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  1. Yeah I think the High Wind Warning was an overreaction.
  2. Definitely pretty gusty in Raleigh but not super impressive thus far.
  3. It was a bit foggy this morning in Raleigh:
  4. NOLA is in the middle of the eye but there is no real back half.
  5. I am thinking that spot was heavily sheltered.
  6. I am going to guess the hurricane.
  7. Apparently media states a 108 mph gust reported in NOLA.
  8. The eye of Katrina passed east of NOLA. They initially looked ok until the levee breaks.
  9. It was probably a bit boring for Josh being a minimal hurricane.
  10. Hanging Rock is closing in on peak. I was there today and I suspect it is within 4 days or so at most.
  11. Hahaha the winds were pretty gusty up there for the drone as it was. I am sure that would have been an adventure to say the least
  12. I re-edited this clip from the 12th with better color grading. The other version was too much and left a bit of a purple hue in the sky: