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  1. https://www.resortcams.com/webcams/bluffs-blue-ridge-parkway/
  2. Yeah was really impressed with the amount that built up. Also stayed 29.6-30.4 for most of the precip. Definitely the most ice we've had in the trees in a few years. Also saw a few limbs and pines snap about 2 hours ago, mostly falling off now, but happy to see it all take place. Ice in the trees can make for a pretty scene out here in the country area.
  3. Few pic from about 30 mins ago. https://photos.app.goo.gl/hTkJh9pBWuzdRdHf6
  4. Hrrr, Rap sounded horn last night then NAM came in. Also the WRF-ARW2 was pretty spot on with temps and moisture. Of course RGEM was first to sniff it out. Euro was definitely better than GFS as well.
  5. Definitely an overachiever here as far as ice goes. GFS did horrible with precip back to the west and the ice. RGEM sniffed it out first and stayed course with it. I've listen to constant scanner chatter from 4:30-9:45 wrecks every few minutes. https://photos.app.goo.gl/2VhcxMJfgxAZfgxp7
  6. Probably close to .2-.25 here in central Catawba County. Definitely trees starting to sag.
  7. At least .1-.15 in the trees here.
  8. Just going to leave this here and there was also a video posted on Facebook about warm temps and absolutely no issues with roads. Really misleading when you are such a big TV met and people really listen to what you say. Listening to scanner now and 321 is solid sheet of ice multiple wrecks currently happening.
  9. Holding about 29.6 here, good build up starting in the trees and all elevated surfaces.
  10. Listening to scanner several accidents here now ongoing.
  11. All elevated surfaces frozen here and cars especially. Schools on a 3hr delay now
  12. 30.2 here in Newton all elevated and metal surfaces freezing over fast.
  13. Yep increased ice totals and area now for 5 runs in a row.
  14. Sounding for HKY tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.
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