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  1. Done I hope you guys get to see a flizzard after a good old fashioned line of thunderboomers
  2. @jburns Here I was thinking you weren't paying attention in witch school
  3. Some of you might want to invest in a trampoline to help get you up from the bottom of the cliff after each model run
  4. I was living on Lady’s Island and it was a beautiful 5” snow that lasted for a while
  5. Awwwww!! The GFS is finally starting to fall in line instead of going rogue
  6. Well, look at that. There’s finally an ops run showing some wintertime fun
  7. It couldn't even agree with its own ensemble, bless its heart
  8. You can tell it hasn't snowed in 2 years in here Seriously though, there's a good signal as we head into spring. Will we get what we want? I sure hope so because ya'll will be fighting each other to be the first one over the cliff
  9. I'm glad to see you all cashing in on some winter goodness
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