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  1. Euro and NAM were showing 20-30 for the city as of this morning for them. Now they’re looking at smoking some cirrus.
  2. I like where your mind is it. Some of us never left. Honestly I could see it. It’s not like the gfs/icon/cmc is an infallible combo. Euro is due for a big win.
  3. Wow, basically skunks everyone except for coastal New England. Pretty big model war NAM/Euro vs GFS/icon/rgem.
  4. Right on the edge of the coastal as depicted by the 12z nam for the metros. Good run, I’m happy to see it’s still dangling the coastal for us.
  5. Everything about to go boom at 84….gosh please let the nam be right.
  6. Agree, but for 100 hours out it's a doable shift to get us into low end warning snow. For us to really get clocked time is running out...
  7. Gosh at 100 hours we are so close to the goods on the CMC....need it to just tuck another 50-100 and we'd be money.
  8. Improved from its previous run, gets us something at the end, but I doubt it would get us anything from the coastal....just guessing of course.
  9. 12z ends with moderate snow for pretty much our whole sub forum.
  10. At hour 66 the NAM looks to be strongly in the camp of leaving energy in the SW....definitely not Euro like.
  11. Yeah, but we're on the far western edge of an outlier piece of guidance. Not saying it won't snow but I'm keeping expectations in check.
  12. I think the GFS/CMC show how we can do well. The storm is already strong by our latitude. We would benefit from it being a tad closer to the coast but both give us a good snowstorm.
  13. I'm not a better mind but we watched something trend from way offshore to a harrisburg hauler 2 weeks ago at this range. Nothing locked in at all yet imo.
  14. The EPS shows exactly why we don't love miller B's. I hope if a Euro like solution happens we can at least sneak into a light/moderate event.
  15. We need it bomb out like 200 miles south and then methinks it would be more tucked. But even this scenario is a snowstorm for us so I'm not mad.
  16. Well for me 4 inches of snow with no mixing issues is great.....don't care what happens to our northeast.
  17. Yeah, good trends but I’m keeping expectations in check for now. We all know the pitfalls of this kinda setup for everyone SW of Philly. Not saying we can’t get a storm of course.
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