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  1. I actually spit Pepsi all over my screen when I seen that yesterday
  2. It’s known as the center of the portals for a reason
  3. Welcome! The SE Crew is the best American has to offer We look forward to you joining in the conversations
  4. Beautiful pictures everyone I'm glad so many of you guys got to see the something frozen falling from the sky! I hope you guys cash in a little more in the next couple of days
  5. I'm glad to see this winter wasn't a total bust for you. I know how hard of an adjustment moving from Elsa's wonderland has been for you
  6. So putting children's lives in danger due to icy roads is okay?(this is a rhetorical question) This is an obs thread, and unless you have a weather observation to add, read more and post less
  7. ^^^^^ Here's the post I've lived through worse winter droughts while there
  8. Someone just posted a page back that there was sleet coming down there
  9. Love the pictures everyone and I'm happy half the board got to see something frozen falling from the sky
  10. Now set a large fan outside and blow it this way sleet mixed with a little rain in Greenville