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  1. Mostly ZR with some sleet mixed in. 30.1 currently
  2. Just got back to my apartment. Thin clouds filling in. 31.6/18 currently
  3. Dewpoint has dropped also. 32.5/18. Forecast low is 27
  4. 12z Euro tries to keep place like Lynchburg, Roanoke, and other areas that were hit hard yesterday below freezing most of the day Thursday
  5. I'm in the southwest part of the city pretty close to the Bedford and Campbell county line. Went to bed around 2 with heavy sleet and some flakes mixed in. Everything is just a sheet of ice now. 28.6/27
  6. update from Blacksburg about 30 minutes ago isn't looking too great
  7. 30.2 with heavy sleet. Wish my university would decide what they're gonna do about class tomorrow. Roads are starting to get bad here
  8. Temp to 31.3 with moderate zr/sleet. Parking lot getting a little slick
  9. Where are you in Lynchburg? It's about a 50/50 mix of rain/sleet at my apartment. Closest station is reading 32.5
  10. Got around 5.5" of snow and sleet. Nice glaze of ice on top. Currently 30.7 and hasn't wavered much today
  11. 29.7 at the closest station. Parking lot starting to cave but this first band is just about over here. Maybe 0.5-1"
  12. Started snowing in Lynchburg a little bit ago. Sticking to everything at my apartment except for the asphalt for now.