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  1. Absolute deluge right now. Hardest rain of the year here I'd say.
  2. A fine day, even with "cold" temps it's nice in the sun. Hopefully there's not too much rain/slop this week, this stretch of sunny days has been fantastic.
  3. Gosh this is nice, I love these early season warm days with low dew points.
  4. And it's 65 here!!!! Windows officially open. Gonna be working from home from outside today.
  5. A windows open warning has been issued by LWX for the entire region from 10am-6pm for the next 4 days.
  6. Outstanding weather, I love March in this region. Today was absolutely perfect for running. Warm enough you can run in a t shirt but not hot enough to really sweat.
  7. March sun angle vs. northwesterly flow and it's not even a fair fight. Beautiful out again.
  8. Nice soaking rain out here in Takoma Park.
  9. Super interesting. I'm very ignorant on this stuff. So the ones that come out every 17 years are for some reason larger than the ones we see every year?
  10. Well the "people's republic of Takoma Park" considers it a crime against humanity to cut a tree down so we've got like an entire forest here.
  11. So what's the deal with the ones I hear every summer? Are those just part of some season ones that aren't on a 17 year cycle?
  12. The cicadas are noisy as hell every year in my neighborhood it seems. It's like there's always a dull roar in summer evenings.
  13. Man, that sounds fun as hell. I'm not sure my kids (2 and 4) will like it much.
  14. But will Loudon be on a two hour delay to clear the Cicadas?