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  1. 89/73, now we're talking proper humidity.
  2. Driving back from NY on I-95 this weekend once I hit Newark Delaware I could even hear them while going 70 mph. Pretty cool.
  3. Euro says the rain is mostly done and I’m definitely ok with that.
  4. Wow we are rocking and rolling now. Tons of them everywhere and it’s so loud.
  5. Ok there’s lots of cicadas now of all of sudden. Not a bust.
  6. I saw some dummies in Silver Spring filling up tons of gas cans in their pickup truck at like 7 am when I went running yesterday, kinda figured that was a sign we were gonna run out.
  7. Ok so what's up with this gas shortage. Like every station here is dry...
  8. Where are they? I'm getting impatient here....I hope this isn't like a DC snowstorm hahaha. Supposed to get 1 million per acre and we end up with just cicada TV.
  9. Silvestre's in Silver Spring near 4 corners. $16 for an entire peruvian chicken + 2 large sides and sauces. Amazing.
  10. Winds are cranking with this little line. Loud as hell outside.
  11. Absolute deluge right now. Hardest rain of the year here I'd say.
  12. A fine day, even with "cold" temps it's nice in the sun. Hopefully there's not too much rain/slop this week, this stretch of sunny days has been fantastic.
  13. Gosh this is nice, I love these early season warm days with low dew points.