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  1. 4:00 PM EST Mon Nov 16 Location: 13.6°N 82.7°W Moving: W at 9 mph Min pressure: 919 mb Max sustained: 160 mph This data support an initial wind speed of about 140 kt, although this could be a little generous.
  2. Honestly I hope it weakens as much as possible before landfall.
  3. We still have to see if Eta gets a post-analysis upgrade. Remember we had the recon problems at its peak. Still could be 2 cat 5's for this season.
  4. 10:00 AM EST Mon Nov 16 Location: 13.5°N 82.0°W Moving: W at 9 mph Min pressure: 917 mb Max sustained: 160 mph
  5. Crabtree is at minor flood stage at Wake Forest Rd.
  6. It could also hold on the entire winter. We have seen that before.
  7. You will be happy to know there is no tsunami as a result of the quake.
  8. Sure, so it turns back north and goes for Louisiana
  9. I think everyone wants to know the true intensity etc though.
  10. The loss of recon at the key moment is terrible and certainly bad for future research efforts.
  11. NHC has 130 mph for the 4pm EST advisory
  12. I think they will go with 130 as well.
  13. yeah that is awful. They need to be in there.
  14. 110 mph at 10am, expected to get to Cat 4