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  1. Hey all! I am possibly moving back to the area this fall. My fiancee and I are looking at renting a cabin with a large piece of property a 1/2 mile or mile or so to the west of the state line off 19 in Carter County maybe 10-15 minutes from Banner Elk. The elevation is roughly 3300 feet and I wanted to get some insight on average snowfall, etc... I would imagine being on the northwest side of Roan Mountain would contribute to orographic lifting in northwest flow events. Based on my cursory analysis I would imagine perhaps an average of 30-50 inches per year. I also imagine it is a bit warmer than banner elk/beech mountain during the summer. Thanks in advance!
  2. Depends where in the mountains. In Canaan valley, frost is pretty common into July and August, other places not so much.
  3. Impressive constant lightning to my west from the porch here in adams Morgan.
  4. Its def an improvement on pivotal. Colder, wetter for sure.
  5. Heaviest qpf still over the metros and se. Better temps north and west. Looks like noise at this point.
  6. Does DCA ever fall below 33? I’d imagine in that scenario the city would be 31-32 at nighttime. Been burned by low level warmth many times in the district but hopefully this event occurring at night will help our cause.
  7. Has a wicked arctic frontal passage that will certainly not happen as advertised around hour 200.
  8. Nice trailing wave with plenty of arctic air around, reminds me a bit of 1/3
  9. Potomac River was frozen from bank to bank this morning at Georgetown.
  10. Euro still made a significant shift south. At this point, that's all I'm looking for.
  11. CIPS analogs highlighting several historic ice storm analogs including the Jan 99 storm which was particularly damaging.
  12. I see surface temps quickly dipping into the mid 20s on the GFS. In that case everything would stick no matter how warm it was prior.
  13. 12z Ukie is a nice hit for the entire area on Thursday. Canadian appears to be trying to push the boundary south.
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