happens.
  3. Rain has all but ended for us. Picked up 1.95". Intense band of rain came thru this afternoon along with some wind gust above 30 mph. Power flickered for a bit during the worst of it. Wind has died down since the rain stopped thankfully. Felt very much like a tropical system to us.
  4. Saw some snow at 3 am when I got up and the temp was at 32 but by 7 am it was all rain at 34. Steady rain right now and 47.
  5. High of 45, low is our current temp of 32.
  6. I had a Vantage Pro2 that I loved but then they stopped making the sensor for it and put out an upgrade. I have had nothing but inaccurate readings since. I ended up getting an Ambient Weather WS-2902C. So far so good. I love that I can see all the readings on my phone when I am away.
  7. Ideally it would be off the coast before turning.
  8. Two nights in a row that we have had our temp go from below freezing after midnight to the mid 30's between 2 and 3am and then back below freezing by daybreak. Very weird. High of 42, low of 30.
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