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  1. eyewall

    April 18, 19, 2019 Severe Event

    I couldn't catch the Hillsborough storm but was on the one before that in Ramseur. No tornado but definitely rotating with a wall cloud at times. I will have a few air and ground shots tomorrow.
  2. eyewall

    General Severe Weather

    Had a bit of a pollen haboob in Chapel Hill/Durham: And before the storms it looked like this in Durham:
  3. eyewall

    April 2019 Observations

    Can't wait:
  4. eyewall

    April 2019 Observations

    We are seeing vis reduced by pollen with green haze in Durham.
  5. eyewall

    April 2nd 2019 Possible Flizzard Discussion&Obs

    I hit a mix with catpaws in Carrboro. It was snow/sleet in Alamance county. There was a coating in a few spots.
  6. eyewall

    April 2nd 2019 Possible Flizzard Discussion&Obs

    Enjoy! the precip will arrive too late in the triangle.
  7. eyewall

    Space Weather Discussion

    Looks like a G2 possible on Saturday.
  8. eyewall

    NNE Winter Thread

    Two years ago:
  9. Yeah I was in something like that at Bolton right before they shut it down.
  10. Now this is what I call a blizzard:
  11. Gusts to 84 knots at Colorado Springs. That's 97 miles an hour.
  12. Impressive about 3:23 in:
  13. eyewall

    Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    Yep it is time to fold up the tent and go through the long wait to next winter. In the meantime it is time to turn toward severe season and see how that pans out. It isn't surprising to me that the December event was on the only one. In NC outside the mountains it is very difficult to get more than 1 solid storm a season, and even that is never guaranteed.
  14. eyewall

    March 3, 2019 Severe Threat

    I am amazed he didn't lose it in that!