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  1. 4.59 so far. Looks like anotherband incoming.
  2. Yepp, I remember new VW bugs floating down Wake Forest rd. before they fixed Crabtree creek. Thats why that Mcdonalds is on a little hill all by itself.
  3. Huge river of water for sure
  4. 2.49" so far.
  5. Cheep for us , see pm
  6. Went home for lunch, newly excavated 12x20x5' deep hole for KOI pond was half full. Unfortunately the liner has not been installed so it must be pumped dry. Sigh, timing is everything. At least it runs into the big pond.
  7. My place Too. Dug a new Koi pond over the weekend. Should be full. Too bad the liner isn't installed.
  8. Rum as well. Fair Game beverage co. Check em out. The Pepper Vodka is awesome.
  9. They make Whiskey and Vodka at "The Plant"
  10. 2017 Climate Carnival It's a Big Tent! Friday, MAY 12 - Amuse Bouche 7.00-8.30pm (held at The Plant, 220 Lorax Lane Pittsboro NC) **Amuse Bouche is our preview of what is to come the next day. Keeping with tradition, we’ll hold our annual Amuse Bouche the night before the carnival! The evening will feature a speaker panel moderated by WUNC's State of Things Host, Frank Stasio. Greg Fishel of WRAL will be the featured panelists along with others to be announced. Saturday, MAY 13 - Climate Carnival Noon to 8pm (held at The Plant, 220 Lorax Lane Pittsboro NC) This year, we're stepping away from the formal conference and partnering with Chatham County to host a vibrant educational faire - a carnival! – where traditional keynote speakers & plenary panels can come alive with artistic expression, hands-on workshops, deep community interaction, live music, and more... Saturday's carnival will include hands-on activities, short films, education tables, local organization booths, artists and vendors boasting eco-friendly products or services, live music, artistic performances, food vendors, and several speaker sessions throughout the day. The evening will wrap up with an After Party. Coldrain, JBurns, WeatherNC and myself are in. Anyone else let me know and I will get tickets.
  11. Looks like the NAM is in agreement. We need it badly. My pond is going away.
  12. Beautiful morning on the mountain. Windows open all night. Same in Moncure so far. Don`t forget climate change forum w the Fish on the 12th.
  13. John Deere + 3 point hole digger x 3 sizes of bits = big deep hole. To old for that manual s#%t
  14. Never kiddo, missed you glad you are happy and settled.
  15. I think I vaugely remember someone named buckeye.