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  1. Man great HH gfs, an absolute parade of short waves. Something would hit eventually.
  2. Man that band is just absolutely PARKED, unbelievable. I’d literally pay thousands of dollars to have that happen over my house.
  3. Man that band over Boston is the stuff…can’t believe how long it’s been sitting there.
  4. I dunno man radar looks pretty good for coastal Delaware, ripping as we speak.
  5. Very nice light snow sticking everywhere now. I take no snow for granted here in the sub tropics…very beautiful out and a nice end to a solid January.
  6. Down to 32 in Takoma park and starting to stick a little.
  7. Yeah oh well can’t complain too much, 3 snow events already in January.
  8. Good snowfall for about an hour now in DC....just too warm.
  9. Dreadful Euro run if you were an NYC weenie salivating at those 12-18 runs from yesterday.
  10. Hahaha perhaps you should take a break from this storm.
  11. H5 trended bigly on the NAM, we get another shift or two like that and it’s warnings for DC and Baltimore.
  12. We’re gonna back those purples into metro dc and Baltimore….let this keep ticking west every run til game time.
  13. Tick tick tick….this is a better run, DC almost at 4 inches on the kuchera map.
  14. 50 mile shift west and we have pretty wind blown powder. Let’s reel this in.
  15. Euro looks like it gets some precip from the coastal back to us.
  16. Really good consistency with this storm so far for such a long ways out.
  17. Wow TT is going to have the 06z and 18z euro too, all the euro stuff is just going to come in one hour later.
  18. NAM almost back to it’s 00z run from last night. Snowing everywhere at 48 hours.
  19. Euro and NAM were showing 20-30 for the city as of this morning for them. Now they’re looking at smoking some cirrus.
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