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  1. Gamecocks vs Tar Heels in the National Championship !
  2. I didnt realize SEC was so dominant in basketball. 3 of the 8 teams left are from the SEC !
  3. Yesterday was way too hot. 80s yesterday and 60s today. Feels much better !
  4. Come on now. 84 and humid would be a very chilly summer afternoon !
  5. 82 degrees here right now
  6. The fact that we are starting out spring already with an Extreme Drought makes me believe that unless this spring is wet, we will indeed have a warmer than normal summer.
  7. North GA is still in an Extreme Drought.
  8. It may be hotter than last summer, but the big question is will it be humid or will be a dry, desert heat ? I'll take temps in the 90s and dewpoints in the 30s this summer.
  9. I wonder if the same is true in north ga ? Have we ever experienced temps so cold so late in the season ?
  10. Imagine how cold it would be if this airmass came in 2 months ago !
  11. It would be something if North GA ended up being the jackpot in this storm.
  12. Dont give up yet. It can snow in NC well into April !
  13. Omg you have me laughing hysterically. Thank you for that.
  14. I'm trying to figure out whether to go on a Snow Chase this weekend or early next week ? Which is more likely to produce big snows ?
  15. Is that snow they expect to accumulate ? Or just the amount of snow falling from the sky ?