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  1. Yeah I mean it’s snowing and windy and cold in the middle of March seems good to me regardless of the accumulations.
  2. Very nice conditions in Takoma park again. Wind and heavy snow.
  3. Wind is really cranking. 20-30 sustained with gusts around 40.
  4. It’s over folks. Sun angle season. Even if we get a good storm it’s drip drip drip from the second the snow starts accumulating. Gimme all the 50s/60s/70s before it’s 92/72 every afternoon for 3 months.
  5. Nice little snow shower of fluff has been persisting over northern westchester for a while now.
  6. Yeah just doing the radar extrapolation it looks like a good bit of precip still to come from the southwest and temps already down to around 25/26 in Yorktown.
  7. Just based on the radar and current temps it looks like northern westchester and points north are going to be really a mess soon.
  8. Very thick fog, surprised there’s not a dense fog advisory.
  9. Yesterday's 12z run had DC at 58 degrees 7am Friday, today's 12z has DC at 35 degrees 7am Friday.
  10. So is the GFS completely on an island? Is anything else showing this? GEFS?
  11. Yeah obviously not common but I’d just like to see the cold air push trend better this week and see if we can get some frozen.
  12. Man great HH gfs, an absolute parade of short waves. Something would hit eventually.
  13. Man that band is just absolutely PARKED, unbelievable. I’d literally pay thousands of dollars to have that happen over my house.
  14. Man that band over Boston is the stuff…can’t believe how long it’s been sitting there.
  15. I dunno man radar looks pretty good for coastal Delaware, ripping as we speak.
  16. Very nice light snow sticking everywhere now. I take no snow for granted here in the sub tropics…very beautiful out and a nice end to a solid January.
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