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  1. Storm south of allentown looks real nice. Hopefully it holds
  2. MCD out for most of NJ , 40% chance of watch issuance
  3. Multiple trees and wires down across JC according to the scanner
  4. Storm north of philly might be the tristates only chance at something
  5. Ah okay. We shall see. It would suck to have all this heat with no good storms to show for it
  6. ?? Im out to hour 9 and alls I see is one isolated shower over bergen county with main activity well to the north
  7. 98 for the high here. Down to 96. Doubt we peak higher then that
  8. Its 96 here, lol
  9. 87 here in jersey city
  10. 1.52 LE in jersey city. All frozen but majority of that is sleet
  11. Yup same. 3 bouts of thunder in the past 5 minutes. All sleet tho Edit* Make that 4
  12. Had a rumble of thunder in jersey city
  13. Considerable increase in winds out of the NE here. Surface temp down to 28F
  14. Yup, sounds about the same here. Occasional sleet mixing in at times 29F