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  1. IT's sad, you have to catch a plane to chase.
  2. Millbrook till 78 Enloe for Grad 79 Nice to meet you neighbor. Let's take this to banter before Mr Burns calls us out
  3. Brentwood, I guess that's more midtown now lol.
  4. I remember that storm well. We lived in a large subdivision in NRal. Neighbors blocked a long street off with a huge hill. Bonfire at the top. We sledded for 3 days. Sigh, been a long time....
  5. Wes Junker's paper might help.
  6. Dang man, You move 6700.0 miles away and nothing changes. Go figure???
  7. Packbacker was here last week and wilder will show when it's real.
  8. Not only that but to get worked up over the GFS in fantasy land is a recipe for major disappointment. Every winter same folks same stuff.
  9. Some solid posts over there from Phoffman and co.
  10. We can afford one every 59 years.
  11. Isohume said it in your signature quote. They call it fantasy land for a reason.
  12. GFS ,Two words = Cold Bias has been for a long time.