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  1. Alright so are we all meeting up in Richmond on the 28th?
  2. I know I was just happy to be out there. I paid for my skiing habit by driving Uber in Burlington PT when it was worthwhile.
  3. So it looks like we have burned much of prime climo time and it is on to February. It won't be long before we have to fight sun angle etc. The GFS had a light event at month's end but obviously that is fantasy range.
  4. GFS essentially says lights out for much of the remainder of January.
  5. Today's rain was originally modeled as a big snowstorm. Remember that.
  6. yeah I am kind of pissed I missed that opportunity LOL.
  7. Congrats Austin, TX with 5 inches of snow lol.
  8. Great shots and beautiful lighting.
  9. Looks like Waco, TX is going to have a better winter than Raleigh.
  10. Just remember the boundary layer always wins. We saw that yesterday. You can't just depend on dynamics.
  11. Raleigh still not on the board this season. Given it is La Nina, time is running out.
  12. We had a mix but mainly rain with the deform precip. Still a T on the season here.
  13. I went west and it was snow and sleet in Alamance. Just rain here in Raleigh still but temp dropping. This is a BL bust overall.