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  1. Well it certainly helps to not be blinded by the inevitable November optimism.
  2. Temps are running a couple degrees below the forecast high today. Could definitely see some slick spots tommorow morning
  3. Makes sense. Most of my life I lived in the DC area, and ice storms seemed pretty rare in December, compared to January/December. I guess CAD holds stronger in NC and it makes a difference this time of year to be further inland(but conversely the warm push aloft is stronger)
  4. Who needs power anyway? I could see a changeover event, but to state the obvious, climo is against us.
  5. BWI: 16.5" DCA: 12.9" IAD: 14.1" RIC: 7.6" Tiebreaker SBY: 9"
  6. Ya never know with a CAD, somone could get some frozen on the front end,
  7. This is a different storm than the GFS has been hinting at. That is a week out.
  8. The craziest thing to me is that the bottom was 40+ degrees colder than the top
  9. You know a storm doesn't have much upside when the 3km NAM doesn't strengthen it to a cat 5 monster
  10. I guess it's conceivably possible it will reach hurricane strength without being designated as a TC? Or jump straight to hurricane status. That would be kinda wonky. Not great from a communication perspective