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  1. I have to buy me a coat, very soon
  2. According to this fella I found in my bedroom, it’s gonna be a cold winter
  3. It wouldn't be complete without icep*ssy posts in a tropical thread I really miss these breaks from reality threads
  4. Yes, it is especially bad for the Savannah/Beaufort area
  5. Positive thoughts for your speedy recovery I didn’t read before posting and totally missed this
  6. No. No. No. No. Hell freakin no. I just got here Saturday and this South Carolina portal weather can go back south edit: I’m in the Cincinnati area
  7. some dude already said about 50x's in this thread that it was a bust
  8. The next person claiming bust will spend the next few days in time out Now.....back to your regular scheduled program
  9. Keep the ‘bust’ talk someplace else
  10. Yassssss!!! Nice to see you cashing in!! Perfect for some sledding! Noiiiiiiiice obs There's nothing like sledding on sleet Spoken like a true weenie Its got to look amazing iyby Wooooo Hooooo!!! Can't wait to see the final totals up there Yasssss!!! I'm super jealous I hope your power stays on!!