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  1. The SE crew is interested in severe weather and appreciates when threads for risk areas are posted. I try to make sure they are pinned if needed as well.
  2. Fall started right on schedule and I'm looking forward to winter starting on schedule as well This winter should be fun
  3. It won't be long before one of these adorable bowling balls brings us some frozen fun
  4. Please take the banter to the correct thread and stop with the hyperbole
  5. You should read more and post less too
  6. Read more and post less before you find yourself on the outside looking in
  7. Two mornings in a row at 28. I when fall acts like fall
  8. I know this is ot, but I’m looking to move so if anyone comes across a rental send me a message. I’m totally open to any area as long as there is internet because I work from home. Thanks
  9. Happily joined the 30’s club this morning with a low of 38 degrees
  10. I’m trying to hold out on my yearly model subscription until Nov, but I might have to pull the trigger these next 2 weeks
  11. I’ve never been in a tropical storm where heat will be needed
  12. There are shelters that are pet friendly. People just suck
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