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  1. Feels more like winter today than all of last December. Light graupel on and off all day. Still only 45 just before 2
  2. Breakfast food was pretty big at our house too. We also did frozen pizzas and ice cream. Did that my entire childhood and when I was in college, I always made sure I had those 3 things before a storm.
  3. FFC has mentioned the possibility for Tuesday morning for about a day or two now. Here's part of this afternoon's disco: The next chance for precipitation will return by Tuesday morning as a southern stream shortwave approaches and its associated surface low moves along the Gulf Coast. At this point, temperatures appear marginal for any frozen precipitation in north Georgia. The current forecast will continue to carry some chance for rain or snow across far north Georgia in far northeast Georgia Tuesday morning, though confidence is low
  4. Light snow started back again. Very light glaze of ice on some branches. Down to 31.3
  5. Snow has stopped for now and the sun's peaking through some. Didn't expect to see any sun today
  6. Ha, that was quick. Now moderate snow
  7. Sleet started mixing with the rain a few minutes ago now some flaxes getting in too
  8. Rain is a little spotty now. Outside looks pretty sloppy but still white. 32.5
  9. Heavy coating on the ground and roof now. Sleet starting to mix back in unfortunately but still mostly snow. Down to 33.4 now
  10. Coming down pretty good. Back deck has a nice coating on it already. 33.7
  11. All snow now. Switch happened about 8 minutes ago. Temps really crashing now, down to 34.7
  12. Didn't know there were other posters from Forsyth county too! I'm in West Forsyth near the Cherokee line. 36 and mostly rain here
  13. Maximum Sustained Wind Overall (mph): 155 mphMaximum Sustained Wind at Landfall (mph): 150 mphPressure at Landfall (mb): 932 mbLandfall Location: Terreborne Parish
  14. Mostly ZR with some sleet mixed in. 30.1 currently
  15. Just got back to my apartment. Thin clouds filling in. 31.6/18 currently
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