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  1. Honestly, his maps would be really solid if he just cut his totals in half. It's like he posts his max potential map every storm by accident, or something
  2. Ugh, stuck in the subsidence between the blobs. Even so, snowing very lightly.
  3. This has been the most suspense for half an inch of snow I've ever experienced. I also grew up in snowier climates, so, this is especially tortuous.
  4. You can see the deform band start to form/fill in. Hoping for a few hours of moderate snow at this point
  5. I just would like to observe, the HRRR has been a pile of hot garbage. The WRF- ARW has done probably the best so far
  6. Hires NAM had like a 6 hour dry slot for the triad. Otherwise decent though
  7. RAH Is always seems to be one of the most conservative offices I've encountered. I think their current call Is a perfectly plausible outcome, but more seems likely. They're currently calling for more rain than snow, at least in their hourly, which is a bit strange.
  8. This map created midday yesterday is starting to look awfully reasonable (if a bit aggressive)
  9. For those stuck in the dry slot, could be be a pretty frustrating event, looks promising to start, get a dusting, then hours of drizzle/light snow. For those at the pivot point, it could be pretty epic: a couple inches on the front end, then possibly mixing with sleet, then a couple more inches as the deform band rolls through. The triad could go either way at this point, but 1"+ is feeling pretty solid right now
  10. Hires nam is blah on the front end (outside the mountains), brings the goods on the back end.
  11. NAM a step towards the Euro, as far as having a dry slot east of the foothills (to start anyway, then it starts to fill in)