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  1. Yep and it is clear why although if I say it in this thread the mods might get mad.
  2. Yep La Nina means a 3rd consecutive snowless winter.
  3. They are Enhanced a bit but they were very visible to the naked eye including greens, reds, and individual pillars. The glow got fairly bright and started to dim the effect of the moon at one point.
  4. yeah there is no way that historic level was going to repeat on the following nights. Even in NC colors/pillars were naked-eye visible and at times even overhead or to the south. I have seen lights like that before but only in Vermont and Alaska. Here are a couple of shots I took from Cedar Grove, NC north of Hillsborough in Orange County.
  5. Here are a few of my shots from Cedar Grove, North Carolina (just north of Hillsborough) from the historic aurora event that swept much of the world. colors and pillars were clearly naked eye visible and dancing during the peak of the event.
  6. Yeah that would have been amazing! Hopefully you get a shot tonight. There are some drone shots in took here:
  7. It was a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity here in North Carolina! I was expecting at best a distant glow on the northern horizon but not bright pillars dancing overhead and even aurora to our south! We don't have a space weather thread in the southeast forum but i wanted to share this shot I got from Orange County in NC:
  8. Missed out on the severe but:
  9. 90F likely today in Raleigh. It's too early for this shit.
  10. A cleaner edit of my totality shots:
  11. A much cleaner editing process yielded these results:
  12. And if you aren't sick of these yet, here is another composite. I did edit some totality shots to approximate the diamond ring phases as I had the filter on for those to protect my scope's optics:
  13. And finally a better edit to show the details of the inner Corona:
  14. I did another edit on this shot to show more detail in the inner Corona.
  15. Definitely and I will never forget it!
  16. Here is my composite shot from my experience. I used a Seestar S50 to capture these:
  17. Most think it is shadows generated by atmospheric turbulence because the light is much more diffuse at that point.
  18. It sure did! We had perfect viewing conditions!
  19. I was curious if anyone here saw shadow bands just before totality. Some people around us say they did.
  20. Had beautiful conditions in Arkansas!
  21. So amazing! I am so glad you got to experience this! This was my second go at it and yes once is enough to get you hooked! Totality is an entirely different world. My Arkansas plan paid off beautifully! I got this today:
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