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  1. Same Here man. It's hot out in the county. Bought a boat and I swear I think it's hotter on the lake.
  2. No doubt! You guys doing well I hope?
  3. I was, It was amazing. Back in my water ski days. We towed the knee boards behind the trucks. It was so fluffy it was like being on the water.
  4. Scored 1.6" last night. Heavy lightning. Nice little storm.
  5. Been here all my life , Pretty used to it. Does make you appreciate summers like this one as well as spring and fall here.
  6. Good Post as always. Your experience in this area is appreciated.
  7. this and this, curious to see how it turns out officially.
  8. Yepp, Bolded is "text book" example. The only way they don't get the death penalty is the NCAA respect/fear of economic impact on the state. A lot of people not connected with the school depend on the income the sports programs provide
  9. If that happens I will send you a 6 pack of your favorite brew!
  10. We are going down hard Brick. Might as well get ready. The fact that some students didn't have to attend class yet still got passing grades will adversely affect your case. I believe as others do that the universities arrogance in the entire matter will force the NCAA to have a heavy hand. The fact that Roy may skate is even more concerning.
  11. 1 eye (Fran) several glances from multiple hurricanes and one direct hit from an F4 that killed my neighbor.
  12. Several for me. It's pretty cool.
  13. I'll take that as an "I'm in"
  14. "We're gonna need a bigger boat/beast"
  15. I may have a new destination in mind for this winter anyway. Tug Hill Plateau is calling your name.