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  1. After a low of 40 we are currently at 60/50. Very nice out actually.
  2. .14" was we could wring out. Currently 54/53.
  3. Started this morning at 39 and rose up to 61 under increasingly cloudy skies. Currently 53/51 and cloudy.
  4. Bottomed out at only 34F. Wind chill was easily in the low to mid 20's. No frost, no freeze. Will now have to wait until the Thanksgiving cold spell coming to see if we can get a freeze then.
  5. Picked up .19" yesterday and .02 this morning. That gives us a grand total of .38" for the month.
  6. Picked up .12" yesterday and .07 so far today. Currently 60/60 and light rain.
  7. Ughhh, had to turn on my A/C today. Very humid out. Currently 70/67. Humidity at 91%.
  8. Cloudy and dry. Currently 70/65.
  9. Low of 43 today but it has already warmed up to 66 as of noon.
  10. Would love to see that in January and February and add a coastal storm or 2 in the mix.
  11. Low of 39 here. Still no frost or freeze here. Currently 56/41 and windy.
  12. Rain has finally stopped with us totaling out at 1.99". Still no front 65/64. EDIT: Looks like the front is just to the west of 95. So it will be a another few hours before it gets here.
  13. Cold front has made it thru Burlington. Looks like it will be another 3 or 4 hours before it makes it my way.
  14. Raining still. Picked up 1.77" so far today. Currently 65/64.
  15. A nice but increasingly humid day as the day progressed. Started out at 47 after midnight and got up to 73/67. Currently at almost 9 pm it is 65/63.