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  1. eyewall

    NNE Winter Thread

    We had a burst of snow this morning in BTV. We have light rain now. Sounds like it will be a gain for Stowe.
  2. eyewall

    February 2019 Discussion I

    I am here now on a visit but yes that was ridiculous. However, Pi Day more than made up for it. My first 30 inch snowfall.
  3. eyewall

    Futility Thread - Winter 18/19

    My total in Durham, NC for this season is 7 inches (from a single event in December). This is just incredible.
  4. eyewall

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    Most years it is 1 good chance in this area at best. I am not shocked that it is really about done at this point.
  5. eyewall

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2019

    That has Mid-Atlantic written all over it.
  6. eyewall

    Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    You might as well embrace the suck and enjoy the 60's/70"s as we burn away prime climo time.
  7. eyewall

    Post Arctic front snow Tuesday, Jan 29

    Had a burst of small hail/graupel a little earlier on I-40 by RDU.
  8. eyewall

    Post Arctic front snow Tuesday, Jan 29

    As usual, cold air chases almost never work out. This is no exception. The writing was on the wall well before this morning.
  9. eyewall

    Post Arctic front snow Tuesday, Jan 29

    Central NC people be warned. This is cold air chasing the moisture. We all know how that usually works out.
  10. eyewall

    NNE Winter Thread

    Looks like a shelf on the BTV hazecam https://hazecam.net/camsite.aspx?site=burlington
  11. eyewall

    2019 Banter Thread

    Yep that is Midland Road
  12. eyewall

    2019 Banter Thread

    Remembering the great one: January 25th, 2000 in Southern Pines:
  13. eyewall

    NNE Winter Thread

    How much at the stake? Must be over 30"
  14. eyewall

    NNE Winter Thread

    I see it was cranking at BTV down to 1/8 mile at times.