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  1. upper 30s here in some parts of n. ga mountains this morning. fired up the wood stove, forgot the a/c was still on but idle, then the wood stove caused the a/c to come on. thought it was going to create a black hole or something, the way i reacted when i realized i was heating and then paying to cool down the heat.
  2. i can't believe what I'm reading. this is for the N. GA mtns. The interesting part about tomorrow lies in the vertical profile of the atmosphere. Most of the saturation from wrap-around shower activity will extend above the freezing level...meaning below zero /500mb temps plummet to almost - 20C and 850mb to just over 0C to put things into perspective/ and some Bufr soundings indicate some saturation wrt to ice in the -10C- 15C range. Therefore...would not be surprised to see some graupel/ice pellets mix with the rain showers tomorrow. Think the best chances will be across higher elevations of northeast Georgia...tho could be seen as far south as ATL.
  3. Man this is consistently my favorite thread. If I remember correctly, Met1985, you were the first person I read that mentioned the snow back the first week of April, and then for this one in May, I'm starting to see rumblings elsewhere as well.
  4. stop wishcasting jsh. This thing can turn on a dime. its been raining like crazy here, closing in on 3 inches by the am, but my pond still down. of course i'm in N. GA where the worst of the drought is centered.
  5. I saw TWC posted an Asheville lightning pic this morning from "their old friend" HVWARD. pretty impressive!
  6. Snowed off and on all the way from Blowing Rock till the Georgia line. Even a few small flakes at home and can see the mountains around Suches are white. Great way to end the trip. Hope yall continue to get hammered.
  7. "Thanks" Motowxman for that pic that's minutes from home while I'm in blowing rock. Just kidding it's great they got it way down there, had seen it on your fb. Hoping for the changeover soon here!
  8. On a 3 day chase. Started in Maggie valley sat and netted about 3 inches. Yesterday in between in Asheville. In blowing rock tonight. Saw good flurries on the way up but very foggy now. Watching that big slug of rain heading in. Since put so much into this hoping for a surprise. But if not still a good trip. Free points nights at holiday inns are awesome. Expensive to eat in Asheville dang. But it was cool. Kids tried to talk me into driving to Pennsylvania lol.
  9. thanks! I'll check it out. I'm really surprised no on makes a snow sled board like Rubbermaid used to make anymore.
  10. thats not the one, unless I'm missing it. those that show as walmart show up in the "shopping" section and aren't Rubbermaid. I will try to paste a pic
  11. anyone have one of those old Rubbermaid snow sleds? I bought one years ago at Fred's at Beech and its by far the best sled i've ever had, but now it has holes in the bottom and fills with ice and gets heavy and doesn't work well. If you don't know what I'm talking about google "rubbermaid snow sled" and look at the images. These things were stout and you could steer it and it worked well on all snow/ice surfaces. It was thick. Curious if anyone else has ever used one of these and also curious if anyone knows a good sled to buy off the internets. I searched and a few people have them on ebay but they are local pickup in Northern locations. I really don't like anything I buy in the stores now.
  12. i don't see why anyone would want to give tight gradients, when so many people are affected, there are always going to be busts. My range from the nws was at least 0, and at most 7, with 4 most likely, and my county got 3 to 4 - good. in atlanta, for example, they were in at least zero, and maybe 4 max?, so some got zero, which really sucks, but that was in the range.
  13. i was trying to continue the sarcasm, but i should realize you guys may not know me well enough to be aware of my extremely razor sharp, witty, and humble sense of humor. I can say that was the most enjoyable thing I've read in a while. But I did add a disclaimer just in case, to cover my butt, so maybe you did get me just a little bit ;-)
  14. i learned that jburns needs to use a stronger password to not get hacked (or if not someone nearby really needs to go check on him) CR, the "pink radar just means slightly colder rain" made me chuckle more than anything else. As far as the models and met interpretations, and this is coming from a simplistic view, which i think is good sometimes, is it not pretty good that for my area the roughly .3 inches of moisture that got to my specific area at a fairly specific time, and formed snow in the correct zone, survived the column, and was able to accumulate approx 3 inches based on ground temps and other factors, is it not pretty impressive that this was not a total surprise? I just think we are fooling ourselves to ask for more at least right now. Now take this with a grain of salt, i admit if I had got shafted I'd probably be looking for that guy who says he is sending emails to the govt agencies saying bla bla bla and I'd be angrily picketing outside the nws office. (actually i followed my nws closely and I'd say they did a great job for my state). I wish there was a way to estimate a snowstorm more like a hurricane (visually on a map), with an ever expanding cone of uncertainty for timing, distance, precip type and amount.
  15. sucks to drive away from your house and then someone calls you from your house and says its pouring snow there. Yes its a risk, but my take right now is I'm staying put. that is always subject to change, but right now staying put, could be the sweet spot.