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  1. ^^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ With another reinforcing front a few days later, giving us a beautiful stretch of fall weather to take us into November
  2. 59 overnight with a high of 85 The front can't get here fast enough
  3. Which was still better than the torch of the past few years. We live in the south, outside of the mountains, and nobody should ever be expecting to play in a winter wonderland, let alone to play for most of the season. I've had 9" of snow overnight that was gone by 10am the next day. It's the south. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  4. We've scored some pretty good storms during a la nina Last year was classified as a nina and we were wetter than usual and had no real heat. No, we didn't cash in(although some did much better than others), but it was hands down the best year for opportunities we've had in quite sometime. Are you sure you're not related to @WidreMann? You've said this every year for at least the past decade regardless. This is the south. We take our chances and hope for the best and don't expect endless opportunities (although it would be nice). What we do get, is a shot or 3 at something frozen to play in. This isn't the NE or even the MA and sharing the channeling by your inner Eeyore from Sept to March, every single year for a decade, becomes really annoying.
  5. Yasssssss!!! It's going to be absolute perfection
  6. Indeed! I'm looking forward to a couple of day trip at minimum. It's a beautiful fall color year
  7. The next two weeks looks like perfect leaf peeping weather
  8. That's a beautiful orange sulpher butterfly
  9. Total rainfall for the week imby was a whopping 7.46" It was a beautiful, warm and sunny saturday with a high of 79 after a low of 64
  10. Congrats to you and mommy NorthHillsWx!!
  11. I absolutely love waking up to the sound of deep rolling thunder at 6am mby had picked up .27 overnight, with a low of 67 degrees. Currently it's still 67 with moderate rain and thunder
  12. Another 46 degree morning and it's currently a beautiful 75 degrees
  13. Low this morning of 45 and a high of 71
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