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  1. The lightest of light snow falling in North Raleigh. I’m sure nothing is going to accumulate but it still is beautiful to watch fall!
  2. I love being in the bulls eye, but not six days out. That NW trend will not be kind to us.
  3. This is pure joy. Two of my teenagers playing in the snow past midnight.
  4. It’s coming down much heavier now. We must finally be getting it!
  5. Are you over by St. David’s? I hope that band is heading our way!
  6. It’s actually picked up here quite a bit. As long as we get enough so that our kiddos can go sledding I’m happy. I just love watching it fall!
  7. We’re about 15 minutes north of North Hills off of Six Forks and it’s pretty much a flizzard. Still beautiful but no accumulation. Is it the same where you are?
  8. The very, very, very light snow we had falling in North Raleigh for a little while has now stopped. Hopefully it’s going to get heavier later on.
  9. I’m a Carolina fan. After the butt kicking we got the other night there are a ton of “fire everyone” fans out there. It was a brutal loss though. Not as bad as possibly whiffing on this storm though.
  10. So the Triad gets measurable snowfall one weekend, and the next weekend Greenville gets measurable snowfall, while Raleigh guess next to nothing both times. It’s utterly ridiculous, and yes, I’m very bitter about it.
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