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  1. Struggling to take seriously a model that spits out this:
  2. Yeah, I feel like the hr 84 NAM tends to be like... "Hey look! A storm!", When sometimes suppression makes more sense
  3. Delayed, but still gets the job done. Lots of ice for coastal areas
  4. I'm definitely worried the phase will just keep getting delayed and it will only be a storm for Wilmington to VA beach
  5. Definitely more east, but still fairly amped. Supports the continued idea of a big hit for the coastal plain
  6. Maybe 80% chance of happening. Storm isn't really supposed to get going until mid-day, even for the more amped solutions
  7. I won't post for fear of confusion, but the Canadian drops one heckuva weenie run in a storm on the 27th
  8. Lol, the triad went from 12" to 2" of snow on the UKMET. Definitely supports the idea not only of more suppressed, but also for significant coastal impacts
  9. Seems like Rocky Mount may end up doing better than the Triad. I have a feeling that although we will have long duration and less mixing issues, dry air may reduce the max potential from playing out
  10. Ok so far we've got Euro and NAM in the amped camp; GFS, icon and RGEM in the suppressed camp, and UKMET and CMC somewhere in between
  11. The 12z GFS will be huge. Whichever direction it moves will be a big indicator of which way things are trending. I will say, I wouldn't worry too much about one run of the Euro. If nothing else, it largely rules out the possibility of over-amplification.
  12. Certainly bad news for central VA. However, the GFS has taken big steps towards more amped, so I think the I-85 corridor is looking good for now
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