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  1. Missed all the big storms but ended up with .60" of a good soaking rain afterwards.
  2. Ended up with .58" thanks to a heavy storm that hit at 11 pm. High yesterday was on 73.
  3. High of 70 yesterday made for a fantastic day. Low of 57 this morning and a high of 80 today. Low dew points made for a comfortable day.
  4. Picked up .35" from 3 different storms. .07" from the first, .17" from the 2nd and a final .10" from the last one. Hopefully Tuesday will give us much more. Woke up to a cool 55 this morning with a wind chill in the 40's.
  5. Our first 90 degree day today for the year. Hit 93 in mby. With dew points in the low 70's, it definitely feels like summer out there. No rain since April 22. Starting to really dry out. Grass in turning brown. We need a good rain.
  6. The NWS has missed our forecast 2 days in a row. Both days were forecasted to be cloudy, high around 80. Yesterday and today were sunny and 83 and 82 respectively. Hopefully they will be right for the rest of this week with good chances of rain each day.
  7. High of 88 yesterday. Still no 90 here this year thankfully.
  8. High of 86 today. Dew points in the upper 60's are making it feel like June.
  9. Lol, you beat me to it. First full week does look very warm. I think many areas will see their first 90 day this year.
  10. My monthly stats: Highest temp: 89 Lowest temp: 38 Highest dew points: 69 Lowest dew points: 31 Rainfall: 2.47"
  11. Had a real nice string of great weather with highs in the mid 70's and lows in the mid 50's with low dew points this past week. Temp climbed to 83 today and dew points are up to the low 60's. A/C had to come back on today. Looks like it will be on until late October.
  12. Low of 47 but felt much colder with the steady breeze out of the north this morning. Ended up at exactly 1.00" yesterday which brings my monthly total to 2.47".
  13. Midnight high of 67. Temp fell slowly all day to the low 50's by 3 pm. Picked up .98" today, mostly from this morning.
  14. Warm and humid today. Currently 78/70.
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