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  1. We just have to accept the fact thats its becoming increasingly hard to snow in NYC , we either get a big one or we usually whiff. We cant nickel and dime are way to avg or above anymore
  2. I do miss a good redeveloping clipper @psv88 does seem like its been a long time since we've seen a really good clipper
  3. This is the first time Ive seen an anafront work out for us in im not sure how long
  4. Can we get to hoodie season already
  5. We do and we dont..though we dont get snow consistently, when we do its usually bigly. We experienced a decade+ of super intense winter storms. Lets not get depressed because one year might not produce .. With warming ocean waters , its only a matter of time we experience something ridiculous. Patience is a virtue
  6. The older i get...the more i dont want this snow and cold....i wanna hang outside not stuck indoors bc its too cold out If we're not getting 24+" of snow its not even worth it Id rather 85f with a screaming bow echo barreling towards us then this s***
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