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  1. I'll be in Davis so I'm ALL IN
  2. By October 20th, even the leaves in the high elevation areas in the Allegheny mountain region of West Virginia are long gone. Already have had many nights in the upper 20s and lower 30s out that way. Can’t imagine leaves would still be out in NNE.
  3. The coolest anomalies have always rarely made it to the coast following fall fropa in my experience.
  4. Sun is out just east of DC in Riverdale.
  5. A position diametrically opposed to the latest SPC discussion.
  6. Looks like models might be setting up a second, lesser qpf max from dc-south jersey
  7. Ehhh... the models are going to struggle with the placement of the heaviest rains as is typical in this situation. Either way, a lot of times the east side of these storms is where the most action occurs.
  8. We get more triple digit heat than we ever did before. Check out the new averages.
  9. Actually snowed 5-6 inches on the bay in Ridge, MD mid April in 2006 or 2007. Crazy intense nighttime snow squalls. Melted from the ground up!
  10. I know it's incredibly rare but 3/29/84 is a good example of a late season anafrontal snow.
  11. The ole’ Chincoteague late March jackpot.
  12. Sounds good to me also! Heading to Canaan valley for a long weekend 5-8th hoping for some upslope. After that... fishing season is on!! Also the season for hanging out on the patio with some cold ones and 73-74 dead on the stereo.
  13. Wow... the gefs is kind of on an island with regard to next weekend then. Looks quite colder than normal across guidance unless I’m missing something.
  14. Lol at the extreme synoptic differences between the gfs and para and cmc after day 4. Just for posterity... the cmc and the 00z ec are very close synoptically with the para in that camp as well. What’s 30 degrees and a couple inches of qpf between friends anyway. CMC with a completely different solution as well bringing cold and snow showers next weekend.
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