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  1. Yes indeed. My altitude was 100-200ft AGL in these.
  2. There were a few mini supercells in southern Wake yesterday and of course one prompted a tornado warning. I got a few aerials as these rotated through:
  3. Very cool. Thank you for sharing. Looks like mostly rime up there with the dusting of snow.
  4. I unfortunately didn't make it out to Carvers Gap as I am needed at work today. The radar didn't look all that impressive overnight but I am sure they got something.
  5. That is our plan as well. Hope to see you there.
  6. I remember those May snows well when I was up there. Looks like I will be headed up to the NC Mountains overnight. May be an inch or two of snow at 5K feet at sunrise. That would be just about at the latest recorded snow I believe.
  7. Yeah it will be a heck of a trip with no sleep but might be worth catching one of the latest snows on record in NC.
  8. I was thinking of headed up to Roan Mountain/Carvers Gap overnight. Thoughts on that being worthwhile?
  9. This is exactly what I thought would happen. The pattern would become much more favorable when it was too late.
  10. So frustrating that this couldn't have been a daytime event and closer up this way. I am still looking for another solid chase day or two before summer junk season.
  11. Not sure if this has been posted or not:
  12. 100 knots at 900mb is just ridiculous!
  13. For Raleigh this is a non-event but wow what a morning
  14. It does appear there may be a wake low behind the line in the Troy NC area
  15. Doesn't look like it will be much in Raleigh.
  16. SC is in the middle of a tornado outbreak right now
  17. Overall it does not look like the discrete cell scenario is going to play out. It looks like the line with embedded spin ups is what we will have for now.
  18. Too far right for me but I guess there isn't much choice. I am not a fan. I also think he is showing signs of cognitive problems.
  19. I grew up in the NYC area and it has been known for a long time around there that Trump is a life long con man and corrupt as hell (aside from being racist). His tactics of lies and gaslighting are obviously effective on a lot of easily fooled people. He is a morally bankrupt man with narcissistic personality disorder and many of his followers exhibit cult like behavior.
  20. Any news article, even if it is true, that criticizes Trump at all must be fake news. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful drug.
  21. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/11/us/politics/coronavirus-trump-response.html
  22. Yeah I don't think we will see a high today. During the April, 16 2011 outbreak in NC the high wasn't issued until the morning of the event.
  23. I chased in NC the other day and was in my car in a rural area with nobody else around. As long as you don't make contact with people it should be fine.
  24. They are definitely setting the stage to go to high risk tomorrow or on Sunday. Either way if this doesn't bust, this could be a memorable event.