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  1. BooneWX

    Hurricane Michael

    I work in Lenoir and the winds have increased dramatically. Trees laying sideways on a few of these gusts.
  2. Yikes. Looks like the HRRR is going to verify.
  3. BooneWX

    Hurricane Michael

    Just me, or does thing seem to be coming slightly farther west than predicted? The turn doesn't seem to be as prominent as forecasted.
  4. Feels like fall today. I love it!
  5. BooneWX

    Hurricane Florence

    Last couple of frames on radar almost seemed as if she was starting to move wnw a bit. Just my eyes, or anyone else notice it? Might just be a wobble.
  6. BooneWX

    Hurricane Florence

    West side looks like its getting eroded by dry air.
  7. BooneWX

    Hurricane Florence

    I think the weakening is temporary. IR looks significantly better than the previous 8 hrs. Might not become a cat 4 again, but no reason to believe it can’t be a major hurricane at landfall.
  8. Yep! Not to mention that while it has the storm moving slow, it doesn’t stall it. Continues trucking west and most of the foothills, central mountains, and northern mountains get in on gusts ranging from 40-55mph (I’d assume a bit higher on mountain tops). Normally, we wouldn’t sweat it, but after getting completely washed for the 12-24 hrs before, we’d be absolutely screwed with trees, outages etc. Something that I haven’t mentioned in the other thread out of fear of getting roasted: the track suggesting a dramatic drift SW...just doesn’t make sense. I mean yes I understand the mechanics behind it with the ridge to the north, but idk. It’s so illogical. Seems more logical to assume the ridge isn’t quite that strong, the storm slows and rides the state line westward. It’s a very large storm, and I find it hard to believe it’s just halted and shoved so easily to the south. I really think the euro was on to something 36 hrs ago when it spelled out this solution (state line, west into wnc and tenn). Anyways, I guess we will see and hope for the best. I’m not letting my guard down. The storm has already reached a latitude higher than the nhc cone. She might be coming north fellas. Don’t let your guard down.
  9. The rain situation is starting to look very serious for all of us.
  10. Not to mention that if it can manage to speed up at all, or stall further west, we are in play for some gusty winds as well.
  11. And just like that, unfortunately, we are back in it. 00Z suite would not spell good things for our area.
  12. Afternoon runs were definitely in our favor. I’m cautiously optimistic. Something that has me concerned is its strength and ability to turn. If it makes landfall as a 4, how easy will it be for the storm to turn north..?
  13. BooneWX

    Hurricane Florence

    For days I've felt like this storm is going to take an abnormal path. I think we are all trying to apply way too much of the "it usually happens like this" logic for a storm that has been anything but logical to this point.
  14. BooneWX

    Hurricane Florence

    Regardless of how people feel about him, I just watched Joe Bastardi's daily update, and he's with the Euro camp of having a landfall between Myrtle and Wilmington with it tracking towards the mountains. He's been spot on so far and was spot on with Gordon, so I'm not sure what to think.
  15. BooneWX

    Hurricane Florence

    Absolute nightmare scenario for western N.C. I love weather but there’s zero part of me that wants to lose power for weeks and be in a Houston type of situation with flooding.