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  1. Look for the Aurora tonight. Could be a G2 storm.
  2. Hopefully my choice for Oct 1st through the 10th was a good one to come up. When I lived there it usually was the time. Good to see things seem on track.
  3. Honestly that is pretty impressive for Cat 1
  4. yeah they took the banner down and made a last minute call. Interesting to see how that happened.
  5. Can't wait to get up there for a visit for the first week of October. I know it is always a gamble when the foliage will peak but I also know more often than not the second week can be too late in northern VT.
  6. That looks real bad. Lots of houses completely gone as well.
  7. These bands are going to be very problematic throughout today.
  8. Oh yay the chaser version of "Kevin Martin"
  9. The eye looks almost better on recent radar frames. It is moving due north for sure with an occasional NNE wobble. Going to be VERY close for NOLA proper. Going to be a rough ride for sure in Kenner.
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