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  1. 33 and rain in North Raleigh. Awesome.
  2. Definitely meh. We got about 1.5” last week and we still have a few small patches in our yard. I’m sure that’s going to be it for the winter. I love living in Raleigh but the lack of snow stinks.
  3. Lurking from the SE forum to look at all of the beautiful pictures but these are gorgeous! Definitely frame worthy! The one with the river looks magical!
  4. I’m insanely jealous that DC and the mid-Atlantic region are about to get an obscene amount of snow while we get jack squat. It doesn’t bother me when the NE gets snow but it really bothers me when the mid-Atlantic region gets some. I don’t know why though. Yes, I’m petty and bitter.
  5. We aren’t too far from you! 540 and Creedmoor Rd. here!
  6. You most definitely picked the right spot! It’s starting to stick well on the grass here but it’s not nearly as awesome as yours!
  7. We’re more northwest Raleigh, about five miles from the Durham County line.
  8. Wow! Where are you in North Raleigh? That’s amazing!
  9. We’re kind of northwest Raleigh, near Bayleaf, about five miles from the Durham County line.
  10. I can’t believe it but the ground is almost covered in North Raleigh!!!
  11. Light snow in North Raleigh. I’m sure it will stop soon but it’s exciting!
  12. It’s snowing in North Raleigh! Granted it will probably stop in five minutes but it’s pretty now!
  13. It sounds like we are pretty close! We are just a few miles from the Durham County line in NW Wake County and according to my neighbor we got a little over 2.5”. Of course we are out of the country so our kids had to watch the snow falling from our security cameras!
  14. Why is it that I’m in beautiful Turks and Caicos but I would rather be in Raleigh right now? I’m on the beach just watching the snow through my ring camera.
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