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  1. Skeeters are horrible right now. Need some cold weather to get rid of them.
  2. Big cool down coming starting next Friday. High's mid 70's low's near 60 for the weekend and following week. Gonna be a nice change.
  3. I ended up getting only .06" from the storms yesterday. Another warm day today though not as bad as yesterday. Currently 83/73.
  4. Severe Thunderstorm warning up for me, pea sized hail failing in New Bern right now. Crazy lightning all around and I have to go to work. Ughhh.
  5. 89/76 and thunderstorms popping all around me.
  6. I understand what you guys are getting at but when all the models of lately are showing a recurve, although it is not in any way set in stone, it is looking more and more. But y'all are right, models do change so we will see.
  7. Moderate rain falling right now. After a high of 85, rain has cooled us off to 76. Edit: ended up with .47" for the day.
  8. This coming week looks a bit torchy for most of us. Hopefully it won't hit 90.
  9. Looks like another recurve after Puerto Rico thank goodness.
  10. Another warm and somewhat humid day today. Currently 87/73.
  11. Ended up the day with .78". Today is sunny and summery warm and humid. 88/76 HI 99 Fall starts in 1 week and I cannot wait.
  12. That would be a horrible track for the Crystal Coast.
  13. Yep, I remember that December. Had a coastal blizzard in eastern NC and super cold. Anyone remember the winters of 2004 and 2005?
  14. Woke up this morning to sunny skies and 80/75 at 10 AM. Felt like summer. Just had some rain move thru that dropped .41" and the temp to 75/73.
  15. Picked up .15" yesterday from Irma's rain bands. Currently it is sunny and 80/69.