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  1. Night snow or Day snow

    Day snow. it took about 40 years, but finally my love for sleep has finally surpassed my love of snow. I hate to miss ANY snow that is falling, so I'd rather it be during the day.
  2. 2017 Banter Thread #1

    saw this map on TV the other day for the days heading into Christmas. not sure if it was one of the weather channels, or a hallmark Christmas show. I think it must be just one long range member I'm guessing from the GFS, but this is definitely an interesting look. My take is that the snow is streaming in so quickly from out of the North and it is getting squeezed between those two cold fronts and will eject out and shunt off to the Southeast and Southwest and bring lots of Christmas snow for our area?
  3. 2017 Banter Thread #1

    Not that i have noticed. I had cleaned the gutters out a couple weeks before, so there wasn't really a jam. the snow just covered the top and things were able to melt and go out as normal.
  4. December 2017 Observations, reports

    i could swear I saw a couple of flurries, literally about 20 crystals of tiny flakes. Sky is mostly clear but there have been a few very small clouds in the sky. its pretty windy and i've seen it do this when it was colder and a few flakes would get blown over from the higher mountains, but its about 42 here right now. I was just wondering if anyone in the mountains (Suches area, etc) has seen any snow today.
  5. it feels like cheating. i just knew there would be melting. I'm not sure what to turn into nws in the morning. I guess its valid, as we report both snowfall as well as depth on the ground. Glad you saw this, when we see all the reports on facebook and mine may look inflated. Suches has to be on track to get a foot or more.? They were running in the high 20s when we were sitting at 34 here.
  6. i did the snow board method, wiped if off about 3 times today, and measured 5.75 inches here in Dahlonega, GA. There is only around 3.5 to 4 inches on the ground though. Still coming down. its been snowing for over 14 hours straight.
  7. Been getting hammered since 7am here in Dahlonega. Haven’t checked yet because of work but Had about 3 after lunch I heard suches had 7 at 2p. This has been great
  8. upper 30s here in some parts of n. ga mountains this morning. fired up the wood stove, forgot the a/c was still on but idle, then the wood stove caused the a/c to come on. thought it was going to create a black hole or something, the way i reacted when i realized i was heating and then paying to cool down the heat.
  9. i can't believe what I'm reading. this is for the N. GA mtns. The interesting part about tomorrow lies in the vertical profile of the atmosphere. Most of the saturation from wrap-around shower activity will extend above the freezing level...meaning below zero /500mb temps plummet to almost - 20C and 850mb to just over 0C to put things into perspective/ and some Bufr soundings indicate some saturation wrt to ice in the -10C- 15C range. Therefore...would not be surprised to see some graupel/ice pellets mix with the rain showers tomorrow. Think the best chances will be across higher elevations of northeast Georgia...tho could be seen as far south as ATL.
  10. Man this is consistently my favorite thread. If I remember correctly, Met1985, you were the first person I read that mentioned the snow back the first week of April, and then for this one in May, I'm starting to see rumblings elsewhere as well.
  11. Mid to Long Term Discussion 2017

    stop wishcasting jsh. This thing can turn on a dime. its been raining like crazy here, closing in on 3 inches by the am, but my pond still down. of course i'm in N. GA where the worst of the drought is centered.
  12. I saw TWC posted an Asheville lightning pic this morning from "their old friend" HVWARD. pretty impressive!
  13. 2016 Mountains & Foothills Fall & Winter Thread

    Snowed off and on all the way from Blowing Rock till the Georgia line. Even a few small flakes at home and can see the mountains around Suches are white. Great way to end the trip. Hope yall continue to get hammered.
  14. 2016 Mountains & Foothills Fall & Winter Thread

    "Thanks" Motowxman for that pic that's minutes from home while I'm in blowing rock. Just kidding it's great they got it way down there, had seen it on your fb. Hoping for the changeover soon here!
  15. 2016 Mountains & Foothills Fall & Winter Thread

    On a 3 day chase. Started in Maggie valley sat and netted about 3 inches. Yesterday in between in Asheville. In blowing rock tonight. Saw good flurries on the way up but very foggy now. Watching that big slug of rain heading in. Since put so much into this hoping for a surprise. But if not still a good trip. Free points nights at holiday inns are awesome. Expensive to eat in Asheville dang. But it was cool. Kids tried to talk me into driving to Pennsylvania lol.