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  1. I could have been more clear, no worries
  2. I meant it's just possible he is already here.
  3. That's the one on the refrigerator at the White House.
  4. Somebody gave him a coloring book and a marker during a briefing?
  5. That's two runs now
  6. Post some pics man, might be all we get this year. Hope you are having a blast!
  7. My wife had a boxer clinging to each leg and one on her lap. Lost a tree but put 8 inches of water in the pond. Score!
  8. Pretty amazing thunderstorm over me for the last 45. Lots of cloud to ground. Weather geeks dream.
  9. Sorry for your loss but good to have you back to share in our pain none the less. Maybe this could be our year.....
  10. Good read ,thanks' Falls. I remember that and Fischell talking about it.
  11. I agree, I can not remember my pond at capacity this time of year ever.