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  1. High of 77, low of 66. Sun came out today after a morning of fog. Currently cloudy and 73/70.
  2. .18" yesterday and .18" this morning gives me .36" for Beta coming thru. Dew points are way up and it feels very uncomfortable Currently 76/75.
  3. .03" so far. Humidity is back up and the AC is back on. Currently 75/71.
  4. Currently 71/62. Feels like rain is on it's way.
  5. Get some firecrackers. If you see the bear fire some in it's general direction and absolutely keep no food where it can get it. Hopefully the firecrackers will scare it away and it will not come back.
  6. Low of 49 this morning. First time into the 40's since mid May. Currently just after noon it is 71/60.
  7. Get the tent. If it doesn't rain at least you will have shade from the sun.
  8. 54 was our low. Brisk northeasterly winds kept the temp up but also produced a decent wind chill. Currently 64/52.
  9. Always amazes me that people will line up at gas stations the day after a hurricane when power is out. Why didn't they get gas a day or 2 before?
  10. Low of 55 this morning but with the stiff breeze it feels much colder. Currently at 11:30 it is 67/57.
  11. low of 54 here. Wind never let up nor did the skies clear. Still impressive for Sept. Currently just after noon, it is 70/61.
  12. 65/59 with a cool breeze here just past noon.
  13. But how much did you get from Sally?
  14. Yep, looks dry for the next 10 days at least unless a surprised tropical system comes along.
  15. .04" on Wednesday. 2.03" yesterday. and 1.12" so far today. I am now up to 6.15" for the month. Currently it is 72/71 and cloudy with occasional drizzle. Waiting on cold front to come thru and drop that dew point. EDIT: Picked up an additional .14" early this afternoon.