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  1. Looking good for my newly planted fescue root production.
  2. Yet they still come back over and over again. Either you or JB are irresistible , who knew?
  3. That magic wand is deadly, Well done!
  4. A similar smell sometimes when an electric motor fails
  5. We have 3 units. One is circa 1996. I'm sure that trains coming. Good to see you in here sir, hope all is well.
  6. We need a a Drew Carey cameo
  7. You are welcome anytime. We gotta keep her though. She's da bomb
  8. You are the all knowing and powerful Weather Goddess. I bow to your eminence.
  9. I have been designated as a "Posting Machine"
  10. Me too. The one year badge for time served since 2010, is that like in dog years?
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