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  1. I wish but probably a winter visit will happen
  2. Even though I couldn't make it up there this year (getting married this weekend), I am enjoying all the photos! I am going to try and get to the Linn Cove Viaduct along the Blue Ridge Parkway this Tue for a few shots and aerials. It passes right by Grandfather Mountain where the summit elevation is 5,945 feet (A lot of people find themselves surprised by the climate and harsh weather that can occur up there for being so far south). I am hoping to find a scene like the one below (Not this year and not my photo):
  3. I am hoping that progresses quickly before Tuesday when I plan a quick trip. I have seen foliage change rapidly in the northeast within a few days before. The weather has certainly been more favorable for that now. I plan on getting some aerials too (legal if you launch from a 221 pull off nearby).
  4. The Fall Foliage Guy suggests a peak around Grandfather Mountain between 10/15 and 10/20 or so. I plan on trying on Tue.
  5. Looking real good! Fortunately it looks like there is hope down here in the mountains. It will be a late peak on the blue ridge sometime next week perhaps.
  6. Anytime peak is delayed you are in trouble foliage wise. There is still some hope but I am sure it will be a shortened season with higher leaf drop during the best colors. How many years in a row has it been lackluster now?
  7. Looks great from the pics! It figures the year I can't make the trip is a good one.
  8. Thank you and yeah that is what I am seeing in the reports as well.
  9. Drought and heat are the story down here. I am missing those cool fall conditions of VT! These mid 90's are killing me.
  10. I think the Piedmont is going to brown out this year. Hanging Rock and Pilot Mountain were the saving grace last year for at least some decent color when the mountains busted, but this year you can see the stress in the trees already. I am hoping Lynn Cove will be a worthwhile trip at some point.