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  1. I’ve only got .84 on the month and none in at least 10 days. A far cry from the foot last month. Our climate has become such a pattern of haves and have nots. It’s either flooding or a drought and no in between.
  2. Got my irrigation system installed just in time
  3. Imagine if it was all snow
  4. My goodness. Almost 2 inches of rain since 5 pm. @calculus1any hail over your way?
  5. 3.24 this week, 7.62 on the month! The lake is full of floating logs, ponds are brown and the worms are even trying to escape the saturated ground. Quite the flip from my almost rainless April.
  6. One more from this magical weekend. This was just north of Thunder Hill overlook on the parkway.
  7. My location has an absolutely uncanny ability to miss storms. I’ve really never seen anything quite like it. When everyone was getting drenched over the past few weeks, we were missing almost all of the activity.
  8. The first true severe weather day in a while. It feels like a mid-July morning so nothing will surprise me. The shear seems to be low but hopefully these cells aren’t too discrete this afternoon. The 11z HRRR shows healthy isolated supercells in the first wave but the 3k nam has everything moving in a more clustered/linear fashion. Time will tell!
  9. 3.4 in the bucket since Saturday. My yard and plants sorely needed it. I can’t think of too many times where I’ve had to roll out multiple sprinklers in the spring but it was starting to look like last September around my place.
  10. We really needed the steady rain today. I don’t think I had realized just how dry it’s been recently unless you got lucky with thunderstorms this past week. Grass was starting to go dormant and I’ve been breaking my back trying to keep up with the watering needs for new plants I added back in March.
  11. @Bucketheadis at 34 in his location and I’m at 73 and dropping. Obvious differences in elevation I know but it’s truly incredible what kind of swings you can have in climate over short distances in NC - and also the difference terrain makes with cold air advection.
  12. 1.48 here. Breezy warm day. It feels like spring. The pine trees are going to be insufferable next week.
  13. Surprised it’s so quiet in here! The GFS laid the hammer for the central mts and points north Friday. Verbatim it was a nice thumping of wet snow, 3-7 inches.
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