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  1. Looks like she’s jogging due north again…
  2. My tempest station has recorded 21 days since the start of the year that have been rainy or featured rainfall and it’s only Feb 23rd. Many of those days temps were in the 30s or low 40s. This pattern has been brutal and at this point I’d sacrifice any shot at March snow if it meant a spring with at least semi warm temps and some sunshine. Bring it on!
  3. Seems like as long as we have a weak SER, we’re sitting in a pattern that’ll be hard pressed to produce snow and will keep producing many cold rains with occasional light icing opportunities. If the cold air can’t be dominant, let’s just hope the SER becomes robust and lets rock into March with 70s and dry weather.
  4. I’m rooting for the GFS Ens in that range
  5. I stand corrected, not 70, but still close to 60 multiple days. Sun angle, ground temps, no cold air. 0/3.
  6. It’s going to take a serious push of cold air for it to be anything less than a 36 degree snowfall and wet grass. Temps are near 70 or higher forum wide mid week.
  7. This is likely a cold rain for anyone under 2500 ft
  8. Marginal, rate driven snowfall. Tell me where I’ve been sold this snake oil before lol. Why can’t spring just get here.
  9. I’ll gladly eat my crow. Happy they were right on this one! I want a record breaking SER for Spring and some thunderstorms to track now.
  10. 32.2 and dropping. This heavy batch might dip me below freezing.
  11. That’s a wild difference but we kinda sit in a small valley between two creeks. I consistently run 3-4 degrees below the airport each night. It’s a weird little microclimate.
  12. I’m down to 29.8 just to the west of Hickory
  13. Not sure. He said he would release a final call at 11, but seemed borderline unconcerned about any area south of Wilkes.
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