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  1. I hear ya pack. Growing up here ( Raleigh) in the 70s I have fond memories of those snow storms. It just doesn't seem to get that cold for long enough here anymore.
  2. Talking to him now. He's digging out.... Look for a jburns obs report soon.
  3. Life"s good on the farm. A Lot has changed since you were there. We've been in remodel mode and every structure has had some work. I finally built my shop and doubled the size of the Koi pond ect... When are you coming back to the States?
  4. We must plot our snow quest.
  5. So where are we going to see that.
  6. Hey, I was wondering what you've been up too.
  7. Great start to the winter in my book. Got this one out of the way early. Now on to the "Big Dog" we are all so due
  8. Kudos to many on here and to "the Fish" He called this scenario earlier in the week. Can't beat experience.
  9. Agreed, slightly wetter and colder than 00z for central nc
  10. Almost slipped on those little buggers. Didnt recognize them. Yepp, the new climo for us. 752 sleet pellets a year.
  11. Lol snow in Dec...weanie please
  12. Yeah,what he said!
  13. Thats a lot of water