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  1. I never said that but obviously it is highly variable still from run to run.
  2. And this is why we don't get take 10 days out too seriously on model runs.
  3. Looks icy at the end on the p-type/thickness maps with a 1034 parent high in Quebec.
  4. RDU will be lucky to see an inch this year.
  5. Roxboro on 11/12: Raleigh today ahead of the next system:
  6. BTV got around 7 or 8 last I saw. Pretty solid forecast. On a side note it even briefly snowed down here in the NC Piedmont today.
  7. Roxboro Lake but I got there after precip ended. There is a snow pic above.
  8. I had to go to Durham, so I figured why not take a brief trip up. I got some great foliage shots out of it too by the lake up there. Real nice colors!
  9. Got 10 minutes of snow/sleet in Roxboro, NC . Maxed at 75/25 snow/sleet.
  10. Looks like a nice early hit for my former home. Enjoy! Stowe is starting things off right as well.
  11. You can definitely write off any snow Tue: Tuesday: A cold front over the mtns Tuesday morning will quickly advance eastward through central NC by Tuesday aft/eve. The best chance for precipitation will be ahead of the front, with the cold air chasing the rain out of the area. As a result, do not anticipate any p-type issues, however rapid clearing and very strong CAA behind the front will yield a non-diurnal temperature trend during the day (temperatures will likely fall through the day rather than rise).
  12. That is a nice way to start off Enjoy!