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  1. too close to his smoker
  2. Fish had some interesting thoughts on that after you left the other night.
  3. I mean, how do they walk in those things? I would kill myself. I know,I know, "backwards and in heels"
  4. I have a great deal on Spinners and curb feelers for that baby.
  5. Meh ,once every 27 years or so #soworthit
  6. Remember it well. Second grade with shadow boxes and pieces of dark film. Tracked right up the east coast with Raleigh close to the best total track. I think it was slightly east of us though.
  7. WC130J Hurricane Hunter with crew on display and available for tours Wed at RDU 2:30-5:30. http://www.newsobserver.com/news/weather/article149252999.html Cool video of cockpit while punching the eye of Mathew. Rough ride for sure.
  8. My animals, garden and pond are benefiting greatly. Enjoying this late burst of spring!
  9. 1.12 since minight
  10. 4.59 so far. Looks like anotherband incoming.
  11. Yepp, I remember new VW bugs floating down Wake Forest rd. before they fixed Crabtree creek. Thats why that Mcdonalds is on a little hill all by itself.
  12. Huge river of water for sure
  13. 2.49" so far.
  14. Cheep for us , see pm