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  1. Yeah I am watching trends to see if it is worth a trip up that way.
  2. Things looking interesting for Wednesday in the mountains. I may have to venture up.
  3. Definitely seeing some solid color here and there in Raleigh but I think it is going to be staggered instead of a blanket peak. We shall see: This last shot is from 2 days ago
  4. First freeze in Raleigh as well.
  5. First freeze is in the books.
  6. Nice! I actually had some graupel when I was checking out the foliage in NC on 10/20 with a convective shower. I am hearing BTV is seeing some snow today. I miss that November start On a side note I did put this together finally after getting through the stills:
  7. I finally got around to putting this clip together from 10/20:
  8. Happy Halloween! I am still going through these shots and finding a few decent ones. This has a spooky feel to it.
  9. Beautiful evening in Raleigh:
  10. It was the first good one in NC since 2020.
  11. Very nice video! I may have not had much luck up there on my trip but the NC Mountains really popped this year!
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