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  1. Moderate snow FINALLY in North Raleigh. 34°. Nothing is really sticking but it sure is pretty to look at.
  2. Yuck. After about an hour of a snow and sleet mix back to rain in North Raleigh.
  3. What a pleasant surprise! 33 with snow and sleet mix in North Raleigh.
  4. Still light snow in North Raleigh with a really pretty dusting. Our kiddos are acting like there is a blizzard outside so that's all that matters to me!
  5. If Carolina plays as poorly as we did against Georgia Tech you guys will beat us handily. That was probably one of the biggest upsets in our history. Completely embarrassing.
  6. The bust today was even worse than Carolina's loss to GT...and that's saying something.
  7. What a bust. About an inch in N. Raleigh but it's mostly sleet. I thought I would be good for a few inches living in Northern Wake County but nope, I was completely wrong.
  8. Now mixing sleet with beautiful snow in N. Raleigh. Go away sleet, please stay snow!!!
  9. Finally! All snow in North Raleigh. Big, beautiful flakes. Just 2-3 inches is all I ask, that's it. As long as there is enough for our kiddos to go sledding I will be a happy camper.
  10. You guys in Cary are giving me major hope here in North Raleigh!
  11. You must be minutes from me. Hoping to see some flakes soon!
  12. This truly has been an epic fail. What makes it even worse is that teachers at our kiddos school have been talking about this all week. They even sent them each a snow packet for homework the kids can do at home on Monday since they knew it would be a snow day. Nice job teachers, way to get your students hopes up only to crush them. He also loves Nerf guns so maybe will just head to target and I will let him buy a couple. That way he could just shoot at the 27 pellets of sleet we have here. Thank goodness our girls are not as obsessed with snow as he is. He told me tonight if we didn't get lots of snow overnight we were going to have to move to either Alaska or Canada. That isn't going to happen so we better get some freaking snow.
  13. Yea, I'm totally going to complain now. We are at 32° with a sleet and rain mix in N. Raleigh and it doesn't look like we are going to be changing over to snow anytime soon. Maybe I'm just bitter but nope, I'm not happy for people in the Triad you are going to get a foot of snow. Our son lives and breathes soccer and pretty much sacrifices everything for games, practice and tournaments but tonight at his training my husband said he was a basket case. He kept running over to the window pressing his head against it looking for snow and he saw nothing. He drove his team crazy and his coach crazy but he is just obsessed. If we don't wake up with at least 2 inches of snow for him to sled on tomorrow he will be devastated. I thought that growing up in Fayetteville sucked because Raleigh always got snow but it seems like wake county always gets the screw job ever since he moved here. Sorry if you brought everyone bad luck. Rant over.
  14. Yuck. 32 and rain/sleet nastiness in N. Raleigh. I saw about nine flakes earlier so I was pumped but it was obviously a cruel joke.
  15. About three miles south of Falls Lake, off of Six Forks and 98.