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  1. We need a couple more high caliber tropical fish systems to remove some of that octane from the atlantic and let that west based moderate nino happen, then add just bit of blocking #ibelieve #itsgonnahappen
  2. .60 in the bucket this morning and a beautiful week incoming
  3. 2.06 overnight and currently 80 degrees
  4. Managed to get 1.73 in the bucket this morning and a muggy high of 84 degrees
  5. Please keep the banter where it belongs
  6. There’s a weakness showing that allows it to come north. Interesting day ahead
  7. Thank you Ladies and gentlemen, please keep the banter where it belongs. Now, back to your regular scheduled program
  8. Someone please start a banter thread to keep this one on topic
  9. Yes, because I was talking about having a fire caused by downed power lines with 80+mph winds But you knew that already. Good talk.
  10. I certainly hope this is the last heatwave we see. Football starts in a weekish and there’s nothing better than football, fire and food
  11. Buckle up peeps! It's looking like an interesting afternoon
  12. Holy moly the air is thick outside and that wind is not helping at all
  13. 3.33 in the bucket since about 2am this morning with more incoming. Currently it’s a glorious 72 degrees with some fog. In August
  14. Nosalt or mysalt is what my mother and sister use. It tastes like salt and much better for anyone with heart or blood pressure issues BTW….glad to know that you are following a healthier lifestyle and have cut down on it
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