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  1. Ended up with a nice .67" top start the month. Cooled it down to 72 but now back up to 82/79. Very humid out there.
  2. New month, new Obs. Thunderstorm in progress here. After 45 minutes of thunder, the rain finally came. .33" so far and it has cooled down to 74/72.
  3. Ended up the month with 3.96". Unfortunately my temps were thrown off due to the sensor going out.
  4. Sprinkles here but nothing else. Did cool it down nicely though. Currently 81/74.
  5. Tornado alley. Enjoy that and the blizzards.
  6. Dust is gone today. Just very warm and humid out. Currently 89/72
  7. 92/73 and hazy. Saharan dust has arrived.
  8. Warm and much more humid today. Currently 89/72.
  9. Never thought I would see a temp of 94 with a dew point of 59 here in Eastern NC in late June. Humidity is at 31%. Amazingly dry air in place for late June.
  10. Had a 90% chance of heavy thunderstorm's yesterday but only got .10" from a steady light rain. Really missed the forecast yesterday although the light rain did keep the temp in the mid 70's most of the day. Currently sunny and 89/68. Dew point has actually dropped during the day so far. Almost 2 pm and dew point has dropped to 63.
  11. Light rain right now, 77/73.
  12. Started out cloudy and pretty decent. Currently sunny and 88/73.
  13. Well the storms finally hit and dumped .75" on us. Cooled it off to 72 but then the sun came out and the temp and dew point shot up to 80/78 with the humidity at 95%. You could cut the humidity with a knife. Still high but de point has dropped to 75 and humidity is down to just 80%.
  14. Thunderstorm forming right around me. Lots of thunder but little rain so far. I think it is just missing me again. Currently 86/78.
  15. Had it assembled wrong per instructions. Fixed it and right now it is reading the same as other thermometers but will see tomorrow morning.