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  1. It would have to come south by a lot Yep. I’m in Fountain Inn. Verbatim the 18z gfs says mby is 37-38, a dp of 29 with 850’s at +2-3 when the moisture arrives. It will trend colder, but how much and how much colder throughout the column is the question that we wait the answer to.
  2. I’m gonna need this not to be ice for mby
  3. I’m jealous of the flizzard some might see tomorrow
  4. Convective snow showers can offer up surprises
  5. I lived between the portals of cae for almost 25 years, so I only count the 8 weeks from Christmas to Valentine’s Day as winter. For really bad years winter would only be the two weeks in mid January
  6. It was awful I didn’t expect the flip to occur until now and the back end of winter is what I’ve been waiting for. Still the best look we’ve had in a very long time and it’s just a matter of time before we score more than just a flizzard
  7. While on FaceTime with my son a few minutes ago, who is in Elgin working, I witnessed a mini flizzard at his location. Nothing showing on radar
  8. I just want to thank everyone for a super fun journey with this last system. It reminded me of the good ol days where everyone learned some things, banter was sprinkled about all in good fun and complaining was kept in the whining thread. This is what keeps the SE crew the best amwx has to offer and I really appreciate all of you
  9. If the southern stream was just a tad bit stronger, we’d have a beautiful phase. Instead, middle Mississippi will have fun sledding while I’m feeding horses in the rain
  10. 48 degrees for the high after a 24 degree low at gsp today