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  1. Glad you're safe Forky. I can confirm, heaviest rain I've seen in a long, long time. Maybe the heaviest I've ever seen. Literally sheets during the peak, along with the strong burst of winds , looked like a bonafide tropical storm out there. Never really got to experience "true" TS or Hurricane conditions...what I mean by that...During Irene we got the heavy rains but winds were meh... Sandy we got the winds but couldn't get the substantial rain.
  2. Very interested to see how those storms down by the DelMarva area hold up as that will be our chance at svr. Regardless, heavy rain is a certainty.
  3. Nice rain event here. Avoided flash flooding but had occasional hvy rains. Lightning was great around 8:00pm. Areas around Monmouth must've had a great CTG show.
  4. I think it weakens. But that is a ton of rain over PA. Hopefully we don't get into that because it would be flash flooding. It's only moving around 20 mph. Defitnitly. Many times I've seen quite an expansive precipitation shield in PA shrivel into a pixel as soon as it crosses the border into NJ
  5. Hm. We MCS? @NycStormChaser @Rtd208
  6. SRRTA22

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    It happens. It's just that people have easy access to share that information these days.
  7. SRRTA22

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    That wasn't five feet of hail. From the video I saw , flash flooding caused hail to pile up in certain spots. Still though a crazy amount of hail did fall.
  8. Um. There was some sketchy looking lowering of the clouds going on here in Jersey City about 5 minutes ago. Checking the TDWR radar out of Newark, maybe some broad rotation? Don't know but it definitely looked sketchy.
  9. Northwest of Philly under the gun now. Serious rainfall rates.
  10. SRRTA22

    Summer 2019 Banter Thread

    at the 6z FV3 from this morning. Such trash
  11. Great storm. This is my kind of summer. Heavy rain. Gusted to about 30 mph. Didn't think there was much lightning but CTG is crazy now as their hitting the island. @NycStormChaser I know you must be getting some great shots.
  12. If that strong velocity maintains, lookout Coney Island and surrounding.
  13. I'm seeing a few flashes but not much. They're packing a nice wind punch though if they don't weaken.
  14. Some pockets of strong winds within the line. Be wary if you're outdoors. That storm in Monmouth co. especially.
  15. SRRTA22

    Spring 2019 Banter Thread

    End of the 6z GFS run is fun to look at...phases a coastal storm with some energy diving SE from Canada right off the NJ coast...loop de loops and drops 6"+ of rain over the area...lol