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  1. Hrrr/3km NAM doesnt seem too enthused about rain making it into the NYC area tonight.
  2. 0.42 here in Jersey City today. Had some crazy CGs around noon
  3. Best thunderstorm IMO is 6/1/06. Not in terms of severe but the lightning it produced...oh man. Only tstorm that really sticks with me
  4. 0.02 here. Kind of figured they would weaken when we clouded over. You cant really expect significant svr wx in the nyc metro.
  5. 94 for the high here. 89/67 currently
  6. 0.26 for the day, 0.27" past two days. Someone always gets screwed when it comes to convection. All good
  7. There was some really decent rotation that didn't last that long on that cell. I thought NWS was going to issue a tor warning for it. Even almost developed a hook.
  8. Only 0.09 here this AM so far and 0.01 yesterday lol
  9. 2.00 total. Those 8pm storms looked super ominous. I was surprised there wasnt lightning with them as well.
  10. Storm south of allentown looks real nice. Hopefully it holds
  11. MCD out for most of NJ , 40% chance of watch issuance
  12. Multiple trees and wires down across JC according to the scanner
  13. Storm north of philly might be the tristates only chance at something
  14. Ah okay. We shall see. It would suck to have all this heat with no good storms to show for it
  15. ?? Im out to hour 9 and alls I see is one isolated shower over bergen county with main activity well to the north