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  1. daughter is really taking it hard no snow since Dec 2017. its about a 3 hour trip for me to get to soco gap above Maggie Valley. not really convenient to road trip today, and hoping for something next week, just curious what yall are seeing in addition to what Buckethead already reporting.
  2. Couldn't chase Sat night because of family obligations, so we left out of GA on Sunday morning, and headed up through Clayton toward Asheville. In hindsight probably should have gone up 85 and then to Asheville and maybe could have seen some falling before lunch. So we were between the front end and back end, and had to get back Sunday night. Saw snow on the ground soon as I crossed the county line out of Lumpkin co. Waynesville was lot of snow, and Asheville was beautiful. We walked all around and even found a place open to eat pizza, so not too bad. Even though nothing falling from the sky, decided to go home via Hendersonville and I 85 cause had seen they got hit pretty hard . (didn't have time to head toward Beech/Boone). Stopped at Ingles in H-ville and the snow piles were crazy. Kids got to play in the fresh snow there and sled a bit. They all said it was the deepest they'd ever walked in, so that was good. it was like cement. I would have loved to see that come down. I am about to write a break up letter to snow, cause seems i just can not re-create that 18 inches i experienced in the second grade. But its my fault, not the snow. One day, One day, I am going to get in a two footer. I may have to retire first. But I did just want to say congrats to all in this thread, cause I enjoy following and reading all winter long, and am happy that I think most of you got a widespread hammering. Here's to hoping for more of the same as we get into the heart of winter. One thing I really enjoyed was watching this thing modeled way out on the FV3, and not really believing it, and wondering if this new model was just crazy, or this was just good timing for it to make its winter debut.
  3. NGTim

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    thats good will need it to melt that 20 inches i'm gonna get at my house in N GA on the 9th and 10th according to the 12z GFS. I know, I know, clown map, misrepresentation of snow vs other p types, 10 days out, etc. But gosh its cool to look at as todays run is as close as I'll get to something like that.
  4. it is actually snowing here in Dahlonega GA. its really really really small, but i can see it in the floodlights.
  5. NGTim

    Hurricane Michael

    Fox24 has a pic of a supposed touchdown in Ft. Valley, but can't tell where. i was following it cause my parents live off Hwy 96 west of the Ft. Valley.
  6. this thread is not the same without you, but thanks to your influence its still the coolest thread around. Hope you have been getting a lot of snow.
  7. yeah i'm surprised there was not a thread. it must be like when ski resorts close when there's still good snow on the mountain, because in the flatlands its 60 or 70 degrees and everyone's thinking spring. Hope you guys get a good one.
  8. speaking of snow totals. i suspect many of you have seen that snow pole outside of Freds at Beech. its impressive. I've been trying to find where that data is kept in a tabular format.
  9. the only snow reports i see (almanac - snow totals) are beech, boone, asheville, sugar, and warrensville). I suppose someone could ask on his facebook page, but i suspect that data is proprietary.
  10. thats a darn good question. my first thought was cocorahs, but it doesn't seem to match up to any boone cocorahs stations that i checked. I always assumed the beech mountain one was freds, but not sure.
  11. can I ask you a favor, did the video show up ok?  I couldn't figure out how to embed a video so I just put it on youtube and linked to it. thanks

  12. Beech Mountain Monday March 12 2018 around 8am It was really ripping fatties as they say.
  13. looks good! but you missed out on about 4 flurries down in Dahlonega this morning!
  14. NGTim

    Night snow or Day snow

    Day snow. it took about 40 years, but finally my love for sleep has finally surpassed my love of snow. I hate to miss ANY snow that is falling, so I'd rather it be during the day.
  15. NGTim

    2017 Banter Thread #1

    saw this map on TV the other day for the days heading into Christmas. not sure if it was one of the weather channels, or a hallmark Christmas show. I think it must be just one long range member I'm guessing from the GFS, but this is definitely an interesting look. My take is that the snow is streaming in so quickly from out of the North and it is getting squeezed between those two cold fronts and will eject out and shunt off to the Southeast and Southwest and bring lots of Christmas snow for our area?