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  1. Can we all stop gaslighting each other? It was exhausting last storm. We all want the same thing but someone has to lose when it happens. Whether you had snow an hour ago or 15 years ago, we’re all weather enthusiasts, so we’ll each want a storm at every turn. If we can’t land it in the west, I really do hope you folks down east get a good one. Everyone will have opportunities the pattern is loaded.
  2. Very similar as Hunter alluded to yesterday. The benefit this go-round would be phenomenal temps. We could be looking at solid 15:1 ratios in WNC if we can just get moisture here.
  3. The NAM was getting ready to be a humongous hit for the upstate and WNC.
  4. Also keep in mind that the recent track record for storms has been amped not suppressed.
  5. Im not ready to say it’s not ours yet, not at least with the Euro, Euro ensembles, NAM and GEFS in our camp.
  6. I feel like the 12z suite is going to be the moment of truth for a lot of folks in the state, including us.
  7. You’re 100% right. And Hunter, I’m looking forward to your next video update on the weekend potential!
  8. The amount of bitterness and pure hate for us in the upcoming storm thread is palpable. Remind me to never root for the triangle again when the next ULL comes through and shafts the Lee. Anyways. Enjoyed tracking this storm with you all and looking forward to the next one! Lets ride!
  9. Windy, cold, beautiful snow on the ground and even some flakes breaking containment this morning in Burke!
  10. 6.5 inches of snow and still lightly coming down in eastern Burke
  11. 6.5 inches of snow and still getting flurries/intermittent light snow here in Burke. What an awesome storm.
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