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  1. I know we got hosed this winter and the snow was lacking, but cold and wet is the very last thing we need with this virus pandemic. I'm sure, of course, winter will arrive promptly in April and give us some gorgeous days with mid 50s and torrential downpours (rolls eyes).
  2. A few days ago I'd say that a warmer outlook and early spring were a bad thing, but now I'm not so sure. With all that's going on, it'll be nice to have warm weather for ample time outdoors.
  3. Don't forget the underwater tree stump collection. I've donated many streamers and nymphs to the bottom of mountain streams lol.
  4. Might have to hit Beech tonight.... haven’t went skiing all winter but that slope cam makes it hard to resist.
  5. Wow. Snow showers broke containment big time. We had heavy snow for a short time a couple of hours ago (didn’t stick), but relatives in the northern foothills managed to pick up at least a half an inch.
  6. Clear skies and a stiff breeze in the foothills. I miss those days of living above 3,000 ft. 1,100 just isn’t cutting it.
  7. I can always tell when you guys are getting hammered. We went from crystal clear skies in the foothills to a dense cloud deck just a few miles to the west and some streamer clouds racing overhead. Wish I was about 10 miles further west. Enjoy it!
  8. Well, add another dusting to the 2019-2020 resume. Torn between wanting a big snow and being ready for fishing/topless Jeep weather. To all of you that really cashed in, congrats!
  9. Rates never came to fruition. Also we torched at the surface...very fitting for this winter.
  10. Haven't given up hope, but the trends are troubling for the lee.
  11. The foothills of western NC have been one of the wettest locations in the United States for the last two years, with nearly every rain storm over performing. Now...with a winter storm on the doorstep, we're finally going to have an under-performer and virtually no qpf LOL.
  12. Interesting to see so many short range models trimming totals in the lee of the Apps, yet continue to show more intense rates and snow bands in those areas this afternoon. It doesn't really add up.
  13. It's interesting to see the models hold back on totals, yet show an intense band of snow for the afternoon hours in the Lee of the Apps. Something doesn't add up.