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  1. 3.0" on the dot here for round 1 in Jersey City,NJ - measured multiple times at noon before the changeover to sleet
  2. We're going to get a 40" blizzard one day and you're all gonna hate it Lol
  3. Just had some loud thunder here with this incoming low topped squall
  4. Mix in jersey city
  5. Not sure if you remember...meatball parm counters it...
  6. For some reason, this brings me early 2000s forum vibes...will there be a radio show this weekend?
  7. Snow started around 11-11:30AM here in Jersey City, coming down decently here and there. Nice dusting on grassy areas
  8. Line looks good to me...multiple bowing segments embedded in the line. Roll the dice.
  9. 39f for the high in Jersey City and currently 35 Overnight low was also 32
  10. You know its boring when theres a bird migration debate lol