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  1. 10 days out ? The NHC has it over the Bahamas in 5 days. Would it really take 5 days to get from the Bahamas to FL ?
  2. Don't get carried away. 80-82 is only like 7 degrees below normal.
  3. Interesting that it shows a blob of warmth in the Atlanta metro and cooler air surrounding in every direction.
  4. I'd take 120 degrees with low humidity over 90 degrees with high humidity.
  5. I was hoping to save the below normal temps for July and August. I don't mind a little above normal in April and May.
  6. I don't remember all the details from April 27, 2011, but was the wedge responsible for all the storms missing Atlanta ?
  7. I'm looking at a surface map on weather.com and i dont see any fronts in the vicinity of GA. There's a stationary front in KY, VA and a cold front entering AL but i don't see anything anywhere near GA.
  8. I'm definitely banking on it. I've only been here since August but one thing I"ve noticed is this area is a joke when it comes to severe weather. It even looks like far NE GA went from Moderate to a Slight Risk. Huge decrease.
  9. Looks like SPC thinks the threat has lessened for parts of North GA. My area went from Moderate to Enhanced.
  10. Enhanced sounds like stronger wording to me than moderate but maybe that's just me.
  11. Didn't that area get hit hard enough yesterday ? Geez. I can definitely say that people in Carrollton will be prepared tomorrow. I've heard of grocery stores being packed like its the day before a snowstorm.
  12. You are 22 and you are getting old ? LOL
  13. 2008 was by far the craziest year i've experienced in terms of severe weather. House destroyed by a tornado in February 2008 and then my town got hit hard by storms on Mother's Day.
  14. It sounds like Kelley was just very unlucky. I mean what are the odds that you are in the middle of nowhere and run a stop sign a car comes out of nowhere and just happens to hit you at the exact same moment you are running the stop sign ?
  15. I think you are in the path of the eclipse arent you ?