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  1. LOL at using Fox News as a source.
  2. Mistakes that will cost thousands of lives.
  3. Trump and his cult on the hill will do just about anything to protect the ruling class. This crisis is proving that! If you die because they lift the restrictions too soon, that is a sacrifice they are willing to make. #NotDying4WallStreet
  4. Happy third anniversary of the Pi Day storm
  5. Happy 3rd anniversary of the great Pi Day storm
  6. UVM is cancelling classes to go with online instruction.
  7. I was on Long Island at the time. We had a lot of wind damage and coastal flooding. There was snow on the back end which I believe resulted in 2 or 3 inches or so.
  8. That is a nice hit. I am guessing Jay Peak will slant stick 65"
  9. Reminds me of th Reminds me of the upslope I chased the winter before moving up there.
  10. Based on the GFS and Euro runs early this morning, the March 4th system would be more cutter like leaving us warm and facing more a severe weather threat than any kind of wintry precip. After that the pattern goes to crap once again. Prior to this, there are a few weak waves that die as they cross the NC mountains during the brief cold shot. The mountains may pick up a couple of light snow events with those disturbances.
  11. I did take the pic and yes I would be.
  12. One more from this morning in Raleigh:
  13. From Raleigh this morning at surise
  14. Looks like we will end with about 2 inches on the colder surfaces in Raleigh. Pics tomorrow. I love that I was wrong in my prediction.