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  1. Pretty sure the people in those pics and videos just posted would disagree with the whole bust thing.
  2. Johnny, what do we have for our winner?
  3. Sadly us weather nerds seem to be the only ones that pay attention to the disclaimers in a forecast.
  4. Coupled with the string of 200 hour fantasy storms we were teased with, I'd call your F- a generous grade on the curve.
  5. I have procured several old power poles. Neighbor has a sawmill. As soon as we can dry out a bit several raised beds are going in.
  6. Gone like a snowflake in a warm nose...
  7. I remember it well. Got stuck on a hill (1970 396 Chevelle) in north Raleigh going to pick my buddy up. Like you said "real cold "
  8. I will check back in on Wed. and see how this is working out.
  9. After this winter, I will believe it when I stick a yardstick in it.
  10. That's why I didn't post the map lol.
  11. lol, 12 z GFS Next weekend @189. Here we go again.
  12. I have seen that happen a couple of times in Rolesville, It ain't pretty
  13. That set up installed less the tank will run 8500.00 installed. Well worth it if your county's grid is mostly above ground. We lose power at least twice a month in Chat Co.
  14. Was going to make the run to my sons place in Purcellville. Looks like he will get some ice with this as well so staying put.