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  1. I'm near Southpoint Mall and all snow. It's really coming down. My station is reading 34 and wet bulb is almost to 32 Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. I noticed as well, and the same is happening at my house with the dewpoint dropping at -2.8°/hr now. There seems to be a stretch of locally higher DP through parts of S Orange, S Durham, and W Wake county but hopefully that disappears quickly. NAM dewpoint forecast was about a degree higher at 8AM that what I measured with my station.
  3. For my house in S. Durham, the NAM is way warmer than the current air temperature, with GFS/HRRR being the best right now.
  4. There is a snow melt forecast variable, which I assume accounts for things like ground/air temperature, and that would be incorporated to calculate the snow depth. I also believe it accounts for snow density/compaction. I'm not sure of the overall accuracy. You can see all of the forecast variables here:
  5. Just measured 8.5" as the snow was turning to sleet. The trees are loaded with snow so any freezing rain could mean big problems
  6. Eclipsed 6" here but the wind is really whipping it around making measurement tough. The rates right now are the best yet!
  7. It has been consistent in showing that which is encouraging. I noticed the 6z NAM also wanted to shift the transition zone back south after briefly pushing it northward. The rates are amazing right now!
  8. Closing in on 4". It's been absolutely pouring snow out there and the wind is ripping. Temp down to 30.2 but CC line is quickly moving north
  9. Rates and flake size are definitely on the uptick in Chapel Hill with 1.5" so far. Temp is down to 31.8 and treated roads are now being covered up
  10. I can confirm. Steady light snow for the past 30-40 minutes. Temp has dropped over 4 degrees since midnight. Currently sitting at 34.5/29.7
  11. I think it at least starts with what they call the "National Blend of Models" that is then adjusted by individual offices before the forecast data actually goes into NWS NDFD forecast grids. Here's a a link to some info about that: and you can also see the text output for the NBM for airports across the US by navigating through this directory:
  12. Just measured an average of 8.5-9", and even 7.5" on the road that has been compacted (also due to additional snow falling from trees onto the road though). Wow is all I have to say. Definitely didn't expect this!
  13. Measured 8.25" just north of town about 45 minutes ago. I love seeing the area do well for a change! I'm hoping areas further east can cash in on the slowing down of the precip, especially now that temps are beginning to cool
  14. Just measured shy of 6.5". Still coming down at a decent clip too!
  15. Yeah it's a very wet snow right now, clinging to all of the trees and the evergreens are noticeably weighed down. Hoping drier snow takes over soon to avoid power issues though. Temp right now is holding steady at 32-32.2