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  1. I wouldn't completely rule out the chance of at least another 3-6 inches in the DC/Balt area. The models are having a tough time pinning down precise details 48 hours out much less ten days. Regardless, there is still a strong sign for significant blocking by days 7-10. In an El Niño year we all know March can bring suprises. We'll see but I think this winter has a curveball or two left in it.
  2. Highland County only has a population of 3,000 people with very few employment opportunities outside agriculture, logging, and family run businesses. However you can commute to Stanton/Covington. I lived just west of highland county for a few years 2012-2013 in Pocahontas county, WV. Honestly, Monterey is snowy, but not snowy enough to move solely based on the winter weather. The area around Locust Grove and the very northwest corner of Highland get absolutely slammed with over 150" of snow per year being the norm. This area is very rural and the terrain is rough, but I know that some people live out there. If you're moving for snow head there!
  3. In this situation though, even if models were overdoing the cold air, we would merely change to snow sooner and still pick up a fair amount of qpf with the slow cold front producing anafrontal precip across a wide area.
  4. Did anyone else notice the 850's retreat later in the storm. I know that the surface is no good, but its certainly worth noting nonetheless.
  5. Still SN in upper NW, these snow showers were much better than yesterday's 'event' here, good .3 or so.
  6. 2m temps on the 00z NAM and the GFS are colder tonight... I suspect they will continue to show a stronger wedge simply because of the incredibly cold and long lasting antecedent airmass
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    Feb 1/2 Obs

    Every storm has had an off model hour around this time when everybody jumps overboard in my experience (except 2009-10). It's not a great trend, but to completely rule out a couple inches of snow would be equally as foolish at this point.
  8. Dude...This is DC, you can't really discriminate when it comes to snow. At least not so enthusiastically
  9. 68 and partly sunny at 3800' in Pocahontas County after about an inch of rain today.