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  1. I haven't had a date since I left the narcissistic sociopath 5 years ago. Having to keep restraining orders current will do that
  2. He got all butthurt when I told him to read more and post less and resorted to vulgar, misogynistic name calling I'm pretty sure it was a sock for someone who has been banned several times, and he'll go running back to where he came from whining about how mean I am
  3. Gotta keep the poofing skills sharp before the winter weenies arrive
  4. I'm over this disgusting, sultry, oppressive heat
  5. I'm looking forward to a week of low 80's with a chance of rain You can't ask for better weather for the south in August, and it seems as if the tropics will be heating up too
  6. I'm not sure what your problem is, but I suggest you read more and post less before you find yourself on the outside looking in. It's your choice. Choose wisely
  7. I'm skeptical of below average, so I'm not going to hold my breath, but it would be nice after the next 5 days of 100+ degrees.
  8. Picked up .40 last night and it cooled it off to 71 after an afternoon high of 92. I'm not looking forward to the heat this week
  9. Here's a little ball of sunshine to brighten your day
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