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  1. Some areas have even had 5 times their annual average !
  2. 30s in AR and 70s in AL. Maybe some severe weather ?
  3. Too bad the ratios won't be 10:1
  4. A 3-4" snow mean in South TX ? That can't be right ?
  5. Call me crazy but that low looks like its in a perfect location for a big Atl snow
  6. Well its a good thing this will be happening the 2nd week of December !
  7. I would rather get snow in Dec than in late Feb or March ! Temps are usually colder and sun angle is lower !
  8. Syracuse ??? That team with the ugly orange unis ???
  9. 10 days out ? The NHC has it over the Bahamas in 5 days. Would it really take 5 days to get from the Bahamas to FL ?
  10. Don't get carried away. 80-82 is only like 7 degrees below normal.
  11. Interesting that it shows a blob of warmth in the Atlanta metro and cooler air surrounding in every direction.
  12. I'd take 120 degrees with low humidity over 90 degrees with high humidity.
  13. I was hoping to save the below normal temps for July and August. I don't mind a little above normal in April and May.
  14. I don't remember all the details from April 27, 2011, but was the wedge responsible for all the storms missing Atlanta ?
  15. I'm looking at a surface map on weather.com and i dont see any fronts in the vicinity of GA. There's a stationary front in KY, VA and a cold front entering AL but i don't see anything anywhere near GA.