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  1. *for entertainment purposes only*
  2. Speaking of which, the next couple years are going to be a dumpster fire as everyone forgets what climo is and expect major us landfalls all the time, when what we will get is fish fish fish
  3. Possible Florida impact aside, it's hard to ignore the persistence of the GFS showing an enormous storm off the East coast. Could be interesting days ahead.
  4. I think it will hit lake charles with the western portion and at least western Lafayette with the eastern portion. Goes to show how much bigger this is than Laura
  5. Current trajectory puts landfall just east of Cameron. Maybe 10 miles east of Laura
  6. The NHC track ticked west. Makes sense with the turn to the east delayed by a few hours. Lake charles now at a 60% chance of hurricane force sustained winds. Probably good news from a surge perspective. Will hit low population areas
  7. Seems to have stalled out a bit the past few frames. I'm guessing that indicates the turn is happening
  8. Yeah,the point being, it was basically assumed before the past couple years that landfalling gulf canes were half-canes
  9. Dropsnode 88kts it's at the surface, but 121kts just above the surface
  10. Yeah, what helped Cancun is bad news for the gulf coast: a larger, more stable core and an expansion of the wind field
  11. Thankfully, Cancun appears to be mostly cinder block construction. A bigger city of than I thought, over 600k, similar to the size of Nashville