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  1. It was dead calm today, like Joe said. Took another shot of the pond after it thawed this afternoon. It turned into a mirror. I love reflection pics like this...it looks even better upside down. That's not a long exposure...1/500. (Really low resolution version)
  2. The is the first time I've seen a pond freeze over in the south so early in the season. Impressive start to the cold season for sure!
  3. Had a low of 6° around 2am but have since rebounded to 21.6° currently (just before 7am.)
  4. We actually bottomed out at 6° right around 2am but since then have warmed back up to 21.6° currently. That actually happens a good bit here. January 2018 we got down to -9° here and had a high that day right around 0. That was the same time period when the rivers froze over around WNC.
  5. Down to 7.6° here at 4400'. It's surreal outside with the clouds racing by the moon and everything glowing. I wore flip flops out there a minute ago...that was a miscalculation.
  6. Down to 11.3° currently with light snow falling and a NW wind at 11 g31. Just over 2" today.
  7. I have a 1200' climb back up from my office at the back of the neighborhood. It'll be interesting going home this evening.
  8. Down to 19.4° and the snow looks to be picking up again. Hopefully the additional snow will help with traction because salt isn't going to help any at this temp.
  9. You can say that again. I already have about 1.25" on the ground (at my house, this pic is at about 3500') and the pavement is super treacherous up here. I lost traction and had to choose between a deep ditch and a 30' drop on the other side. I chose ditch. And that was in a Jeep with mud tires in 4 low crawling at about 3 mph.
  10. @Hvward posted a great write-up on his fb page earlier about the snow Tuesday. If you're new to WNC you should definitely like his page. https://www.facebook.com/Ashevillewx/
  11. Felt like winter today. Our high temp of 37° was at midnight, had a few flurries overnight and dropped to 23° by 7 am. Even with bright sunshine, we only rose to 30° during the day. Down to 26.7° currently.
  12. This afternoon's euro was interesting for the upcoming week, to say the least. Seeing SLP cutting across the carolina Piedmont this far out makes me wonder how far north and west the eventual track could be. Fun to look at though! https://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?m=ecmwf_full&p=prateptype_cat_ecmwf&rh=2019110812&fh=loop&r=conus&dpdt=&mc=
  13. I was over at Wolf Ridge yesterday. They're planning on being open at the beginning of December.
  14. I feel optimistic that I might have something to actually measure next week. Love my NWF. Thanks for the update man!
  15. Welcome! This is the seasonal forecast that one of our board's meteorologist, HVWard, put out about a week ago. He's a good one to follow on fb too. https://www.ashevillewx.com/weatherupdate/2019/10/16/2019-2020-ashevillewx-winter-weather-forecast
  16. So the euro took a step towards the GFS on next weekend's potential snow this afternoon. Widespread accumulation across the high country and minor accumulations for many in WNC.
  17. You're talking my language, Hunter! I think Wolf Ridge will be making snow next week with this air mass coming in.
  18. Today's 12z Canadian model was quite different from the GFS. Interesting to see what the Euro shows today.
  19. Down to 25.2 with a coating as well. Almost a 40 degree change since midday.
  20. Currently snowing and 29.5° at 4400' in Wolf Laurel.
  21. Just shot this out the front door. Theres some sleet mixed in from time to time as well but it's mostly snow.
  22. I had a high of 63° around 1230 and I'm down to 40° 5½ hours later. That's a really impressive fropa!
  23. Yeah I saw GSP has it in my forecast now as well. 3km Nam looked promising!
  24. Well, leaf season is wrapping up in the high country. Shot this while walking the dogs at lunch.