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  1. I agree, I expect Saturday to be light stratiform and we'll beef our totals up with the incoming WAA Sat pm to Sunday. I really like Sunday , instability is SUPER meh but it does move in, with higher dews (lower to mid 60s) but we have the shear. I mean nj recorded a what, f3 last Feb? The dews were borderline upper 50s! Don't sleep on this
  2. There's been a band trying to push north since 3pm lol (not that I agree with the dry camp) but to say the air isn't dry is denial
  3. Gusta have picked up a bit here in Bayonnw
  4. It was a cool summer and I spent most of the summer outside in NYC. Not as cool as last year but def nice.
  5. Lol positive, we'll be wearing hoodies in October.
  6. A cat 4 into long island? Nah let's get this baby to track up the NY harbor All jokes aside, as someone who can't chase hurricanes, I'd love to experience a cat 3-4 up here in my lifetime. I don't wish it but I won't deny my excitement should it happen
  7. Last heatwave of the year
  8. Perfect summer night right now
  9. You must be new...our fall doesn't start until December
  10. My favorite season. 2 months away my friend
  11. Dry here but it's pouring just to my west, can't see across the Hackensack. Radar estimating 1" totals in a couple of spots in newark
  12. Moved through quick , torrential downpours for sure but the line was moving at 30mph haha we ain't flooding with that type of motion. I'm surprised forky didn't catch that. This was never a flooding event for us
  13. Supercell just west of EWR
  14. Not meh only thing that's meh is the lack of lightning
  15. Heaviest will be north but this puts us (NYC metro) for a greater chance at svr .....I like the spring valley area for heaviest rain amounts
  16. Rather the bulk goes just north of us...I'll take the gamble on some surface based convection...
  17. Lol Delmarvas getting absolutely smoked line after line
  18. Lol few hours earlier and we'd have no power right now , that was a baby compared to this. NJ...only place where you can get a f2 tornado in the middle of winter but a dying line in the dead of summer
  19. Haven't seen such a well defined mcs in a long while, i for sure thought it'd be a tad bit stronger than this on arrival (mainly in terms of lightning)
  20. Not too shabby. Impressive ctc and alright gusts fwiw
  21. Lol it really did go poof I really didn't expect that
  22. I don't see that line just going *poof* thing is booking it at 55mph. Hoping for a great lightning show at the very least.
  23. Let's throw Forky and warlock into the corn fields of Iowa for a day , see how long they last
  24. Outside of tropical systems, we had that squall that delivered widespread wind damage I think it was around late August of 2020. It's frustrating, you'd think with better moisture content and heat we'd be looking at better storms but it's been the complete opposite. I remember between 2005-2010, we would get these monster bow echo complexes that'd rip through the area well through the night... Doesn't happen anymore. My favorite squall line to this day, though not really severe occured June 1, 2006 which tracked southeast from the buffalo area. I've never seen lightning that frequent since
  25. Ah well I'm sure we'll get a derecho come our next heat wave....in January
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