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  1. 60's here. I really need to move to the mountains!
  2. Low of 36 this morning. Currently 52/37.
  3. .32" overnight. That brings me to only 1.18" for the month. Currently sunny and 65/43.
  4. Congrats to those who made it into the teens last night. The wind blow all night so we only made it down to 31. Currently 39/31 and still breezy.
  5. Clouds moved in here too. Only managed to drop to 29. Currently 39/26 and a cold wind.
  6. Low of 31 this morning. Currently 38/21.
  7. .14" today. Currently 48/32. Temp slowly dropping.
  8. Had to mow my backyard today. Thanks winter. Thought I could have at least 3 to 4 months off from that!
  9. Much nicer than the cloudy and very warm and humid weather of yesterday. Currently sunny and 65/51.
  10. Of course it will disappear next run. Way to far out to even get a hint of excitement.
  11. Nothing but heavy fog overnight. Currently cloudy and 72/70. Feels like late April out there. May have to turn on the a/c is this keeps up.
  12. It woke me up when the line came thru. I had expected the same but thankfully found nothing down.
  13. .27" today. Currently 69/68. Has actually cooled down a bit from this morning.