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  1. After such a dry May, every drop of that surplus is needed.
  2. Just picked up an additional .81" from a severe warned storm. This puts me up to 7.09" for the month and it is only mid month.
  3. Had a severe thunderstorm warning for my area but only had heavy rain. No hail, no high winds. Did get very dark though.
  4. Severe Thunderstorm Watch in effect for us southeastern counties all the way to Cape Hatteras.
  5. Picked up .46" overnight and an additional .18" this morning. This puts me at 6.28" for the month.
  6. Remained cloudy most of the day. High was 82 after a low of 69. Dew points were a bit down too. Felt good for a change.
  7. Well it looks like the NWS really blew the forecast today. Had a 100% chance of heavy thunderstorms today and so far it has been sunny with a few clouds here and there. I know of several festivals that were cancelled due to the forecast.
  8. Finished the day with .26". Month now up to 5.64". Went from mild drought to being waterlogged in a week.
  9. Picked up .06" from a brief shower. Sun came out and the dew point shot up from 75 to 80. Currently 86/79.
  10. Picked up an additional .19" very early this morning. Month now up to 5.57". Only one month this year has been higher. That was February.
  11. 1.18" so far today from 2 separate storms with 3rd storm approaching. First storm dumped .75", 2nd dropped .43. We will see what this next line of storms does. Currently 72/71. EDIT: Third storm dropped .58" giving a daily total of 1.76". Month total 5.38" and it is only the 10th.
  12. Finished up with .82" for the day. I now have more rain this month than the last 2 combined. My 3 day total is 1.55".
  13. Thunderstorm #2 for the day. First one dropped .54" and pouring again. Love the sound of heavy rain.
  14. Picked up .21" in a brief but very heavy downpour. Was out walking my Husky when it hit. Nothing showed on radar when we left and sky didn't look threatening at all. Rain popped up 10 minutes after we left the house and we both got soaked. Wasn't the first time and certainly won't be the last time we get caught by heavy rain. This puts me at 2.80" for the month.
  15. Picked up .52" today. .24" from the main storm and another .28 from the steady rain afterward. With the exception of the humidity, it has been a good day for us.