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  1. You know its boring when theres a bird migration debate lol
  2. So much thanks to you guys who've contributed real information in the main Laura thread. Another storm. Another year. Another record. Much love guys <3 I've done nothing but read, follow along and try to learn. The amount of knowledge , I feel like I owe serious $$$. To all serious posters, and especially the meteorologists, for taking your time here... I appreciate it.
  3. i didnt know virus's can be chinese
  4. Thanks for clarifying that storm was truly something else. How lucky are we to experience two anomalous storms in 8 years...we have a bumpy road ahead..
  5. For sure. That monday evening nearing high tide, we were most definitely gusting 75-90 mph throughout nyc metro. If i remember correctly there was ~85mph wind gust around 8pm at kewr
  6. Widespread damage here in Jersey City. Trees and wires down in numerous areas. No idea how I still have power but i ain't complaining.
  7. Winds have calmed and starting to switch directions. Center is moving north of us now as my pressure has fallen to 999 mb/29.50 in