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  1. Its structure continues to improve with every frame on radar. It almost looks like its wrapped modest convection around the east side of the llc now.
  2. Gonna be quite the Nor’easter. Think the snow line creeps west of 95?
  3. I was told this thing was in a perfect environment with absolutely zero inhibitors for gaining strength. Looks like scrambled eggs this morning.
  4. Radar is so degraded from that distance but it looks like we have twin mesovorticies rotating around the eye wall.
  5. The visible satellite just continues to look more and more symmetrical by the minute. COC still hugging 85W.
  6. Looking upstream - If it stays on this path, I imagine coastal Georgia can anticipate significant impacts from surge.
  7. Outflow is really impressive in all quadrants. We’ve seen named storms with a much worse structure than this.
  8. Thank you. That’s it. The forgotten 5. I recall Michael not earning much attention early on and then absolutely going nuclear in the last 24 hrs when the shear was in a more favorable orientation.
  9. Yea not sure which storm I’m thinking of. The setup is giving me deja vu and not in a good way for some reason.
  10. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but is the synoptic setup eerily similar to Ian? If I remember correctly, we spent a day or two projecting a modest storm with Ian at best and then it became clear that it would tap into a jet streak and warm waters.
  11. Juicy atmosphere. May dynamics with August heat. Buckle up!
  12. 221 is shut down near Linville Falls due to a sink hole. I’m afraid it’s a sign of more issues to come. Y’all be safe.
  13. I’m in a steady state of complaining about the rain but also knowing we need it. I think the biggest bummer is that 90% of the weekends this whole year have sucked. It’s making me extra bitter, especially considering we couldn’t even drum up a dusting of snow this winter.
  14. the setup is different but the fetch of moisture, orientation and duration will be the same. This event reminds me a lot of the June 2019 flooding. We’ve been dry but it could be a long week here - I suspect even the models with 6-10 inches may be too conservative since they struggle with upslope enchantment. Summary: https://www.weather.gov/rnk/2019_06_07_10_Flood
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