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  1. First wedge of the year! (Yay) Easier to scour out this time of year, but still. Wouldn't be surprised to see temps stay in the mid 70s today in the Triad
  2. Seems typically with a large, tilted, fast moving system you tend to see more wind field expansion than an increase in max winds. But I suppose possible the eyewall could reorganize somewhat
  3. *sad cricket noises* Anyway, with the MCS that moved through, I doubt we will hit our forecast high of 86 in the triad. Muggy muggy though
  4. Hilly terrain, up to about 1000 ft, should halt intensification somewhat for at least a few hours. But hard to believe it will have much of an impact long term
  5. The GFS had been pumping out lots of gulf systems a couple days back as well. The signal is there
  6. GFS at 33 a tou ch east of 18z. heading for a landfall just east of LI i think
  7. Because it's the first model to run and addicts need their fix. Kinda like the SREF for snowstorms. I much prefer looking at the 3km version if I want my fix of complete nonsense
  8. Certainly true that it's not yet aligned. But the center is under the edge of the convection and even though convective bursts don't last forever, it should help the system align. Shear is definitely lessened
  9. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=meso-meso2-14-24-0-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined
  10. Wow, last few frames convection really started pushing north over the LLC. May be all systems go at this point
  11. You see this all the time as Typhoons recurve past Japan. They normally do ramp down pretty quick, but can bring pretty strong winds while looking pathetic on IR
  12. Seems to support FL wind data. I would go 70 mph
  13. Looks like there's some Saharan dust on pushing in from the South East of the circulation. Any chance it gets ingested and effects the system?
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