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  1. You know a storm doesn't have much upside when the 3km NAM doesn't strengthen it to a cat 5 monster
  2. I guess it's conceivably possible it will reach hurricane strength without being designated as a TC? Or jump straight to hurricane status. That would be kinda wonky. Not great from a communication perspective
  3. 92 with a dewpoint of 50. That's a rare occasion.
  4. Yeah, I think especially with dewpoints lower than typical of a heat wave, it doesn't feel so bad. It's just strange because I would normally associate a dry heat with intense sun.
  5. 90 degrees at noon, in October. No thanks
  6. Hopefully some good rains in the second week of October
  7. The eye's still a bit ragged, otherwise I'd think cat 5 for sure
  8. To me it just means that soon to be Karen (presumably) has a very high likelihood of finding a weakness in the ridge
  9. Thankfully the jackpot between Winnie and Beaumont is too heavily populated, radar estimates have surpassed 30". Meanwhile "only" 15-20" for Beaumont (Winnie hit harder)
  10. The hires NAM parks a band over that area until midmorning tommorow
  11. The hurricane force wind field is absolutely massive (70-80 miles from the center)