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  1. No more holding out here. I'm done.
  2. Today is about as depressing as it gets with 30's and rain ahead of the next torch. See you next winter.
  3. The SER is relentless and I am becoming increasingly confident RDU will zero out this year.
  4. Looks like everyone will be pulling up a seat in the sanitarium soon enough. Not good.
  5. It is horrible. I am moving on to severe season.
  6. I am working today so I will have to stay put in the tropics. Enjoy the latest round up there!
  7. The clock is running and we may get a pattern shift just in time for rain and 40s in March lol.
  8. Honestly I am not realistically seeing much other than continued death by way of the southeast ridge.
  9. Nice sunrise this morning above the clouds
  10. 49 inches so far at the Arizona Snowbowl with the latest rounds of snow.
  11. Nevermind you are skipping to the system after that LOL
  12. The Euro is an inland runner. This can easily go cutter like the rest.
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