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  1. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
  2. The pattern will flip in the spring when it is too late.
  3. I had 30 inches during the Pi Day event in VT but not with that kind of wind. I can't even imagine.
  4. Yeah it is not even a real pattern change right now, just a temporary relaxation in the SE ridge. Climo time will be wiped clean soon enough.
  5. And nobody wanted to take my word for it
  6. I miss it! It is hard being down here.
  7. Yeah I see they are actually open. That surprised me. I forgot they did well last year. They have had some rough ones though.
  8. I have been looking at that as well. That could yield a little something for you guys up there. Not sure if it can eek out a flurry in the Piedmont but we shall see.
  9. They do, but the last 4-5 years there have been a disaster of some form. Not sure how long they have been closed this season.
  10. Next winter can't be any worse than this one so why not look ahead?
  11. Not jobwise but romance wise yes. There is no way she would like it there either.
  12. Honestly our best reasonable hope would be the vort max late on the 20th but it looks to pass through dry for the most part.
  13. 60's on the 25th isn't exactly what I call ideal LOL.
  14. I don't know how they stay in business down here to be honest.
  15. After spending five years in VT it is just painful being back in NC. I will never forget this 30 incher I witnessed up there:
  16. I often wonder how ski areas down here in NC stay in business. This year has been especially bad of course. Of course there has been record warmth for a a big portion of this month in the Southeast to the point where the bugs are coming back outside the mountains and Daffodils are appearing. This is Sugar Mountain (summit is over 6K ft):
  17. I know I have been taking some heat for saying RDU may zero out this year, but there have been plenty of winters where they have only come in with a Trace.
  18. Dandelions are starting to pop in Raleigh. Daffodils too.
  19. It ain't happening folks. Maybe next year.
  20. Please don't use tropical tidbits for snow maps.
  21. We all need to take a trip here: https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=45.37345000000005&lon=-121.69563#.XhjxxiNOnV8
  22. This winter was dead on arrival.
  23. The pattern will get good in April when we get days of 40's and rain