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  1. Chilly morning and I love it. It’s such a nice change of pace to have a season start on time. I know it’s unrealistic to think that our warm days are done but fingers crossed that maybe the 90s are over (knock on wood).
  2. The clouds surrounding the eye are becoming incredibly tall. Kinda reminds me close up satellite images we saw of Michael right before landfall.
  3. Check out the lightning that just emerged on the eastern side of the center. Seems like it’s ready to really take off.
  4. Yep. Looks like it may shoot the gap like Isaias
  5. Yep. All of this rain isn't ideal when you consider the potential path of Laura late next week.
  6. On the bright side... with the near daily rain, I can’t recall a time where my grass has ever looked so good in August. It’s growing like it’s late April.
  7. We can't take much more water on our end of Burke County. It's been dry the last two days but I'd say we had rain for about 8 of the 10 days prior. Several roadways flooded with the last storm. I just hope we don't get a tropical system this fall, or we're really going to see some issues.
  8. Worst angle of approach possible for Cherry Grove up to Southport. I hope people are prepared. They are very lucky this thing is running out of water quickly.
  9. This has landfall in Morehead City with a trip through the OBX written all over it.
  10. I haven't *not* had a drop of rain at my house every day this past week. I'll trade ya. I'm tired of the mowing lol!
  11. I’d take 100 degree temps for the next 3 months if it meant I could piece together more than 18 hours without rain in western North Carolina.
  12. Another unsettled week ahead. Trust me, I’m not wishing for a drought, but piecing together 1 or maybe two days in a row without rain would be awesome
  13. Agreed. I can't recall when historic flooding hasn't verified over the past two years lol. It's been an insanely wet period over western NC as of late.