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  1. If that comes to pass, it will another big rain maker for us.
  2. Yes sir down to less than .5" for my back yard.
  3. Congrats Mack! gonna need some snow troll pics for sure.
  4. Anybody wonder if Corona virus prediction models are just repurposed versions of the GFS?
  5. Bettman keeps making noises about a 24 team playoff in late August. They are talking events in two cities if they can get the players overseas back in the country. We will see if they can pull it off. If that happens I wonder if Dougie could go by then?
  6. Yepp, me too. I cleared all the ditches in the neighborhood so they could handle it. I am ready for some hockey!
  7. Distance absolutely, UV light not so much. Not enough intensity.
  8. I should have been more clear. The fact that they have many cases already seems to preclude the "Warm air will stop it mentality"
  9. Australia and Florida beg to differ
  10. I agree, I'll catch you in the game thread later sir!
  11. Oh I think Va tech will take care of that officially very soon. More importantly, the Cane's have some work to do over the next two weeks for sure.
  12. Some exciting news for the family this week. Alex Raymond is my wife's grandfather. This piece has been missing for a very long time.