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  1. So are we doing fall this year? First taste of it at the end of this week?
  2. Lotta people criticizing cappucci for getting out of his car in traffic on the road like that. Not a chaser so I have no comment but following.
  3. Storm just south of woodbridge starting to get a little hook.
  4. Videos outta New Orleans look like they’re still being hammered.
  5. Man NOLA got hammered pretty good and they never even really got into the inner eyewall, some of the videos outta NOLA downtown are wow.
  6. Nice hail in DC, awesome storm. Tons of cloud to ground lightning too.
  7. Deluge, gotta be some flash flooding soon.
  8. Dews 75-78 across DC and close in burbs. That’s some proper humidity!
  9. Some fresh stuff coming in hot, sounds like a real storm outside.
  10. 89/73, now we're talking proper humidity.
  11. Driving back from NY on I-95 this weekend once I hit Newark Delaware I could even hear them while going 70 mph. Pretty cool.
  12. Euro says the rain is mostly done and I’m definitely ok with that.
  13. Wow we are rocking and rolling now. Tons of them everywhere and it’s so loud.
  14. Ok there’s lots of cicadas now of all of sudden. Not a bust.
  15. I saw some dummies in Silver Spring filling up tons of gas cans in their pickup truck at like 7 am when I went running yesterday, kinda figured that was a sign we were gonna run out.
  16. Ok so what's up with this gas shortage. Like every station here is dry...
  17. Where are they? I'm getting impatient here....I hope this isn't like a DC snowstorm hahaha. Supposed to get 1 million per acre and we end up with just cicada TV.
  18. Silvestre's in Silver Spring near 4 corners. $16 for an entire peruvian chicken + 2 large sides and sauces. Amazing.
  19. Winds are cranking with this little line. Loud as hell outside.
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