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  1. Now that's funny,I don't care who ya are.
  2. lol, they had it on the shelves at the co op. I thought of you guys.
  3. My 2000lb pasture ornaments will be so happy.
  4. Yepp, the only solace I get is the 300lbs newly rain soaked fescue I sowed Saturday will germinate faster in the warmth.
  5. You better wear your water wings.
  6. I made no statement to that, you asked for a link.
  7. http://www.maineharbors.com/weather/seatemp4.htm
  8. I agree, This would be a great time for goofy to get it right. We are pretty dry in the middle of the state.
  9. That's pretty cool. Not often you get to have conversations with people that have those kinds of thought processes.
  10. Thats how you come back from a loss. Nice work Panthers
  11. Jordan is low too. Gone from being able to take my inboard deep into the Eagle sanctuary this spring to not even able to go under the bridge.
  12. Nothing's clear yet. I agree, Harvey and Irma both schooled us on last minute track adjustments.
  13. Hey man, they held on for a full a full 4 seconds
  14. Yepp, Irma drove that point home.
  15. Yepp, lota runs left. Lots of changes to go yet.