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  1. Can we box and ship Forky off to the Sahara desert?
  2. Severe tstorm warning though idk for what...i don't see any indication for 60mph winds or anywhere close to that on velocity
  3. Death valley got more rain in 1 day then I did in two months. Death valley. The ****
  4. Also hit 100 in JC currently 99/69/106
  5. Jersey City: Max 98 At least the folks at LSC do a better job then cpk
  6. 97/67/102 at the Jersey City mesonet located in Liberty State Park EWR 98/67/102 ewrs sensor is fine
  7. NYC/NE NJ upgraded to slight risk. Weird map Lol they must be confident in the HRRR/RGEM
  8. its headed in our direction. i think we drink
  9. this thing is trying to rotate
  10. NE NJ and NYC got slammed for what it is...its 51/49 and this convection is still packing a hard punch. Impressive
  11. I think I see a CC drop near bedminster heading over tinicum
  12. Tornado warning bucks co
  13. We sleet. In these type of set ups i find that the changeover line likes to hover around S.I while areas just N sleets
  14. Yeah wind isnt really impressive as of yet where im currently at (hoboken) Maybe sustained at 10mph with g to 20?
  15. You guys love snow. I love sundresses
  16. I remember sometime last year where it was considerably windy with dense fog. Spectacular sight
  17. No. Cold past april is depressing. After april give us 60s and 70s. If its cold its usually misty and foggy under cloudy skies with temps in the 40s. No ty
  18. No no no. 60 degrees saturday makes me want spring even more. Who am i? I used to LOVE snow...not so much anymore...mostly bc i still have to work during an all out blizzard Seriously though if a winter doesnt deliver an all out areawide 12-18+ BLIZZARD , i dont want it. Just torch us. I wanna see 80 in feb again dammit
  19. Tonight is a good night to be out. Happy thirsty thursday
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