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  1. 12z Para GFS trying to bring the goods to western NC
  2. Absolutely pouring sleet here out of that heaviest band in Catawba County. Some fat flakes mixed in too.
  3. Nice CAD sig on 12z Euro but just not showing much cold. That low above Minnesota looks like its really hurting the cold air from being pulled into the system. This thing will jump around for a couple of days but at least the storm still there.
  4. Only looked at EPS on tropicaltidbits, there is a definite lowering of heights in the NE. Looks like a step in the right direction to me.
  5. in-situ CAD can be sneaky little events for a couple of hours before warm air overtakes. If moisture does come in and temps dip below 32 Monday morning, I could see bridges and over passes being tricky right around rush hour. Tomorrow morning and Sunday morning lows will really cool the ground surfaces down.
  6. one thing to watch for is around day break on Monday if you live north of 85 around 77 and I40 models are showing some light precip with temps near freezing.
  7. 12z GFS says hello VA, Para GFS I am staying suppressed. I can live with this, ensembles are the way to go for the next 3-4 days.
  8. I am ready, let's do this thing play by play starting at 11-1:30 today. I am pretty sure the UKMET will save us and just wait until this storm gets into the NAM time-frame and don't forget about the RGEM, you know it's only going to be about 35 degrees colder than the rest of the models.
  9. I am not going to lie, this last storm really took a toll on my mental health lol! I am going to keep this potential on my radar, but I don't think I can check every model run for the next couple days. I may wait until Mon-Tuesday and if it has legs at that point I'll be sucked right back in like a hoover vacuum. Looking at 6z GEFS it did gain some ensemble support.
  10. book it! The para has been showing something off and on for a couple days now.
  11. We have some decent build up in the trees in and around Newton/Conover.
  12. 31.4 Light freezing drizzle in Newton. Can hear the branches when the wind blows. The car is icy all over.
  13. Brad P. in house model has dropped temps back some over I 40 corridor this latest run. Hickory-Statesville 29-30 degrees.
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