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  1. What’s even wilder is that Mt. Washington is literally located in the stratosphere tonight. Those are true polar vortex winds.
  2. You could make a very convincing argument over the past decade that the worst location for snow in NC is the Lee/escarpment. It sounds asinine given the CAD potential and higher elevation but dang. Downsloped on flow and eastward tracking upper lows. And many storms phase too late for us to be part of the fun. 2018 was nice but holy cow I don’t remember a time where we’ve been in snow poverty worse than this stretch of years.
  3. I officially have more rain in the month of January at my location than inches of snow over the past 3 years. edit: forgot the upper level low in Feb 2021 that brought me a few surprise inches but still pretty close
  4. I’m personally pulling for a record breaking SER that cuts the storms through the plains and ends this deluge of water each week.
  5. Just hang on, happy hours gfs never disappoints
  6. 6.3 inches on the year already! This week should get me close to 7 and a half. I sound like a broken record but it’s an absolutely absurd pattern that we’ve been in since October. I thought 2018 couldn’t be topped but we’ll be well on our way in WNC.
  7. Hey now. It makes finding a rock to stand on all that much easier.
  8. I’ve tried to dial back my pessimism the last few weeks since it’s still early but I think it’s safe to say our odds in the SE for a synoptic event this winter are trending down quick. Wouldn’t totally be shocked to see a fluke event such as an upper low digging at the perfect time but this just might not be our year for a biggie. Hope I’m wrong! On the bright side, for most you, snow is possible through April. It might be a backloaded winter in the High Country anyways, because it seems like our pattern always goes harshly cold in March lately.
  9. Thank goodness! Saw 2 days of dry weather on the forecast and started to get concerned it was going to become a trend.
  10. One thing I really liked that I haven’t seen in a while: the models despite a pesky SE ridge were honking with CAD signals. That gives me some optimism that we could at least score a Miller B type of setup in the next few weeks.
  11. Interesting! We’ve been so wet in western NC that I was frankly oblivious to any drought conditions this close by. Other than 2016, I can’t really recall when we’ve truly been substantially below average in this part of the SE. We had a 2 week dry period this august and no lie, I think that was the first time I’ve mowed my lawn and had bone dry wheels in 3+ years.
  12. I’ve had over 16 inches of rain since the beginning of November. I’d trade snow for an immediate torch and dry weather if given the opportunity.
  13. If it’s going to be warm, I just wish it could be dry. At this juncture I’d trade snow for no rain until March 1st.
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