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  1. I’m not going to lie. I am really bitter about the snow the MA forum is getting now. They have complained all winter but yet today is the second overperformer they have had this week. If I hear one more poster in that forum complain about having a crappy winter I’m going to lose my mind. We never have overperformers here.
  2. You aren’t kidding. Happy for the MA but dang, can’t we for once get a storm that overperforms like the one they are having now? Is that so much to ask?
  3. Honestly if I could give you half of what we have I would! I hate seeing other Wake County residents get nothing...even state fans!!!
  4. The rain yesterday didn’t help much. We had 9” but we only had about 4” when it stopped. We got another inch this morning though so that helped some.
  5. Just measured again and we picked up another inch so that brings us to 10” total. I seriously am still in shock!
  6. Move RDU for many reasons but snow should definitely not be one of them. Chapel Hill and Durham typically do well but stay away from Wake County. We have been blanked a lot the past few years when everyone around us got a ton. There is a legit Wake County snow hole. This is the most snow I’ve gotten in NW Wake County since 2010. If you live in South Wake it’s even worse. Great place to live overall but for snow lovers it isn’t. I would totally share my snow with S Wake residents if I could!
  7. Snow is winding down here in NW Wake County. Maybe picked up another 1/2”. It’s just nice seeing a fresh coat of snow. Even though we still have a lot left the rain yesterday definitely cut into it.
  8. While I love the look of the NAM I just don’t see it happening. I’m not going to be greedy. I’m more than happy with what we got today so I hope the people that got blanked today get it. Everyone needs to get in on the early holiday fun!
  9. Ugh. Power is flickering. I love the beautiful snow but the high winds and sleet storm we are having does not bode well for us.
  10. It’s really windy now with pretty heavy sleet. I’m turning up the heat in preparation for when we lose power.
  11. Everyone around me in Northwestern Wake County has lost power so I feel like it is only a matter of time for us. Sleet is coming down hard!
  12. My husband just remeasured because he said it looked like more than it was at 7:00 a.m. and he was right. We have about 9” in Northwestern Wake County. It’s sleeting now though so I think we’re done. No complaints though!
  13. You are the place to be! We have a mix that is mostly sleet right now. I have a feeling the snow is gone for good. I just hope the rain isn’t bad enough to wash this away.
  14. You are obviously in the sweet spot even though I know we can’t be too far from each other. We are at little over 7” now but we have a sleet and snow mix unfortunately. If you could get a foot with us staying at 7” that would be amazing!!!