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  1. It will be fun tomorrow at the Mt. Washington Observatory. Forecast gusts of 130 mph.
  2. Yeah it will basically be a gale center soon enough.
  3. Some more of this morning's surreal scene:
  4. Not often you get a shelf cloud above a fog bank:
  5. Overall yes. Lee definitely peaked last night. INIT 08/2100Z 18.9N 55.5W 130 KT 150 MPH 12H 09/0600Z 19.7N 56.9W 125 KT 145 MPH 24H 09/1800Z 20.6N 58.6W 120 KT 140 MPH 36H 10/0600Z 21.3N 60.0W 120 KT 140 MPH 48H 10/1800Z 21.9N 61.3W 125 KT 145 MPH 60H 11/0600Z 22.5N 62.5W 125 KT 145 MPH 72H 11/1800Z 23.0N 63.7W 125 KT 145 MPH 96H 12/1800Z 23.7N 66.0W 120 KT 140 MPH 120H 13/1800Z 25.1N 67.6W 110 KT 125 MPH
  6. Lee isn't looking nearly as good this morning. A little shear on the western side?
  7. All depends on when the ERC starts but I think 165 is a good bet.
  8. Raleigh only got around a half inch of rain and gusts in the 30's. It is kind of funny that Wake cancelled schools today.
  9. I think for Raleigh we may be too far NW to see much out of this. I am just hoping one solid outerband makes it up for drone shots.
  10. That and the strongest winds were probably missed by any real obs on the right side of the eye which is going with the motion of the storm. When a storm is moving this fast that makes a big difference. Perry actually ended up barely to the west of it.
  11. LIghtning in the northern eyewall
  12. While the EWRC is good for the Big Bend it can extend the overall windfield which may not be so great for southern Georgia.
  13. Any one of these in the outer bands could become tornadic:
  14. I just want to get a solid outer band like I did in Isiais in 2020.
  15. Yeah Charlie ended up farther down the coast too like that.
  16. Yeah I am hoping for some outer bands like I saw in Isiais in 2020.
  17. The waters there are rocket fuel right now
  18. Yep just running out of water before it could take off.
  19. Yeah Imperial (El Centro), CA also verified TS Winds
  20. Not every day you see TS Conditions reported in Yuma, AZ: A sustained wind of 45 mph (72 km/h) with a gust to 69 mph (111 km/h) was reported in Yuma, Arizona
  21. Hurrevac has the storm at 100 mph near San Diego! I have a hard time buying that right now.
  22. Durham got hammered with a microburst. Anyway I caught these in Raleigh:
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