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  1. This probably belongs in banter but between 2006-2016 how many blockbusters did we have? I'll answer that for you...ALOT. We were blessed and we really need this break to appreciate that. 1 year snowless and everyone goes crazy haha we'll be okay.
  2. It's cold I think @nycwintersuffocated himself with the amount of hoodies he's probably wearing
  3. Yeah I've had 3 freezes so far this November. It's def a change from what we've seen
  4. Didn't they have light rain the other night ? It was raining lightly here for a few hours and I'm right across the bay from ewr
  5. You've been wearing your coat since August
  6. October of yore , just a wee bit warmer
  7. This is the fall I remember
  8. I'm sorry this is completely banter but I truly believe we're gonna get slobber knockered this winter. It may take a while but I think we're in for some shenanigans. Those waters are JUICED and with an active stj , those who like snow wont
  9. No color here as far as I can tell but the leaves are dropping
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