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  1. Howling gusts during and behind the line.
  2. Thank you @donsutherland1 let's see what Feb has in store. I for one, looking SO forward to the 60s Sat/Sun Beers and steaks for the boys before we enter the plunger again. Forget about our snow drought this weekend and enjoy the warmth.
  3. Um yeah, that would drive me nuts. I don't think I could handle a week of 20"+ snows lol I'll take Thursday night into Friday, keep the rest.
  4. Southern Jersey City Temp 34f DP 29f Light Rain
  5. It's light rain here with a little sleet mixed in here and there. About 34f
  6. Nice slug of heavy rain moving in.
  7. East L.I gonna see some goods. Nice bands moving into that area
  8. Two snow events in December! Here's a question for you guys....would you rather have snow with no accumulation on pavement or cold rain at 33 degrees? Hm. .
  9. Lol dry snow...temps are super marginal there's going to nothing dry about any snow we do get.
  10. 38 with a dew of 33. Agree with enigma , NYC proper will be white rain but hey , rather snow falling from the sky then rain right?
  11. Sad day for my city. Incident took place right up the block from me. It's crazy out here
  12. ~2.5 here in southern Jersey City. Not official. Snow had no problems sticking during the heavier rates. Streets were a mess for the most part during the afternoon. Most of my accumulation happened during the afternoon where about 2" fell. Rest fell overnight as some moderate bands pivoted through. Overall, not a bad storm(IMO) Snowed for maybe 14 hours straight. I'll take that over prtly sunny ANY day. Congrats to those who cashed in
  13. Yeah it really did. Nice banding going on in CT extending across the sound.
  14. Received about 2" here in southern Jersey City. Not bad. If a good band can swing through , 4" can be realized.
  15. Precip shield is defitnitly expanding a bit.