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  1. It is the CAD wedge we needed in January LOL.
  2. Got to love the warmer half of the year ;). Anyway it is snowing today in the NC mountains and 47F in Raleigh NC midday which is very cold here for May.
  3. LOL you have about a 10% chance of it being clear in VT at that time.
  4. That is impressive. I only wish it was shot in landscape. The amount of lightning is insane.
  5. They didn't hit a solid environment until reaching the Coastal Plain.
  6. Got a wall cloud on the lead cell this afternoon near Dortches NC
  7. I caught the developing meso outside of Apex of what became that supercell over Raleigh:
  8. Proximity to the radar is also why the CC hole doesn't look as well defined.
  9. It has been on the ground for over 60 miles and counting going by the CC drop.
  10. yeah it is in a radar hole. The circulation is very intense.
  11. It will certainly go down as one of the worst Moderate Risk busts in some time. They seem to struggle when it isn't the Plains or Dixie Alley. None the less here is a pano I took of the tornado warned cell in Alamance County NC:
  12. Alamance County NC this evening (Graham and near Saxapahaw)
  13. About to post some pics. I caught the tor warned cell in Alamance and then the next one to its southwest near Saxapawhaw that also became warned. If there was any funnel it was most certainly rainwrapped. None the less not a bad first chase of the year.
  14. I will take a consolation shelf with the QLCS