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  1. Was last nights 25 the seasonal low at DCA? If so that’s pathetic.
  2. I love it. Beautiful out. Don’t even have to bundle up the kids anymore.
  3. Sun angle season in full effect. Don’t even need a jacket outside with calm winds.
  4. Yeah I don't see how that one can work for us with the stale cold air and southerly/southwest winds at 850 and the surface and a high off the coast hahaha. Maybe the Euro will throw us a bone for Friday.
  5. 3 days of 50s next week before our next fake storm. I'm ready for it.
  6. Didn't realize we had a stretch of 50s coming this week. My point in click has 50s Tuesday-Thursday. Bring it!!!!!
  7. Of course I like to see that but I have seen that map SO MANY times this winter. It's remarkable in fact how many times models have spit out a very similar map to this. DC on the southern end of a big pink snowfall distribution. I'm going to have nightmares about this map for many seasons to come.
  8. Prepare for everyone in NoVA to be offended by this but.... NoVA feels to me a lot like Long Island. It looks similar with the strip malls and divided highways. The houses look the same. The traffic is comparable. The population density is comparable. The people that live there seem like they used to live in the big city and sort of carry that big city attitude with them just like Long Island. I'll see myself out now
  9. I don't like that Monday threat for us in the metros at all. Stale/retreating cold air, coming through during the day. If we even got frozen it would probably be white rain. Next Friday has a little more potential in my opinion with (maybe) a wave tracking under us with some fresher cold.
  10. Probably about a quarter to a half inch of nice fluffy stuff here in Takoma Park. Really made the scene outside a lot prettier.
  11. And that 45 minute snowshower was easily my top event of the year.
  12. Man this is nice, accumulating everywhere. Beautiful.
  13. Went out to walk the dog and there is substantial black ice on sidewalks. Still some freezing drizzle and it looks like a new band of something is forming over us on the radar. I salted the heck outta my sidewalk and stairs but a lotta people didn’t and it’s a skating rink.
  14. Wow we had the same thought within like a half hour of each other. Kinda weird!
  15. Two warm noses. Freezing drizzle it shall be then.
  16. My neighborhood wasn’t plowed or salted and the roads are a literal sheet of ice now. Got some nice freezing drizzle to cap the day off. As much as this event was another snow fail at least it’s winter outside.
  17. Since I don’t know what anyone looks like I always just picture people as their avatars. Like I don’t even know what some people’s avatars actually are but they become the image of that particular poster. So you basically are Beethoven in my mind.
  18. Hahaha that was a full marathon! 26.2
  19. Kids are good, I’m good. I feel like I’m doing as well as someone could. It’s one of those things in life that you have no control over so there’s no point in letting it completely ruin your present. Of course I think about her all the time but she would be happy to see me happy and doing well with the kids.
  20. Totally unrelated to the current drama but I did a marathon yesterday. As some of you know I lost my wife last summer and now I’m a single parent of two small kids. Running has been the thing that keeps me sane. There were no real races to do so I just did my own marathon at east Potomac park. I did it totally unsupported and used my car as the aid station. I’ve never done a race before but this was really fun! I want to do a real one now!
  21. Would be cool if some of that streamed over the apps, all I want is like an hour of snow that sticks lol.
  22. I know radar extrapolation rarely works out but ITS ALL WE HAVE LEFT.
  23. Not sure if this will end up being meaningful in any way but neither NAM or HRRR appears to have initialized with that band of precip in Tennessee. Edit: newest HRRR has it but it looks much weaker than it does in real life.
  24. No question. Pathetic event for the most part pathetically modeled by the globals. Waste of time hahaha but oh well I got to look at some pretty digital snow.
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