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  1. On that same storm this was the rotating wall cloud prior the tornado pics I posted. Unfortunately my actual tornado video is useless as we were driving on a dirt road trying to keep up. I did edit some video stills from that though:
  2. I just got back to North Carolina but was on that Truscott/Crowell storm that eventually got the tour van. It was a difficult chase because of road options (or lack thereof). The chaser convergence once we got back to pavement in Truscott was insane. I didn't get the Tor most have seen pics/vid of but I did get the one before that while trying to keep up on the dirt road (240 I think). This was grit and determination for sure. I had no interest in "zero metering" willfully or otherwise. The one downside for me is I didn't get into a position to use the drone. Here are some pics:
  3. What an incredible day it was! I was on the road home after chasing in TX/OK. I got this tor:
  4. All the final edits from April 7th and I promise I'm done:
  5. I am re-editing the Apr 7th photos with much less haste this go around (more to come):
  6. Yes it was. Also here is a ground shot of the wall cloud underneath the meso. It is easier to see here since it is not wide angle:
  7. This one shows some striations on the base, especially bottom right:
  8. Some shots of mine from today chasing supercells in the NC Coastal Plain:
  9. SC has had quite a year already. Not so much up here in NC of course.
  10. Yeah it is almost tempting to chase Wednesday if the prospect for discretes improves.
  11. I was on the mini-supercell that came through Raleigh at the time of the tornado warning that sent Dave to shelter at the airport. It was obscured by rain but in editing the shots you can see a lowering left of the skyline. Some of it is a drop on the lens, but it's there. The only reason I processed these is because I thought I got a glimpse of something in realtime while in position.
  12. I missed it. I went for the southern cell of the two but that gamble didn't pay off. It was likely in rain anyway.
  13. Here are the aerials of the updraft from the earlier mini supercell:
  14. I managed to catch the updraft from the back side. Definitely a little mini supercell. I got some aerials
  15. It looks like a mini supercell and yeah now looks like will pass just east of me as well.
  16. If it wasn't raining ahead of it I would have the drone up.
  17. It looks pretty junky out there. This won't be one for chasing and decent shots it looks like.
  18. Yeah that last one I saw before I left would have been epic but it was only seen through breaks in the clouds.
  19. Looks like a G3 possible tomorrow night.
  20. I am pretty sure the experience of having to work at a fast food joint will harm him more than the tornado did.
  21. I went after the tornado warned storm south of Raleigh this morning. I got a look at the meso at it was dying out and then the notch in the line behind it. The line actually offered somewhat better shots.
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