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  1. Boca Grande, up Charlotte harbor - south of the Rotunda. Follows Peace river upstream.
  2. Last measurable rain IMBY was Sept 12th. Only 1.52" for the month so far. Not bothering aerating the lawn, it's hard as a rock.
  3. I can't help but notice how much more prominent Cape Coral is on maps these days, even on RadarScope. When I was there many moons ago, I remember it being a big deal that Cape Coral got it's name on an I-75 exit sign.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0bB5GezUymcf7xjk1AiDpTphpSCD3cJ8BF441nYQLBy5TQUAosX86KJkTe4fg98hJl&id=100009025701795 edit - add photos, not sure if FB link works
  5. FWIW I was in Morrisville/Briar Creek this afternoon and the Apple Watch said 97... not sure if that data came from KRDU though. High of 96 at the house in south Cary, I can believe 98. No precip recorded today IMBY, only some good breezes. Currently 76 and falling. Closer to the coast, nasty looking "S" shaped cell near NWS Newport right now. Should make for some interesting winds and waves tomorrow.
  6. High of 96 at 2:10pm. Currently 89 and waiting for either some showers or outflow. Not hopeful for much badly needed precipitation. Last measurable amount was .06" on September 12th.
  7. The NHC's "squished-Mercator-ish" map (I'm no cartographer) looks really weird when it has to be stretched from the mid-Atlantic to the Arctic Circle. I also noticed they didn't bother marking the wind speed probabilities above 60N. First time I think I've seen that cutoff.
  8. From Canadian Hurricane Centre: 4-8" of rain and 30+ foot waves in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
  9. First 50's of the season IMBY, low of 57 this morning at 7am. Windows wide open!
  10. High of 86 today with .29" of rain. Felt like mid-July. Looking forward to the week ahead. Meanwhile, my maple trees have shed about 30% of their leaves. I don't see any signs of disease, my first thought is the worse than usual flood/drought pattern this year.
  11. Only .07" from the passing showers. High of 90.7 at 4:20pm.
  12. Closed out August with 4.08" of rain. Monthly high of 98.2 on August 3rd, low of 60.0 on August 13th. As for today, 63.4 at 7:15am this morning. Dare I say - a little chill for shorts and flip flops! Looking back at 2021, September gave me my first fall 40's with a low of 49 on September 24th. Firewood ready!
  13. If that happens they should name the system Rich Strike - that horse that almost no one expected to win the Kentucky Derby.
  14. Washington Post (paywall): What would happen if Category 5 Hurricane Andrew hit Florida today
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