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  1. Sounds like this cold front may make my trip not worthwhile
  2. Any idea how smugglers notch is doing? I am hoping I am not too late early next week.
  3. Yeah that is true. I found that last year on my trip. The Kanc is always pretty solid as well. This is that area from north of the notch last year:
  4. Looks like it may still have a little time there before the peak.
  5. My original plan to stay with a friend fell through. I am lucky I found a room that is reasonably affordable in Enosburg Falls but JFC at the rates in general. Mine was still steep but it could have been worse. Either way, I better get some snowliage out of the deal LOL.
  6. How are the leaves doing? I am hoping peak can hold off until early next week in VT.
  7. Looks like Ian brought a touch of snow to the NC High Country tonight. Anyway I am coming up for the leaves but this pattern may make it so I am touch late. I hope not though.
  8. The gusts are definitely getting less frequent. More impressive than I expected that is for sure. Definitely scattered outages around here and limbs/branches down.
  9. Some solid gusts here in Raleigh. 59mph atop Carter Finley Stadium (NC State) and certainly 40-50 at the surface. You can hear the groan just off the deck.
  10. 10 minute wind gust at Carter Finley in Raleigh is 59 mph: https://wake.weatherstem.com/carterfinley?fbclid=IwAR1kpJHIoG7lVjGf6LRpTRB86ORhwJ3U58yfR2v24AMpffTzKIDswD_O-ww
  11. Had a few power flickers and definitely getting more gusts now.
  12. Getting some bigger gusts over 40 here in Raleigh now.
  13. So far in Raleigh it just isn't very impressive and that is about what I expected. Just a rainy day.
  14. Just had a bumpy ride from ATL to RDU landing at 1:09am. The tracker on screen had a 50 mph wind down to 2000ft.
  15. That inner eyewall has beefed back up in the past few frames.
  16. I think what is most notable about the GFS/Euro runs is the stall/crawl off Tampa before resuming the trip north.
  17. Yeah the forecasting on this one has been pretty awful all around. Absolutely unbelievable.
  18. I just think it is all over the place until this system gets better organized. All it would take is one center re-location under the convection to throw off these model runs. Still a lot of shifting to come I think.
  19. I plan on coming up for foliage so lock it in:
  20. I would have to agree. This is not a major hurricane right now.
  21. Looks like I found a gust to 121 mph for Grand Turk.
  22. Grand Turk had sustained winds at least up to 93 mph. Gusts over 100.
  23. eye is trying to clear on the vis as well.
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