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  1. It's 35 in asheville and the dusting has melted away already lol
  2. 1 GFS ensemble member out of 30 matches the op run for next weekends potential.
  3. No way am I letting the GFS suck me into this next weekend's storm again. I'll take a look at the models the day before, because that's about how accurate they are now.
  4. CMC is a zipper low like we are having right now, Euro is a FROPA.
  5. Cute storm on the GFS. Probably won't verify, but nice to look at for sure!!
  6. That's right down the road from me! Snow's stopped here now.
  7. I have a world for the way modeling has handled this system and it's also "catastrophic". Amazes me we are 48 hours before a event and the models are clueless. May as well use the ETA.
  8. I know alot of coders in India that know AI and are extremely skilled. Alot of United States companies use foreign labor because other countries are embracing it faster. I'm sure they can move budgets around for contractors or congress would approve it because it would greatly benefit private stakeholders.
  9. NCEP staff should be training in AI as virtually all sectors in IT are incorporating it, or they can outsource the work offshore. There are numerous public and private stakeholders that rely on accurate modeling. Inaccurate modeling is a disadvantage to the consumer. Sorry mods for my banter!
  10. I do some AI in my field of work and wrote algorithms. It's not that memory intensive, especially with NCEP's existing infrastructure. Deep Learning can help.
  11. Quantum computing and super computers has hit major breakthroughs. Even with today's computing technology, you could develop a algorithm. It comes down to staffing. Not many people are AI coders. Hopefully that changes more.
  12. It amazes me that NCEP hasn't incorporated AI into their modeling while virtually every other industry is incorporating it. I'm pretty sure Deep Learning modeling can drastically increase accuracy.
  13. Corpus Christi gets slammed this run while we get nothing ... demoralizing.
  14. Good zipper low's are like unicorns. Feel bad for RDU folks who been striking out for several years now.
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