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  1. That’s well within the possible error of a 60 hour forecast. Let’s get that moderate snow back to about leesburg, 2-4 inches for all.
  2. I have a feeling this one trends back us. 2-4 inches DC and SE.
  3. NAM looking great for DC - 2 inches by 10 am and dumping. EDIT: 3 inches on the 10:1 maps.
  4. Were still in the game. This could easily come north and give us a solid advisory event.
  5. Yeah man, snow before an arctic dump is rare and awesome here. 13 degree lows on dry brown frozen landscape is lame. Also I love it this time of year because the sun angle is still low and we can hang onto a snow pack.
  6. It’s intriguing. I like seeing precip in Georgia like that.
  7. This would be a good event. It is of course trending away from a monster and of course it could trend way suppressed but it's only Tuesday. We're in the game for a snowstorm still.
  8. So far not this year….I have received about 16 inches of snow and we’re just about halfway through January.
  9. 6 inches of cold smoke not that good lol….I’ll sign on the dotted line right now.
  10. Yeah I mean we’re almost in NAM range and they’re still pretty far apart. Like I said, euro and eps have been locked in now for several runs with minimal wavering so that’s where my money goes but it certainly is edge of your seat entertainment.
  11. Gosh we are getting close in for the euro to be this far off from everything else….my money is on gfs folding at 12z today.
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