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  1. It is awful but not sure if it will beat 2007. I hope not. There was this tonight though:
  2. Yeah it seems like it will be relentless this summer.
  3. Whatever the real temp is at RDU I can tell you it sucks outside and I am ready for the summer to end.
  4. We had maybe a sprinkle yesterday. It fizzled right out.
  5. It is just awful here for sure. I can't wait for summer to be over already.
  6. Yeah everything was east today. I definitely expect some crop failures.
  7. Some solid structure in New Hampshire making this scene look more like the Plains: https://x.com/RobWrightImages/status/1805041449869705499
  8. https://x.com/severeforecast/status/1805007346151686558?t=_-ZOSb5JbyVVtObAsT93Jw&s=19
  9. True but it doesn't last half the year up there LOL.
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