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  1. 6z GFS is hot, mid to upper 90s Monday-Sunday.
  2. Very pleasant spring so far. Seems like next week the gulf opens for business and we won’t sniff another dew point in the 50s til September.
  3. Ah that’s too bad. I’m really disappointed we missed Friday.
  4. https://x.com/matthewcappucci/status/1789471292019626407?s=46&t=qDiZ4OLDWEHuCHpMlLMkLQ
  5. Got it, so it’s like the NAO, need that bad boy to tank.
  6. Looks like tomorrow is a better chance
  7. https://x.com/nwsswpc/status/1789411152566395366?s=46&t=qDiZ4OLDWEHuCHpMlLMkLQ
  8. Wow ohio is looking good! NY state gonna get largely screwed though.
  9. Euro and GFS ops now both have precip for Erie/Cleveland. That was gonna be my target. I'd hate to drive hours out there with 2 young kids and have clouds. I'm hoping for either a clear cut sunny day forecast or clear clouds. 50/50 is gonna be a tough call.
  10. GEFS skunks the entire path basically, socked in the whole way across CONUS.
  11. We’re done, final grade, B- because we had a week of actual winter.
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