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  1. Met winter is quickly approaching. May all get blessed by the snow gods this winter. Remember though....more bickering you do...the less snow you get...and this is a throwback tradition that goes back to the old school days of the early wx boards back in the early 2000s... Which I'm sure some will remember.... Meatball subs will bring the snow.
  2. Great call @purduewx80 about the heavier showers tonight. Intensity picked up a little while ago and it's been off and on dumpage for the past hour or so
  3. Craziest gusts of the night. Way behind the line.
  4. Nice line. Impressive for Oct 31. Winds are still super gusty behind the line
  5. Just encountered a fairly deep pocket of flooding here in Jersey City on JFK Bkvd
  6. We had a decent gust here about 20 min ago when precip lightened up a bit , guestimate about 30 mph or so. Now back down to about 15-20 mph gusts
  7. Putting this in banter bc it's the 3k nam at 06z but....boy is that a fun run
  8. Line of heavy showers popped up out of no where just to the west of NYC