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  1. Another day and more storms in North Raleigh:
  2. It is not everyday you get an LP supercell (although brief) with downtown Raleigh in the shot:
  3. It was amazing! Got these via drone (actual stills not video caps):
  4. I intercepted severe weather this evening outside of Franklinton, NC.
  5. the core of the winds missed just to my south.
  6. Another day another shelf!
  7. A few additional shots from the shelf yesterday:
  8. Some marginal magic with this evening's thunderstorms:
  9. https://www.facebook.com/11832585/videos/431929668954105/
  10. yep figured you got some hail. I had the drone up here and will post some shots in a bit.
  11. Looked like quite a core came over you.
  12. Nice hook on the cell in southwestern VT. Going to be rough on the Long Trail.
  13. This entire summer sucks. #ClimateChanged
  14. That makes sense lol. I saw a pic from Lake Placid that looked pretty impressive.
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