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  1. Currently 26.6/25 with a decent NW wind and still snowing. Just under an inch so far, mainly on elevated surfaces.
  2. Just under 1" up here so far this morning. Tiny little flakes still falling.
  3. I think a trip up to our Bald may be in order tomorrow morning. Should be some serious wind at 5500'. Deceptively peaceful this morning, and 46° feels like spring.
  4. This would be our third snowfall of the season. I'm kinda concerned about that wind and power outages though.
  5. It is a cold, cold night at 4400' tonight...currently 29.4°. I'm flying through the firewood so far this season. Feeling pretty good about seeing some flakes this weekend! Edit: The 29° reading was at 1030... just checked the pws and the temp has climbed back up to 34.2.
  6. Yeah, quite a difference from yesterday. 47 and in the clouds here. The deer seem to love it, I have about a dozen playing in my backyard.
  7. I've only heard a single clap of thunder today, but I've picked up 1.06" since 6am. I'm gonna enjoy this mild day, looks like a cold second half of the week is on the way up here.
  8. Our secondary stunk it up, but came up huge at the end. Great game though.
  9. Oh yeah, it was brutal. Shot this around 3pm up near the top. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ba2PvIWnjcg/
  10. I forgot my tape measure, so I cleared a spot and placed a nickel (left) and quarter(right) to give you guys some scale to the snow depth. It is rippin' up on Big Bald! I post a link to the video when I get it uploaded.
  11. Im closing in on an inch in my yard. I'm gonna head up to the top of the bald in a little while...photos to come. Man, is it COLD!
  12. Currently 26° with a stiff nw wind and about 1/2" of snow on the ground.
  13. The view from my piece of heaven this morning.
  14. Sounds good to me, Jeff. Im not quite sure how to interpret Ray's forecast up here, but it definitely sounded good for nwfs. This is what we got night before last. It's a start!
  15. Which one of the locations on Ray's outlook would you guys think is the most similar to Wolf Laurel? (Also, it's kinda odd they have a weather station here but WL isn't on there...)